Rayciss makes them fat!


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This description fits many such I know to a T

Yep. I know some who have been incapacitated thus, even telecommuters…

Et à toi aussi!


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Cooking with tobacco

“Well ackchyually…”

It has been done, apparently…


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Some cause for optimism up here

NGL, EA’s right that things be grim up here, generally.

And yet…

Despite the entire political / government / media apparatus opposing / attacking them / all who support them, the РΡС managed to triple its percentage of the vote in our recent federal election, up to 5%, by being the only party to come out swinging against mask and vax mandates and lockdowns.

Not much, but under the circumstances, it’s impressive enough.

It’s an improvement. Something that can be built upon, slowly.

Because there are far more who sympathize with such perspectives, even if they can’t bring themselves to vote for the РΡС yet.

There are WuFlu speakeasies up here; establishments that thumb their noses at the double jab mandates.

One not far from me. Been there, many times; great place. People openly discussing revolt against the sanitary global dictatorship. Refreshing and encouraging.

So, all is not lost. 🙂


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Heh heh, the Imperium’s gettin’ desperate

Go on, try it, dumbasses!



I am lifting current comment restrictions…

… so people don’t get shut out of commenting on posts just because they’re more than a day old.

And so y’all can chat with each other again longer, too…

(I still haven’t figured out yet whether I am officially ending my hiatus, but maybe… I only know I won’t be posting at the rate I did before, and only if I feel like I have something worth sharing / saying.)


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Notre-Dame interior faces woke ‘Disney’ revamp

(Yes, I know. Another hiatus interruption. Maybe I am back to occasional posting, I dunno; not at my old rates though, lol.)


Dreher links this dismaying update.

He notes:

I too spoke to a French expert about this, and the expert told me that the parts of the cathedral set to undergo the radical change are parts that survived the fire! That is, the Archbishop and his team plan to destroy parts of Notre-Dame that came through the fire intact. The fire is a pretext for modernization.

Dismaying, but not surprising to us, is it…


The Sally Ann goes full woke, promotes anti-rayciss (i.e. anti-white) agitprop now

{pause hiatus (BTW, I’m fine, everyone; life is good, despite all; God is good…)}


No coins in their Christmas kettles from me, any more!

Nor donations to their second-hand goods charity stores…

{resume hiatus}


You cannot Comply your way out of Tyranny

That’s a quote from a man named grievingGod over at ZeroHedge. I wanted to add it to the comments on the Homage to Quiplinks post, but I’m not able to do so right now. We’ll get that sorted.

We make this post for Will Stewart, recently departed the land of bachelorhood for the bliss of wedded life. Unfortunately, Will’s bliss is disturbed by the state he lives under, the anarcho-tyrannical Canadian and especially Ontarian government. It’s been so damaging of traditional Canadian liberties that is was easy to believe a hoax (sourry, houax) like the one about the Canadian government banning the chant “Let’s go, Brandon.”

The problem is, what was ridiculous months ago too quickly becomes fact in today’s world. So I suggest our Canadian cousins start chanting “Let’s go Brandon, TOTALLY!” That will eventually trigger the government to clamp down on the phrase.

The next step would be for them to chant the letters “Ell-Gee-BEE-Tee” in memory of the now banned phrase. That will also incite the censors to ban that particular phrase.

First they ignore you. Then they fight you. Then you win.


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