Srdja Trifkovic proposes a solution to the North Korean challenge


The solution to Kim’s challenge exists. It demands bold and clear thinking. The threat to the U.S. homeland is theoretical, and it is present only for as long as America remains engaged in Korean affairs. Even if it had the technical wherewithal to threaten the United States, North Korea could not do it credibly: a missile or two, or five, would be fairly easy to intercept and destroy. Trust Trump, the ensuing retaliation would turn much of the People’s Democratic Republic into a parking lot. The solution is to let South Korea worry about its own security.

Seoul should develop the nuclear bomb, with U.S. encouragement, and thus prevent North Korea from using its own arsenal as a means of blackmail to alter the regional balance of power. Deterrence works. The U.S., Russia, China, Great Britain, France, India, Pakistan, and Israel have possessed nuclear weapons for decades. None of them has ever been able to change the status quo in its favor by threatening to use the bomb. The possession of nuclear weapons by one of the parties did not impact the war in Korea in 1953, or at Suez in 1956, or prevent the two superpowers’ defeats, in Vietnam and Afghanistan respectively. It makes no difference to China’s stalled efforts to bring Taiwan under its control. South Africa had developed its own nuclear arsenal in the 1980s—it has been dismantled since—but this did not enhance its government’s ability to resist the pressure to abolish the Apartheid in the early 1990’s. The political effect of a country’s possession of nuclear weapons has been to force its potential adversaries to exercise caution and to freeze the existing frontiers. North Korea won’t be an exception to the rule.

The root causes of North Korea’s apparently reckless behavior are predominantly domestic. Kim Jong-un, the third absolute ruler in the dynasty established by his late grandfather Kim Il-sung, is primarily interested in survival and continuity. A coherent long-term American response should address the question as to why North Korea feels it needs nuclear weapons in the first place. This is not because Kim Jong-un plans to reunify the peninsula by force—that he cannot do, with or without the bomb—but because Pyongyang regards the United States as a real and present threat. Ever since it was designated the eastern pivot of the “Axis of Evil” in President George W. Bush’s 2002 State of the Union Address, its leaders have had rational grounds to feel threatened. The possession of nuclear weapons is the only reliable insurance policy to those states that Washington may deem fit for regime change (as witnessed in Iraq, Libya etc).We need to discard the old orthodoxy that nuclear proliferation is inherently dangerous. It is not. There have been many wars since 1945, but no catastrophic ones on par with the Great War a century ago or its 1939-1945 sequel. Our long peace—lasting over seven decades thus far—is largely due to the existence of nuclear weapons and to their possession by an expanding circle of powers. It is heretical to say but true nevertheless, that nuclear proliferation has been a major factor in the preservation of peace. The “Balance of Terror” is a grim term which denotes a comforting reality, and its logic applies to the lesser powers, such as India and Pakistan, which went to war three times after the Partition—in 1947, 1965, and 1971— but not since then. The possession of nuclear weapons by both adversaries has been a major war-inhibiting factor for over four decades, and it will likely remain so for many years to come.

As I wrote in these pages four years ago, what is valid for the Subcontinent can and should apply to the Korean peninsula. Let’s be clear: sanctions or no sanctions, Pyongyang will not give up its nuclear arsenal. For the sake of regional peace and stability, South Korea should acquire one as well – and of course there is no reason for Japan not to follow suit. Washington should grant a free nuclear hand to Seoul in return for the mutually agreed U.S. troop withdrawal. It is high time to let the countries directly affected by Pyongyang’s actions—South Korea, Japan, China, and Russia—deal with North Korea themselves as they deem fit.

Spot on.

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Why not equip all vehicles with back-up alarms?

In parking lots, while walking behind vehicles back to my own, I have almost been struck by some whose drivers couldn’t see me till they were just starting to back up, as I was reaching the back end of their vehicles. I have also been in the same situation as a driver, with someone walking behind my car just as I’m starting to back up.

Thinking about this, I wonder, why shouldn’t all vehicles, not just large vehicles such as tractor-trailers and heavy machinery, come with back-up alarms? I’m sure it would save a few lives, and drivers’ licences.


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Notes on “The True History of the American Revolution”

Sounds like a worthwhile read. As a reactionary Canadian, and therefore a partisan of the Redcoats and the United Empire Loyalists, this sounds a lot more balanced than the usual hagiography from American historians about the American Revolution.

Uncouth Reflections

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


If, like me, you’ve always had a hard time squaring the narrative of the American Revolution with the requirements of common sense, you might get something out of Sydney George Fisher’s “The True History of the American Revolution.” Writing around 1900 (i.e. before the establishment of the American Imperium), Fisher tackles the conflict by going back to the original sources, and divesting himself of the bullshit. In Fisher’s telling, the Revolution was an extension into the New World of Whig-Tory political jockeying, one which allowed the Patriot colonists to opportunistically impose their will on their countrymen. In this version of the Revolution the Patriots come off not as noble idealists, but as proto-SJWs. They can’t be appeased, because they don’t want to be appeased, and all of their spoutings about the Rights of Man are resorts to the most self-serving kind of sophistry. Fisher:

Before I…

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Quote Du Jour: The Most Useless and Unproductive of All Forms of Reflection

Great quote from a great book.

Uncouth Reflections

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

It is the natural result of the whig historian’s habits of mind and his attitude to history — though it is not a necessary consequence of his actual method — that he should be interested in the promulgation of moral judgements and should count this as an important part of his office. His preoccupation is not difficult to understand when it is remembered that he regards himself as something more than an inquirer. By the very finality and absoluteness with which he was endowed the present he has heightened his own position. For him the voice of posterity is the voice of God and the historian is the voice of posterity. And it is typical of him that he tends to regard himself as the judge when by his methods and his equipment he is fitted only to be the detective. His concerns with the sphere of…

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Siberian serenades sweetheart from a dangling van

Alpha or beta? Romantic, anyway, I guess…

A young man in the Siberian city of Biysk has made up with his girlfriend in spectacular fashion by serenading her from a van – suspending by a crane outside her third-floor bedroom window.

Neighbours on Leningradskaya Street took to the Vkontakte social media site to report a lorry with a crane hoisting the van high into the rainy morning sky, with some hoping the police would “stick it” to the driver when they turned up.

But it gradually dawned that this was a special occasion, as the van was decorated with balloons. And when Yelena Gorbunova opened her window to see what was going on, she came face to face with her ex-sweetheart Alexander bearing flowers, gifts and a card to mark her 29th birthday, while a saxophonist below played her favourite song – the Aerosmith hit Dream On.

She told Russia’s Metro newspaper that Alexander “often surprises me with presents, but never before like this!” She said they split up three weeks earlier after going steady for a year, and the romantic gesture has persuaded her to “make up with him”.

Well, good luck to them.

Dream on! 🙂


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Millennial Chick Can’t Stop Having Sex with Trump Supporters


Of course, she could, if she’d stop being a slut, but that’s impossible for millennial progs.


Dreher slammed


As the delightful giggles on crunchy-con Twitter indicate, Rod Dreher is very pleased that the forthcoming French translation of his most popular and lucrative work, The Benedict Option, was at least temporarily trending this week as the No. 1 book on

Having made the rounds in the American press this year, it was apparent to all that Dreher’s Benedict Option is a white flag in the culture wars. Dreher’s main point in the book is that “serious Christian conservatives” are no longer able to live “business-as-usual lives in America.” After making a rally during the reign of George W. Bush, Christians and other social conservatives have suffered defeat after defeat in the Obama era.

As a result, Dreher suggests that Christians completely cede the public sphere to the left, retreating into “intentional communities” of conservative Christians living, working, praying, and studying together. In The Benedict Option, Rod Dreher provides the examples of Catholic schools implementing a classical curriculum in Elk County, Pennsylvania, and the olive-farming members of the Italian Tipi Loschi community as models for the “hands on localism” of which the Benedict Option consists. Dreher’s hope is that unlike the French, Mexican, and Bolshevik revolutions and the Spanish Civil War, this time the left will largely leave Christians alone to procreate with abandon, attend the Latin mass, and homeschool lots of homophobic and racist kids.

Dreher might be a little neurotic and too revealing of his personal life, but he is not an idiot. He knows that his crunchy-con, overwhelmingly white Christian audience won’t stand a chance in a 21st-century America seething with ethnic tension under the umbrella of an increasingly totalitarian and coercive state that does not take lightly dissent from its doctrine of degenerate sexuality.

During his tenure at The American Conservative, Rod Dreher has made a living vacillating between liberal and conservative positions and has mastered the art of penning gushing, effeminate blog posts for consumption by equally neurotic, left-leaning conservative Christian women with secretly gay husbands.

When he is not white-shaming, boasting of his 0.6% black ancestry, or wearing outrageously ornate eyeglasses and women’s boots, Dreher spends his columns (often filled with more copy-and-pasted writings of other people than his own thoughts) taking his readers on an interminable emotional roller coaster back and forth between white guilt and pride in “the Western tradition” (depending on the week). Like a therapist who profits from his patients never getting better, Dreher has no real solution to any of the critiques he presents, because if he did, the drama would be over and millennial crunchy cons would not be able to share a cry with Rod over coffee and Ativan in the morning.

Maybe a bit over the top, but Dreher has certainly brought this on himself. 🙂


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