Donald Trump is no Vladimir Putin

I know some reactionaries are very happy with The Donald’s campaign, and hey, it is encouraging to see someone who articulates politically incorrect sentiments no-one else dares to (such as immigration restrictionism, or dealing firmly with the Islamic threat) receive such high levels of support.

But come on; the guy’s a joker, a clown; he has no fixed principles; he blows with the wind; he’s certainly not a traditionalist Christian, on our side in the cultural war. He’s enjoying notoriety by shooting off his mouth, saying whatever he feels like, whatever will outrage the media and the Republican establishment, and cheer those who enjoy his political incorrectness. (Hey, I enjoy it, too. Doesn’t mean I think he’s the answer.)

Nicole Russell at The Federalist recently compared him to Jesse Ventura, but I think that’s unfair to Jesse Ventura, who, far as I can tell, actually has a set of principles, a worldview to which he adheres – a kind of macho militant atheist libertine libertarianism, as Russell’s article demonstrates. (I’m no fan of Jesse Ventura; never have been; I’ve always loathed everything he stands for. But I’ve always believed in giving the devil his due, so accordingly I’ll give Ventura credit where it’s due.) Whereas, unlike the fake wrestler (since that kind of wrestling is all fake) Ventura, his fellow show-biz entertainer Trump (yes he’s a rich businessman, but he’s an entertainer first) has no principles, whatsoever, other than making money, being popular and infamous, and such.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not shilling for any of the other GOP candidates; I don’t find any of them appealing.

But Trump is not the great U.S. presidential reactionary hope.

Nobody is.

At least for now.

Too bad Putin can’t run… ;)


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Proggy Whine Du Jour



Proggy Bullshit Du Jour

Originally posted on Uncouth Reflections:

Blowhard, Esq. writes:


Because in the wake of Islamic terrorism nothing is more important than fending off Islamophobia, the experts at ThinkProgress would like to remind us that ISIS aren’t really Muslims:

Indeed, even from the viewpoint of a casual observer, ISIS is an abomination to Islam. Explosions tend to capture the media’s attention more than peaceful coexistence, and a minuscule minority of extremist groups claiming to be Islamic have exploited this fact as a way to reinvent Islam as a “violent” religion. But just because you shout God’s name while committing murder doesn’t make your actions righteous. Islam, as millions of Muslims can attest, is a peaceful religion that calls on its followers to choose community over conflict, or, as it says in Surah al-Hujurat of the Qur’an(49:13): “O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made…

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Big babies


(Hat tip.)


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Hillary Clinton Criticizes Unpaid Internships, Doesn’t Pay Her Interns



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An excellent new term coined by Eddie Pensier, which refers to progs publishing articles enforcing the party line that must be toed for a given issue at a particular time; the POV which all ‘correct-thinking’ people must hold.


Paris terrorist was a Syrian refugee…

confirms a Greek government official:

A Greek government official revealed the man, who died in the terror seige on the French capital, had passed through the southern European country last month.

A passport was found near the body of the gunman, which revealed he arrived in mainland Europe from the Greek island of Leros, suggesting he had made his way there by boat.

It has been revealed the man was one of the suicide bombers at the Stade de France. He was not known to the French authorities.

Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Toskas, in charge of police forces in Greece, has released the following statement: “On the case of the Syrian passport found at the scene of the terrorist attack, we announce that the passport holder had passed from Leros on October 3 where he was identified based on EU rules.

Of course, those of us who know that Enoch Powell and Jean Raspail were right are not surprised, in the least.


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