Frequent denial of sex breaks the marriage covenant as much as adultery

Hear, hear! Spot on.

If a church or ostensibly Christian ministry or organization teaches contrariwise, it is converged, and worthless, ‘Churchian’ rather than Christian.


Marriage and family Marriage and family

Let’s start this post by quoting a passage from the Bible.

1 Corinthians 7:1-5:

Now concerning the things about which you wrote, it is good for a man not to touch a woman.

But because of immoralities, each man is to have his own wife, and each woman is to have her own husband.

The husband must fulfill his duty to his wife, and likewise also the wife to her husband.

The wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does; and likewise also the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does.

Stop depriving one another, except by agreement for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer, and come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.

So with…

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Laptops in police cruisers: why?

I’m not ordinarily in the habit of looking inside police cruisers, but as I was waiting to cross the street at an intersection, one pulled up in front of me at the corner, front windows down, and I noticed a laptop computer mounted in the centre of the console, next to the steering wheel, facing the driver seat. I thought, “Interesting; they will stop and fine someone they catch texting while driving (and rightly so, IMO), but that’s okay? What do they need to look up so quickly that they can’t radio someone back at Dispatch look up for them, instead?”

And wouldn’t that be faster anyway, not needing to pull over to do it themselves?

Just wondering.


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Teledildonics paves way for new means of ‘sexual assault’ (and false ‘sexual assault’ claims)

Reach out, reach out and touch someone!

A class action lawsuit has been filed against a “smart” dildo manufacturer for keeping tabs on its customers’ use of the product.

We-Vibe 4 Plus is the name of the innovative vibrator that connects to an app via Bluetooth and allows the user’s partner to control the sex toy from anywhere in the world.

However, as it seems with any technology these days: hackers are watching. Two of which held a talk at the Def Con hacking conference in Las Vegas last month and spoke of We-Vibe’s security flaws.

Known only by their handles “g0ldfisk” and “followr”, the independent hackers told audiences that We-Vibe’s ability to be controlled remotely leave customers vulnerable to extreme hacking:

A lot of people in the past have said it’s not really a serious issue. But if you come back to the fact that we’re talking about people, unwanted activation of a vibrator is potentially sexual assault,” said followr.

The pair said they discovered the app has been “phoning home” by sending customers’ data back to the manufacturer, Standard Innovation.

Information that could potentially be shared includes details about when the customer uses the toy, the vibration settings that were used and the temperature of the device, all along with the user’s email address.

Now, a woman has filed a class action lawsuit, on behalf of several disgruntled customers, against Standard Innovation in an Illinois federal court, reported Courthouse News.

The customers are seeking punitive damages and accuse the company of consumer fraud, unjust enrichment, intrusion upon seclusion, violating the Federal Wiretap Act and the Illinois Eavesdropping Statute.

We-Vibe have stated that they cannot comment on the lawsuit as they have yet to be formally made aware of any such filing.

However, following on from the Def Con revelations, the company said the “mostly anonymized” transmitted data was for “market research” purposes and promised to “clarify” its terms and conditions and give customers the option to opt-out of such data sharing in future.

The Brave New World of teledildonics


If Biblical events were covered by today’s media

Spot on!🙂

bluebird of bitterness

Israelites crossing the Red Sea:

Law Enforcement Officials Slain While Pursuing Unruly Mob

David vs. Goliath:

Racial and Religious Prejudice Cited as Motivation

Elijah and the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel:

Hundreds Killed in Unprovoked Attack

The birth of Jesus:

Animal Rights Advocates Threaten Lawsuit 

The wedding at Cana:

Police Unable to Locate Still

Jesus feeding the five thousand:

Disciples Mystified by Leader’s Strange Behavior

Jesus healing ten lepers:

Authorities Investigating Unlicensed Use of Non-Traditional Medicine

Jesus healing the man possessed by demons:

Local Farmer Faces Bankruptcy Following Loss of Hogs

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Culture war, or culture clash?

From France:

Mass naked brawl on French nudist beach after group of youths refused to strip off and stared at the unclothed sunbathers

A group of male teens who preferred to stare rather than strip at a French nudist beach sparked a huge brawl, it has been reported.

About 10 youths are said to have entered the nude zone clothed at the beach at La Teste-de-Buch, in Arcachon, near Bordeaux.

But the scene soon turned ugly when the teens reportedly began staring and behaving ‘provocatively’ around some of the naked women.

The men had been ‘staring’ at the women in breach of French nude beach etiquette, The Local reported.

Other bathers confronted the teens, telling them to either ‘get nude or get lost’, the website reported.

The brawl is then said to have begun.

And it was quite a sight – with naked and clothed people flinging sand in each other’s eyes, screaming abuse and hurling punches.

A unit of the riot control CRS police attended the scene, the website said.

Two people involved had been caught by police after attempting to flee. They were released later.


Notice the media is telling us nothing about these ‘male teens’ or ‘youths’, and no mugshots, no interviews with the nudists, nothing. Notice how, while referred to as ‘youths’ and ‘male teens’ in one part of the story, in another they’re referred to as ‘men’ – which is it?

Notice how said ‘youths’ acted in a way that violates French social norms in this regard; and they specifically targeted the women with ‘provocative’ behaviour – remind anyone of what happened in Cologne?

How much do you want to bet these ‘youths’ are not white French folks, but ‘diverse’, ‘vibrant’ rapefugees?

Just a hunch, from all the things I noticed, reading between the lines…

Not that I feel that sorry for the nudists; as one commenter at the Daily Mail story said, if you don’t like being leered at, put some clothes on. (Of course, feminists would call that ‘victim-blaming’, and freak out at such suggestions, but I couldn’t care less what they think.)

Still, they are Westerners, rather than strangers, and if I’m right in my hunch, this wouldn’t have happened had the powers that be in Europe not been engaged in population replacement, from the 1960s onwards, but especially over the last year or two… Let me put it this way: does anyone seriously think these ‘male teen youths’ are really French?

Funny, too, how this happens at the same time as the public debate in France over the ‘burkini’…


Gay rights fascists bully man who donated against transgender agenda

Anyone today who doesn’t keep their donations to socially conservative campaigns strictly anonymous is acting foolish, given the social climate. Forget getting a tax rebate for such charitable donations; eventually the powers that be will prevent any donations to non-converged organizations, esp. ones that oppose the zeitgeist, from being eligible for tax rebates, anyway. So be smart: give anonymously, keep your job, and not be forced to grovel. Learn from the mistakes of this guy, Brendan Eich, etc.


Hillary Clinton and her ally, the Human Rights Campaign Hillary Clinton and her ally, the Human Rights Campaign

Katy tweeted this interesting story from the Family Policy Institute, about events that just happened recently in Seattle.


A popular chef got cooked last week.  By the tolerance mob.

Chef John Howie owns a number of Seattle area restaurants and is also the chef for the Seattle Seahawks.  By all account he’s a really decent guy; generous and active in the community. But isn’t that kind of what you’d expect from the guy preparing Russell Wilson’s food?

In addition to being a decent guy, Chef Howie made a modest contribution earlier this year to the Just Want Privacy campaign in Washington State.

Just Want Privacy sought to repeal a dangerous new law that gives men the legal right to be present in a women’s bathroom, locker room, spa, or changing facility simply by declaring themselves to be female.

The chef…

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A London memorial commemorating one million Canadians who travelled to Britain to fight in two World Wars is being ‘desecrated’ by people using it as a water slide and paddling pool.

Military veterans are among those who have expressed outrage at the on-going abuse of the famous monument in Green Park, directly opposite Buckingham Palace.

Unveiled by the Queen in 1994, it is surrounded by signs reading ‘As a mark of respect, please refrain from climbing this memorial’.

Despite this, visitors to the park now think nothing of walking up and down the sloping granite sculpture, which has water flowing across it, and using it to cool their feet, sunbathe, and play games on.

At the weekend, grown men in bare feet or trainers could be seen clambering on top of it, while encouraging children to use it as a slide during the hot summer weather.