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Zero diff between ConInc and prog wymyns in thotness


How quickly Iran is transforming!


Ireland has fallen; too bad this Вrаѕіlеіrа slore didn’t



Deny them, brothers. Deny them your essence, and not only.

Make them marry you before you put out. It’s God’s law, anyway.


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Grifters gonna grift


They let her play Pres. Madison’s crystal flute…

Type of wymynz who be Lizzo fans…


Hey, toots, your generation popularized ‘ghosting’, so just suck it up, cottagecheesethighsandface


23 September, 2022

I’m sorry for the bride but this looks like a Lizzo convention.

  • theenemyontheleft 23 September, 2022 Donut city

(WS: They mentioned dancing to Lizzo, so it was exactly that!)


9 hours ago

The caterer informed the groom that the meat for the main course would not be available, and he put two and two together and ran for his life. Omar the tent maker made a killing on this wedding. I know one thing whoever built those stairs for the bride and bridesmaid photo knows how to build strong. That is more weight than a 63 Pontiac Bonneville.

Congratulations NewOrleans!

7 hours ago

Luckily he did leave because looking at the bride and her bridesmaids it was only a matter of time before they ate him.


11 hours ago

Looks like they are having a ton of fun in the one picture…

Steven 7 hours ago 20 tons.

Divided States of America

7 hours ago

It’s a heavy loss. I am sure the guy lost about 200lbs with his decision . It would’ve been a “roll” to the altar. The honeymoon was to be glazed on a ham. Thank you, thank you..I’ll be here all week

Guy dodges a really really really big bullet.

This chick and her bridesmaids are all revolting sows.

The fact they went on with the ceremony and party means Bridezilla narcissist, off the charts.

Sorry, not sorry.

No sympathy for a Lizzo fan left at the altar.

She deserved it. All disgusting humungous Bridezilla slores do.

Also, she was a Taffy. 😉

Tom Junior

10 hours ago

I always wondered why it was called Wales. Now I know.


Come the reaction, we bring back every kind of shaming and ridicule, to reinforce social norms.

Look what happens when they’re all gone…

Ya gotta be cruel to be kind (in the right measure)! 🙂


Stupid or a liar? I don’t buy it.

If you had a miscarriage, how did you find out you had been late by 8 days?

Stupid / liar; glad God took her genetic lineage away from her, at least this time, if she’s even telling the truth and not simply making shit up. Imagine suffering such and thinking, “Hey, I’ll do a long Twitter thread about this!”, first thing…

Now THAT makes sense.

No need to wonder


Talk about entitlement mentality