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Tucker on Brandon admin prosecution of Ricky Vaughn


Police in England needn’t know English

(Hat tip: OK):


No surprise: Russia freer than AirStripOne


And none do now, so it will continue until then


Can’t blame it for gaming the system



If you destroy a child’s life, your own be forfeit…


If we’d implement both… Would be a good start…
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No; no single people and only straight married couples should be allowed to adopt

Chick reacts wrongly to the insane story below:


No single people should be able to adopt; a child needs both parents, a mom and a dad.

And thus, only a couple that would give a child a mom and a dad, i.e. a married straight one, should be able to adopt.

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Outrageous but unsurprising: Canadian judge tosses case against guards who killed a woman for not wearing a mask



Rosie the Riveter refused to return home


Ecuadorian man takes drastic action for his kids

Honk, honk!