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Argies set aside 1% of govt jobs for T-people


Swatting over a Twitter handle…

The real outrage is that it’s possible to do this, i.e. sicc the cops on someone under false pretenses.

Arkansas ban on “gender affirming” (i.e., puberty blocking, etc.) “healthcare” blocked by federal court

Mitch threatens unvaxt with lockdown spectre

Figures. Typical. Beyond useless. Jab him 1000x! 😉

How to kill an anthill

– 2011 “New Yorker” cartoon by Zachary Kanin

Aux armes, citoyens – encore!


Just letting them in


“It’s JUST for Two Weeks!”


Tucker Carlson w/ Update On Biden Admin Using U.S. Military To Transport Illegal Aliens Throughout America

They are doing nothing, of course…