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To be fair, it IS a private jet. BUT it’s still hypocritical…

To ‘conservatives’ like her, ‘freedom’ is just a slogan, it has no actual meaning, hence easily discarded

Hence why ‘conservative’ should be not used by patriotic rightists – be reactionary, instead – since it, too, has lost its meaning…


Normies will go along with whatever they’re told; Alphabetis will not; hence the difference


Back in the U.S.S.A.


A good reason


I can’t condone theft, but I love that this huckster grifter Churchian ‘preacher’ was parted from his Mega-bling


C’mon, EU; break up, already!


Why isn’t ‘crutch-fighting’ a ‘sport’?

I find this more amusing than anything. I wanna see more ‘crutch fights’! 😉

Power tripping


End the Swiss menace now, Germany, France and Italy! Divide it between you…