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Biden was going to ‘elevate the tone’ of discourse in the Oval Office, right?

Whenever I am tempted to feel sorry for this senile buffoon, I remember his nasty thuggish ways, and his little-girl-hair-sniffing, and instead I feel utter contempt.


The insanity in the province next door


Can’t blame the guy, but he shoulda known her better earlier and ditched the bіtсh beforehand

See here

Although marriages don’t always work out, they typically make it beyond the wedding day.

But that’s not the case for one couple in Baghdad as they topped the record for the fastest divorce case in Iraq this year after calling it quits during the reception.

The groom ended the marriage after his wife played a “provocative” song during the celebrations.

Gulf News reports that the tune – Mesaytara by Lamis Kan – includes some questionable lyrics, with the song name itself translating to “I am dominant” or “I will control you”.

The first part of the song can be roughly translated to:

“I am dominant; you will be ruled under my strict instructions,

“I will drive you crazy if you looked at other girls on the street,

“Yes, I’m dominant,

“You’re my piece of sugar,

“As long as you’re with me, you’ll walk under my command,

“I’m arrogant, I’m arrogant.”

Apparently the groom’s family also considered the bride dancing to the beat of the song a “provocation”.

It caused a row, and they ended the marriage while still at the wedding hall.

This isn’t the first time a marriage ended over the controversial song. During nuptials last year, a Jordanian man called off the marriage when his bride danced to the song, according to News18.


Only economists, warmongering neo-cons, chief medical officers and weathermen can be wrong >50% of the time and not lose their jobs

The only BOOM! is the implosion of the economy…

Come the reaction, anyone who makes untrue forecasts must lose their head – just like in olden times! 😉




Irrelevant boomer liberal Canadian musician whines about Joe Rogan, takes his ball and goes home from Spotify in a pissy sissy hissy fit

Ha! 🙂

Hey, I like many Neil Young songs, have linked them here, but… shut up, whiner!



The globo sanitary dictatorship is child abuse


Them crafty white rayciss posing as othaz!

Since she’s blonde, she’s really white at heart, they’ll say…

Jacinda puts on the red light


Jenny and Dr. ‘Science’: Freudian slips?