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Masked sow twerks for culture of death


Thanks for cursing her, Hill!


Pull the other one, it’s got bells on, New Agitprop rag


Capeshitters endorse Biden


Dems upset dead man’s vote won’t count


He jacked off because it was a jack-off exercise


How 2020


Biden insulted Poland and Hungary, lumping them in with Belarus as ‘totalitarian regimes’

I know it doesn’t really matter what eastern Europeans think about American presidents to Americans, but the media and never Trumpers etc. would have you believe Trump has been a foreign policy disaster and that Biden would be a return to normalcy.

Not necessarily…


Sweary prog beyotch wants you to vote for Biden

They never learn, do they…

Hey, they don’t seem very confident about their lead in the polls.

Why, you’d think the pollsters were lying or something… 😉


BoJo bans fornication cuz WuFlu

And to think our top doc said just wear a mask