Marriage is about spouses first

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Comparing male and female support for abortion, divorce and gay marriage

Disclaimer: This post doesn’t apply to married women. When I refer to women below, I mean young, unmarried women. But I’m just going to say “women” for brevity’s sake.

Except you mention that “Women initiate about 70% of divorces”, and so the post DOES apply to married women (since, of course, by definition, unmarried women don’t initiate ANY divorces). 😉
Anyway, disclaimer aside, a most revealing post… Thanks! 🙂


Disclaimer: This post doesn’t apply to married women. When I refer to women below, I mean young, unmarried women. But I’m just going to say “women” for brevity’s sake.

Are women really more moral than men? Let’s take a look at the attitudes of men and women on five of the most prominent moral issues of our time: gay marriage, divorce, abortion, war, and crime.

Gay marriage, divorce and abortion

Here is Pew Research on gay marriage as of 2016:

Women far more likely to support gay marriage than men Women are more immoral on gay marriage than men

Women favor gay marriage by a margin of 58% compared to only 52% for men.

Here is the Austin Institute on divorce in 2014:

Women are more immoral on divorce than men Women are more immoral on divorce than men

Women initiate about 70% of divorces, even though they freely chose the man they married, and vowed to stick by him through all circumstances.

Here is Gallup on abortion as…

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Just do it?

Nike Pro Hijab


Again, a man’s life left in ruins, while his sexual-assault accuser goes about hers

Christie Blatchford has the story

Mike Kydd is the poor man’s Steven Galloway — not a famous author; not a professor-cum-department head, but rather a lowly, un-tenured instructor; not particularly powerful.

Yet Kydd and Galloway both have been brought to ruin by adult female contemporaries and former students with whom the men had a consensual sexual relationship that then retrospectively morphed into various misconduct complaints against them.

While the investigation report commissioned by the University of British Columbia in the Galloway case hasn’t been made fully public — making it difficult to know with certainty precisely what the findings were — Postmedia has managed to confirm many significant details about Kydd’s case.

Details at the link; all too typical a tale…

I don’t know why male profs keep foolishly having relationships with their female students, when over and over again, this sort of thing occurs.

Learn from what happens to others, idiots! And don’t repeat their mistakes.

P.S. I’m not victim-blaming here – if you think that, then you’re thinking like a feminist – but simply pointing out that, deplorable as the misandrist double standards are, one can avoid being victimized by thinking with one’s big head (and conscience) and not one’s little one. That’s all.


Sure, and it’s a culture war – and a meme war, too!


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Just let the addict idiots off themselves, already

Recall my recent post about The Powers That Be’s sudden concern about opioids?

Well, now they’re freaking out about the ostensible antidote drug:

The Ambulance Paramedics of B.C. (APBC) are raising concerns that naloxone kits are being misused by illicit substance users and dealers.

Bronwyn Barter, the president of the APBC, says drug users have developed a false sense of security with naloxone or narcan, the antidote to the overdose of drugs such as fentanyl, carfentanil, heroin, morphine, and oxycodone.

“A lot of the people with addictions are doing different things with those kits. For example, some have a false sense of security, and what they can do is something called yo-yo-ing.  They’ll drop a little bit of the naloxone, and they’ll drop a little bit of their choice of drug and they think that that will stop them from overdosing,” said Barter.


Clearly, what is needed is an antidote to the antidote, then. 😉

Just let teenage idiots who are dumb enough to abuse street opioids off themselves, and spare the gene pool!

I mean, it’s not like you can really save dumbasses from themselves, anyway; sooner or later, they’ll likely do themselves in, one way or another.



Moralistic self-appointed SJWs of the neo-con, white-knighting variety

Came across a couple of interesting, related news stories recently; this one, and this one.

Who the hell are these guys?

They’re called ‘creep catchers‘ or ‘creep busters’; they’re Canadian (and particularly British Columbian) ‘anti-pedophilia’ vigilantes (I put that in quotes, because there’s surely a difference between a man who desires to have sexual relations with actual children, and one who desires to have sexual relations with a sexually mature, ovulating, capable-of-reproducing female over 13, and IMO, while if not married to her such a man may be guilty of fornication, he is not a pervert, and his actions should not constitute a crime, IMO.).

As can be seen from the links above and also this one, these guys are moralistic prigs who enjoy the warm glow of feeling moral superior to those they target, getting off on accusing others of being perverts, without compelling, complete evidence, and doing the same things as SJWs do – confronting them, doxing them, informing their employers, even borrowing Guy Fawkes mask imagery from Occupy / Anonymous.

As with SJWs, these bastards seem to be problematic pieces of work themselves

Unlike regular SJWs, though, these are of a more neo-con, white-knighting bent: I claim this due to their hyper-macho posturing and speech (‘Yer goin’ down, bud!’), their apparent white-knighting against (in their minds) would-be predators preying on Canadian teenage girls, etc. These are the sort of men from whose ranks the likes of Mark Driscoll and Doug Wilson arise (or Toby Keith fans)…

It would be just deserts to see these self-appointed, self-righteous, moralistic prigs who engage in entrapment-like actions doxed themselves, wouldn’t it? I’d love to see the 4channers take action against them…

Lawsuits against them and fines, though, are good; hopefully they’ll be successful, and shut them down.