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Oz’s lib neo-cons endorse Alphabetism


A decade ago, Aussie commenters here told me Australia would never stop being more socially conservative, insulated from the trends plaguing North America, Europe.



Virginia elementary school to host ‘After School Satan Club’

Virginia elementary school to host ‘After School Satan Club’ | Fox News

Guess Youngkin is ok with this…

Guess any wicked parents still not homeschooling / Christian-schooling / private schooling their kids are, too…


Hey, Canadian Forces personnel: this is what Veterans Affairs Canada thinks of your service; this is their level of gratitude, their compassion, and their sensitivity




Why women love that Hallmarxist Christmas movie crap


Birds of a feather, flock together


Too bad they aren’t actually put in that way…


PP: grооm and teach about оffing оffspring early


Marc Steyn on Albanian takeover of Albion


The question is why?

In this case, they aren’t wrong, hypocrisy vis-a-vis the freedom convoy notwithstanding.

But why anti-Beijing; why now?