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The Law of Unintended Consequences strikes yet again!


“IOW, WaPo op desk”



Peer Review & The Continuous Formation Of The Expertocracy

Great piece by Bill Briggs:


Grifters gonna grift


Europe is screwed


Real Canadians dislike both (as do our external friends)

RWS’ criticisms of PP are spot on, but CF also sucks, equally.

Disband the Deep State; or the United States…


Neo-con Utah pol embraces Wokeism on Alphabetis

Exactly, Nim! GOPTodd shows the bankruptcy of ‘conservatism’.

Be reactionary, don’t be conservative.

Once again, we see that far from being ‘based’ and principled, Utah’s political leaders embrace the zeitgeist.


These are the same folks who said Trump would start a nuke war with the Norks or Iranians; projection.txt


As if we needed yet another reason not to send our kids to public schools