Feminists versus environmentalists in Australia

You gotta laugh. (Hat tip.)

Campus feminists at the University of Queensland in Australia are launching a civil war against other college social justice warriors. What’s their beef? Signs that urge students to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

The signs, placed by a campus environmental group, are probably familiar to most college students in the U.S. as well as in Australia: They urge students to “burn calories, not electricity” by walking to classes. The signs, the group says, help students be better stewards of the environment and promote sustainable living.

But campus feminists say they promote the idea that thin is better than fat, and guilt students into making choices that might be healthy for their bodies but not for their psyches. Taking to her blog, one UQ campus feminist wailed, “Not only are these new signs annoyingly patronizing to everyone reading them, but they’re ableist and fat-shaming.”

Apparently, the signs make people who can’t make it up a flight of stairs rue their lot in life — as their disabilities or life choices make them less able to save the planet. The signs, she says, make it clear that the truly environmentally friendly view taking the elevator as a “luxury” and not a need, which discriminates against those who cannot climb stairs.

I love internecine prog wars. Moar, please!

By the way, a few years back, some then-regulars at this blog from Australia used to boast that feminism hadn’t made the kind of inroads into Australia that it had in elsewhere, and seemed to think that they were immune.

Well, incidences like this show how feminism is spreading there too; they aren’t immune, alas.


Why are boys are struggling to succeed in school and to find jobs?


Although you might think that there are no reasons for boys underperforming in school and work, a little research shows that this is not the case.

The first reason boys are struggling is because of no-fault divorce. No-fault divorce allows either person in the marriage to end the marriage for any reason or for no reason at all. It was passed because radical feminists and trial lawyers pushed for it. Each special interest group stands to benefit from it in different ways. Feminists oppose the complementary nature of marriage, and trial lawyers just want to drain as much money as they can out of disintegrating families.

70% of divorces are initiated by women, and this is because women tend to emphasize their own subjective feelings of happiness over the objective commitment they make at the wedding. Women today are influenced by feminism to care more about their happiness than they do…

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Why don’t we evangelize the rich?

Something I have thought about from time to time: why don’t more churches target the wealthy, as a group?

Sure, we have missionaries and ‘mission trips’ to Third World countries; there are a number of churches operating inner-city missions and soup kitchens, etc., minstering to the homeless, the hungry, the poor, alcoholics and drug addicts and whores in the streets, etc. There are ethnic outreach ministries, targeting ethnic minorities in big cities with services in their own language (along with ESL lessons, citizenship classes, and the like). There are prison ministries and chaplaincies, sharing Christ’s message of hope with those in prison. There are chaplaincies in the armed forces, to police and firefighters, etc., ministering to those who put their lives on the line for the rest of us. There are youth ministries; seniors’ ministries; couples’ ministries, men’s ministries, women’s ministries, etc.

But why not a ministry to the well-off?

I’m not sure exactly how we such a thing might be accomplished, though I can think of how NOT to do it: don’t do it when you’re supposed to be doing something else. If any of you have seen the 2000 movie ‘The Big Kahuna’ (and if you haven’t, you should; a great drama that’s akin to a stage play, mostly focused on the interactions between three men in a hospitality suite in a hotel; Kevin Spacey is great as always), you may recall the young evangelical new employee who proselytizes the boss of a company whose business the three men are courting for their own company, rather than trying to sell him on their product – the reason they were there, in a hotel far from home. Not wise.

But his discussing matters eternal with ‘The Big Kahuna’ at a cocktail party did make me think: why not such a setting? If people will go into the inner city and prepare and serve meals at soup kitchens (I did so with a church group at the church I attended in the Albany, New York area when I lived there for a year), why not hold a cocktail party at a lounge somewhere, targeting the type of people who would go for such a thing? (This would of course only work for the kinds of churches that are comfortable with alcoholic beverages, whether personally partaking or simply being comfortable around others doing so.) Or a dinner cruise aboard a yacht, or a formal dress ball, whatever?

I know; I just posted a rant about glorified vacations in the form of ostensible ‘mission trips’, and I’d hate to see the same thing happen with such a ministry to the rich – or for non-rich people to be ‘posers’, dressing up and acting like something they aren’t, just for kicks, or to try to make business contacts to get ahead (the reverse of what the evangelical character in ‘The Big Kahuna’ did), etc. Which is why I’d prefer rich Christians themselves, those who already live the lifestyles of the well-heeled, who can afford to put on such events, who own such yachts, etc., to volunteer to organize such things themselves, for their non-believing counterparts, rather than the middle-class and poorer, who can’t afford to live that way often and for whom such things aren’t normal, everyday kinds of events.

What do you say, rich brethren and sisters?

What have you got to lose, other than perhaps of course your worldly respectability.😉


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‘Mission trips’ are bullshit

Church ‘mission trips’ are just church-funded vacations-in-disguise for teenagers / young adults.

We should do away with them.


Married American women: be bad moms, sez Hollywood

Steal liquor and vandalize grocery stores!

Steal liquor and vandalize grocery stores!


As of August 10, 2016, Bad Moms has grossed $57.8 million in North America and $5.7 in other territories for a worldwide total of $64.5 million, against a production budget of $20 million.


Single American women: buy this diamond ring for yourself to remind you to be even more narcissistic

Like they need more encouragement

These “anti-engagement rings” are a special reminder for single or taken women to take time to focus on themselves. Creator Melody Godfred recommends scheduling time for self-love every week, whether that’s a morning walk, solo brunch or afternoon blowout.


The rings are packed with powerful symbolism, too. In the Victorian era, wearing a pinky ring indicated you weren’t interested in marriage (self love, 1800s style) and the inverted triangle shape is an ancient symbol of divine femininity.

If you ever see a woman with a diamond pinky ring, you will know exactly what kind of woman she is.


Tolerable imperfections

Some Christians let the ideal be the enemy of the practical, in things political; others of us are more pragmatic.

In an article and comments thread discussing the relative merits of different countries for dissident Christians of traditionalist bent, I read an interesting comment about Georgian society:

Life and culture in traditionally Orthodox countries, is “traditional”; but not necessarily in exactly the way you might expect.

I am an Orthodox Christian, and grew up in the Metropolia (predecessor to the OCA). My wife is native of the Republic of Georgia.

As you might expect, Georgia is a very traditional culture. Alternate sexuality is not only not endorsed, it is unthinkable. They very words for “gay” in both Russian and Georgian (both of which correspond to their respective name for the light blue color,;why I can’t say) are viscerally distasteful in a way the English speakers cannot imagine. When representatives of her EU tried to import a “gay rights” march to Tbilisi, there were riots led by clergy members. Some saw this as an attempt to embarrass the Georgian Patriarchate. While Georgians are absolutely committed to the West, (i.e membership in the EU and NATO,) they are determined at the same time to protect traditional values.

That being said, “traditional” values are not entirely consonant with Christian values. While women are expected to maintain purity until marriage, men are assumed to be promiscuous. Adulterous men are “just being men”. Former president Saakashvili traveled around the country with beautiful women, not his wife, and actively cultivated the persona of a ‘ladies man’ as a way to demonstrated his manliness. Subsequent leaders, at least have been more circumspect. Even 20 years ago, marriage by kidnapping / rape was tolerated, and not unusual. If a boy kidnapped a girl and kept her incognito overnight, the assumption was that she was spoiled goods and un-marriageable. Thus, she was often just stuck with him. Sometimes this was a cover for an elopement without parental consent; but sometimes it was an actual rape. Thankfully, the younger generation does not tolerate such things; but it was common up until maybe 20 years ago. My wife’s aunt was the victim of such an event many years ago, by an Ossetian man. She endured decades of abuse, abandonment and then had to care for him as he slowly died from prostate cancer and heart disease. After that, she had 2 good years with her grandchildren, before she too died from a stroke. Fortunately, her 3 children somehow turned out to be the kindest and loveliest people. So; “tradition” is not always what you might expect or approve of.

You should also note, that there is not one “Orthodox ” country that has outlawed abortion on demand. A couple years ago, his Holiness, Ilya II, suggested that he Parliament might undertake such a project. As I recall, only three of the usually loquacious MP’s were willing to go on record. All three sheepishly answered that “that is probably not a good idea at this time” or some such. no-one however, took up the measure or even recommended it. Usually, the government falls all over itself to pay lip service to the church, especially to Patriarch Ilya.

Furthermore, you need to be aware that in other countries much of the human infrastructure we count on here does not exist. In Georgia the state health care system is a rudimentary relic of the Soviet Era – vaccinations pre-natal care, and not much more. Government physicians earn the equivalent of about $50 a month. Private physicians are a cash and carry business. Since I work in oncology, there is not a month go by when we don’t get an urgent plea to explain a situation with directions on how to get adequate care, There are some well trained oncologists in Georgia, trained in Germany; but care is very much a hit an miss affair.

Public safety is also rudimentary. Car accidents are a major cause of death. Despite the rugged mountainous terrain, Georgian roads have no guardrails; just a series of low posts that won’t stop anything larger that a toy wagon. Until a few years ago, there was no requirement to wear seat belts. Smoking and drinking are epidemic and there is no public campaign to limit either. One could go on….

I could live with such imperfections. I’m not Eastern Orthodox, and have no interest in learning Georgian, nor moving there myself, but my point is this: if someone said I could choose between a more traditional society, which would look like the Republic of Georgia, versus what we have here in the West now (and even worse, where things are surely headed in the West in the years ahead), I’d happily pick the lesser evil of a decidedly hyper-macho, patriarchal, outwardly Christian society where mountain passes have no guardrails and people are drunken chainsmokers, than one where Christians are persecuted, and far greater immorality and wickedness are the order of the day. (As for abortion, unfortunate that they’re not better in that regard, but I can’t imagine they’re worse than here; I’m sure they’re actually better overall in terms of the rate, and social and cultural stigmas against it likely prevail more than here, and so taking everything else into consideration, such a society still looks much better than the West of today and to come.)

And similarly, while I don’t think Putin’s Russia is perfect, it’s a far cry better in all the ways that matter, in terms of the cultural war, than where we are here in the West.

We’ll never have perfection in this world. Perhaps we oughta consider up with which imperfections we could put.


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