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Occam’s Razor, bro: the simplest explanation usually is the best one (however horrific it may be to contemplate, normie)


Then they came for our grills


Yeah but it’s different when we do it


Russia so rich, they’re funding the NRA to fuel mass shootings, claims this twit


Feds, all the way down? Always has been…


The downside of diversity, as recognized in 2007 by the Gray Lady


Bexte may not be entirely disinterested, since he was the one assaulted, but he’s spot on nevertheless in his trenchant observation

This fake-woman was that guy a few years back who wanted female grooming parlours to shave his balls, and tried to claim his own rights were violated when they didn’t want to touch his equipment; IIRC, he tried to legally threaten them. He’s been in much trouble with the law over the years, but he keeps getting kid glove treatment, because he says he’s a she.


Unjabbed Ukes can fly over here; unjabbed Canucks can’t fly anywhere here

Putin, hurry up and take over their whole country and don’t let them out! 😉


This is not America, Princess Rockstar!

Why? We already have strict gun control here, and we never have U.S.-style school shootings or for that matter many other mass shootings, period; incidences up here are extremely few and far between…

But, JT never saw an opportunity to expand gov’t reach and control of which he didn’t try to take advantage!


Go back home, jake

Why don’t you return back to your island home if you hate our country and way of life so much, gibsmedat?