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Scale, and SCALE

A handy acronym and concept:

SCALE goes hand in hand with scale…


What NATO exists for today…

Long past time to shut NATO down…


Silver lining


Annoying amber alerts

Not for the first time, I recently received an annoying amber phone alert from a far-away (from where I am, though I did previously live there) part of Ontario:

How likely is the apparent kidnapper going to bring her child this way? (Highly unlikely.)

Why do I have to get enlisted in their efforts to locate? Don’t we have cameras already everywhere, anyway? Why not use existing resources rather than send alerts to everyone in the entire province?

Do your paid job, law enforcement officials, and stop accosting me as I go about my business with unnecessary alerts; I expect those to be reserved for situations like tornadoes, etc. Or perhaps if a dangerous-to-the-public-at-large criminal has been observed passing through my part of the province, but not otherwise.

Alerts should be for localized matters of general concern, not for some random domestic dispute in a faraway region. Not everything is an emergency for everyone, even if it feels like one to a parent of a missing child.


Ordinary Canadians might interfere in Canadian election

{sarcasm} Heaven forbid! {/sarcasm}


Monstrously, Nova Scotia introduces presumed organ donation consent upon death, unless one opts out

Your dead body belongs to the Province, Nova Scotians:

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil tabled legislation that will make the province the first jurisdiction in North America to have presumed consent for organ and tissue donation.

People will be able to opt out of donating their organs, but the onus will be on them to do so once the bill is proclaimed. The bill would not apply to people younger than 19 or those who do not have the ability to consent for themselves.


The idea for presumed consent started gaining traction almost 15 years ago, he said. Several other countries, including Belgium and Spain, already use the system.

This is monstrous.

It’s backwards. Your body should be presumed to be yours, unless you specifically consent to organ donation.

I would expect this in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, or present-day commie China and North Korea.

It has no place in an ostensible liberal democracy like Canada.


Sex-bots could CRUSH human limbs ‘and spy on you for the government’ as fears grow over rogue robot lovers

The Sun warns… (NSFW)

Or they could just spy on you for Silicon Valley – for Google / Amazon / etc. and THEN report you to the government, or be used to assassinate you if you’re deemed an enemy of the State.

Hey, why do you think the company that makes RealDolls is called Abyss Creations?

From the Abyss, indeed… (Remember what Nietzsche said, that when you gaze into the Abyss, the Abyss gazes into you! 😉 )