Black ‘pastor’ centres his antiwhite hate

Why should whites follow ‘leadership’ of those who hate them / look down upon them?

Lincoln Log Project mocks DeSantis’ footwear


Zero diff between ConInc and prog wymyns in thotness


The Law of Unintended Consequences strikes yet again!


More important than that attention-grabber’s actions are people’s reactions to the message


Story from last year: rate of Californians moving to Florida increasing

The question is, are these going to be more De Santis voters, or more Nikki Fried voters?

i.e. are they all refugees from Commiefornia who mostly don’t have Commiefornia values, or ones who sadly still mostly do?

Will they turn Florida into Commiefornia East?


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“IOW, WaPo op desk”



How quickly Iran is transforming!


Dugin on Putin speech

Putin’s words are much more important than unity with 4 new subjects. This is a fundamental declaration of war against the modern West and the modern world in general. This is the manifesto of Tradition. I can’t imagine the depth of the consequences. So the Old Testament David threw a projectile with a sling at the Giborim Giborim Goliath. It was an eschatological, religious speech.

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Peer Review & The Continuous Formation Of The Expertocracy

Great piece by Bill Briggs: