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Woman facing jail time for two overdue library books

This doesn’t happen in a healthy, functioning society. Only in a late-stage, decadent anarcho-tyranny…

Who hasn’t returned something late?

A Michigan woman says she thought she’d simply pay a fine for the two overdue library books that she had forgotten about — until she found out about the warrant for her arrest.

Now Melinda Sanders is waiting to find out if she’ll be spending time in jail for her tardiness, in an unusual criminal case playing out in Charlotte, Mich.

The mother of five was recently arrested and charged with failure to return rental property in connection with the two outstanding books, which she ultimately brought back earlier this year. The crime carries a maximum penalty of 93 days jail and a $500 fine.


Sanders says she borrowed the books in 2017 and completely forgot about them. She didn’t realize she had them until earlier this year, when the Charlotte Community Library refused to let her print something because of the outstanding loans.

She says she found the books on her son’s shelf at home, dropped them off at the library and expected to see a bill for her late fees.

“I assumed that they had sent it to collections, and that I would see it on my report,” she said. “I had no idea that criminal charges were going to be pressed.”

Sanders says she didn’t hear anything more about the case until recently, when her boss ran a background check on her before giving her a promotion. The background check turned up an arrest warrant related to the books.

Her boss told her about the warrant while she was driving.

“I had to pull over because I started laughing, and he was like ‘No, I’m serious,’” she said. “I was like, ‘There’s no way.’”


This sort of thing is why people, especially those from other countries more known for being tyrannical than Western ones, get taken in by scam artists pretending to be Revenue Canada, claiming that thousands of dollars are owed the tax agency, and that one will go to jail unless one goes to a bank account immediately and transfers money. Most of us laugh off such obvious scams, but those who’ve lived in China or other totalitarian-government countries are seriously afraid of governments.

Things like what happened to this woman are reasons why we should all be wary…


Andrew Yang is a SoCred, Part II

Previously, I told you Andrew Yang is a SoCred.

That was in reference to his economic policy, which reminds me of the distributist economic system Social Credit (read the links in that post).

And I said this isn’t to be confused with the Chinese system of what it calls Social Credit (again, see the links).

Well, now:

So, Andrew Yang is not only a SoCred in the original British and Canadian sense of the term, but also in the new Chinese sense of the term.

I’ve said he’s a ChiCom.

He clearly believes in social, political and economic control of the citizenry by the State and Woke Capital.


True in both cases

As with progs, so with neo-cons:

Reactionary response to D’Souza spot on:


Churchian woman public school teacher supports woke/SJW censorship of unPC old books

Rod Dreher actually has a good post about this, here, and a related second post here.

Please don’t send your children to publicly-funded state indoctrination centres.


The Cancel Comedy Culture Wars


Commie Yang refuses to say Americans won’t be forced to drive electric cars

Hey, black-pilled YangGangers, here’s your boy:

Sure he’s not a PRC agent? 😉


Vichycons and Mass Shootings

Excellent essay.

I only wish sensible moderates would read it…