On class

The elites are rotten but so are the proles. Nothing worked as well as religion in maintaining private virtue, now that we’ve thrown that out of the window, it’s no surprise that all the strata of society are rotten.



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The supposed hijab-cutting incident was #FAKENEWS, of course

So, will PM Trudeau, Premier Wynne, Mayor Tory, and Cuckservative leader Scheer apologize for pouncing on a fake ‘hate crime’ as an opportunity to lecture Canadians about racism?

Will they even acknowledge what the media has been forced to admit, that it was all made up?

Will they have the lying little Muslim girl charged with making false accusations of a crime?

Rhetorical questions, since I know full well the progs’ evil and the cucks’ gutless enabling thereof.


The Nümale Grimace

They are of course aping actual females in this, as well as Hillary Rodham Abedin

Chateau Heartiste

It goes by other names:

The Male Feminist Rictus
Soylent Grin
The Soyboy Void
The Castrate Gape
Moneyshot Face
The Shartle
The Prog Agog
The Awestruck Chucklefuck
The Human Gloryhole

Apparently, these low T wonderboys are mimicking an emoji. Grown nerds reduced to male bonding across a vast cultural emptiness via an iphag cartoon face, linking up in a shared snark experience so they can forget for a second how much time they spent in lockers. The always invigorating TOG put it best,

Nerds are always mining the internet for quirky frontier jibberish that they can then copy and emulate and pass off as their own to other nerds IRL.  However all the nerds are online in the current year +2 and they’re all seeing the same cultural references at the same time so theres no originality, no character, no uniqueness – just the same quotes from the same latest episode…

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WaPo hack fears Beijing accessing Grindr profiles

LOL! 🙂

China experts and former intelligence officials are raising concerns about user data privacy following the acquisition of Grindr, the world’s largest gay dating application, by a Chinese technology firm. The Chinese government, they say, could be in a position to demand sensitive and embarrassing details on the lives of millions of non-Chinese citizens.
This week, the Kunlun Group completed a full buyout of Grindr, a gay, bi, trans, and queer dating app that claims 3.3 million daily users. The Chinese firm bought 60 percent of the company in Jan. 2016 for $93 million and has now acquired the remaining stake for $152 million, according to stock filings. Grindr announced that Kunlun executives will take over leadership of the company.
That announcement set off alarms among officials and experts that track Chinese intelligence and foreign influence operations in the United States. The Chinese government is sweeping up massive amounts of data on not only its own citizens, but also Americans and others, as part of a unique and well-planned effort to build files on foreigners for intelligence purposes.


Shoulda thoughta that before you signed up! 😉

Waning pussy power.


Last January the symbol most closely associated with the Women’s March was a pink knit hat with ears, called the “pussy power hat”. The headline at Time’s Motto announced:  Women Will Wear Pink ‘Pussy Power Hats’ to March on Washington.  The headline at Women in the world read: Women knit thousands of ‘pussy power hats’ to support the Women’s March on Washington  As Huffington Post explained:

Hundreds of thousands of protestors are expected to flood Washington D.C. on January 21, 2017 to take part in the Women’s March on Washington, the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

And thanks to a knitting project that has gone viral, thousands of them will be wearing bright pink and cat-eared “pussy power hats.”

Other feminists felt that this was too subtle, and elected to dress as giant vaginas.

Over the last year feminists seem to have reconsidered the wisdom…

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Star Wars as a prog religion

Though I am appalled by Dreher’s asinine gushing over the latest Star Crap installment, oddly seeing in this obvious SJW agitprop bullshit some kind of allegory for his Benedict Option mission (i.e. to sell more of his books), I had an epiphany myself while reading his essay and the comments following it.

While I know Lucas and Abrams view The Force as some kind of New Age-y, gnostic, deist Power that the Gifted can somehow tap into, and Lucas went so far as to have Anakin conceived virginally due to ‘midichlorions’ (a blasphemous echo of the Holy Spirit’s overshadowing Mary and bringing her to a virgin conception as explained in our Scriptures), it only struck me now that for progs, the Star Wars canon itself (along with perhaps Harry Potter and other related pseudo-spiritual Millennial pop culture motifs), acts as a kind of substitute religion for them; a shared, transcendent cultural experience and mythology that reinforces all their dearly held beliefs. This is why they invoke Carrie Fisher as Leia in memes with the hashtag #Resistance against Trump, and why they cling so enthusiastically to every new episode that comes along, no matter how crappy. (I have some very close friends who gushed over the Last Jedi; I was most disappointed in them…)

This is their faith. A sad pathetic Hollywood-created faith, one that reinforces their stupid SJW dogmas, with a ‘rebel alliance’ of strong young and old white women and dark men and multicultural, multispecies / androids and a couple token white males who end up killed off / self-sacrificing, fighting against evil white male imperialists bent on universal domination.

Ah well. Too bad the franchise becomes ever less profitable with each successive new film. Eventually the shitty, derivative, SJW-propaganda-driven story-writing will kill it. Too bad that can’t be now, though.


Now the progs are coming after Sir John A. Macdonald

A pub in Kingston is getting rid of the name of its most famous son, our first Prime Minister:

A Kingston, Ont., pub located in a stone building that once housed Sir John A. Macdonald’s law office is shedding the name of Canada’s first prime minister because it’s offensive to some Indigenous customers, according to its owner.

Sir John’s Public House, a two-storey pub and restaurant on King Street that seats 150 patrons, will abbreviate its name to The Public House, Paul Fortier confirmed Monday.

“It’s this whole spirit of reconciliation,” Fortier said.

The role that some 19th-century politicians played in the creation of the residential school system has “alienated” many Canadians, Fortier said, and was the key reason behind the name change.

“Unfortunately, Sir John A. Macdonald has been tarred with that brush.”

Fortier said a turning point was a protest outside the pub last Labour Day that was organized by Idle No More. More than a dozen protesters carried signs and banners denouncing colonialism and accusing residential schools of stealing Indigenous children, language and culture.

“I don’t really think it hurt business, but it hurt our reputation, and we want to be perceived as a safe place for people to come,” said Fortier, who opened the pub six years ago.

He said some customers told him they could no longer patronize the pub because of its association with Macdonald.

“I could understand the hurt that it caused,” he said. “We don’t want to create a feeling of alienation to any customers.”

Terri-Lynn Brennan, CEO of Wolfe Island-based Inclusive Voices, applauded Fortier’s decision.

“[I’m] very proud of the owner who has been very responsive to the controversies in Kingston surrounding Sir John A. and his legacy,” Brennan said.  “As an Indigenous woman, there is certainly no doubt about [Macdonald’s] past racist comments and policies that we all live with today.”

Brennan has worked with the City of Kingston on outreach projects with Indigenous communities, and noted that many businesses in the area pay homage to Macdonald in some way.

“The movement of the pub to wipe his name is a great movement forward for many businesses in Kingston to take a look at the legacy pieces of Sir John A. himself, and it takes a lot of strength to make those business decisions,” she said.

Brennan noted that Bellevue House National Historic Site, Macdonald’s home in Kingston from 1848 to 1849, updated its exhibits last summer to reflect the former prime minister’s unvarnished thoughts about Indigenous people.

Fortier said he also heard from customers who told him they were there because they felt the business had been unfairly targeted by the protesters.

Three years ago the pub celebrated the 200th anniversary of Macdonald’s birth on Jan. 11, 1815.

Fortier believes his is the first business or public venue in Kingston to drop the former prime minister’s name, but he said a Parks Canada plaque on the downtown building will remain.

The pub’s sign is due to be changed Tuesday.

There are plenty of other places to drink in Kingston (I used to live there, trust me, I know); I trust that proud, patriotic, real Canadians who live there will go drink at them instead. Why patronize a business that hates our national heritage?

May they close down and go bankrupt, and the owners lose all their life savings, bigoted anti-heritage losers.