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The new feminazi party line: denying women abortion is committing violence against them

So sayeth Canada’s Status of Women Minister Maryam Monsef (the prog Muslim woman and Trudeau Liberal cabinet minister who was not completely honest about where she was born, and when she found that out):


Of course, being feminazis, they don’t care about violence against unborn girls…

(BTW, since when the hell did PP ostensibly start caring about women ‘coerced into’ abortion? They usually leave blaming men FOR abortion to their feminist sisters on the so-con and evanjellyfish side…)


More on the ho the captain couldn’t save without losing his own life in the process

i.e. the ‘ripper in this sad tale.

Unsurprisingly, the would-be hero was a customer of hers, who told her he loved her ‘as a friend’.

Stupid is, as stupid does.

She was stupid, and her would-be saviour was stupid, and now he’s dead.

Don’t be like him.


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Captain Save-A-Ho dies, for his trouble

“I’ll save you, fair maiden!”

Here’s something about the character and brains of this peeler:

There are fates even worse than being friend-zoned

Hopefully this will be a lesson to Blue Pill beta chumps, everywhere.


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And they expect to be taken seriously…

lbntz ls



Another Hippocratic hypocrite

The original Hippocratic Oath enjoins doctors not to do any harm, including not performing abortions or euthanasia.

Of course, the modern version dispenses with that…

Yet it still says ‘I must not play at God’.

But a modern female surgeon openly advocates murderous violence against people she doesn’t like (white supremacists) on Twitter, and apparently experiences no cognitive dissonance…

I hope she gets called out on it by her peers and/or superiors, but I ain’t holding my breath…


‘Mansplaining hotline’ in Sweden

Oh, those Swedes

The purpose of the line, a Unionen representative told The Independent, is “putting your finger on the small everyday problems which become large when they stack up.” The organization views mansplaining as any situation when “a man explains something to a woman without being asked, particularly something which she might already know more about than the man.”

Hey, fellow men: don’t explain anything to a woman you work with unless you get along well with and trust her; let her figure stuff out her own damned self, unless you’re asked to explain by your superiors.

That way, you don’t get in shit, and they’re left as ignorant and useless as they are.


Calais and the destruction of Western womanhood

for our rulers, sexual abuse of Western women by Muslims is a feature, not a bug.”

Welcome to the Jungle:

Traditionally, an important step in the subjugation of a nation has been the seduction and rape of its women, and the resulting humiliation and demoralization of their men. We see a modern example of that classic model in the behavior of ISIS in its conquered territories, where its warriors openly take the women of defeated enemies as their sex slaves. Another was 70 years ago: the Soviet mass rape of German women at the end of World War II.

Our own conquerors, however, are a little more subtle. They are not a foreign army; they are our own ruling elites. And instead of using force, they have used indoctrination to persuade Western women to collaborate in their own debasement. I need hardly give examples: the evidence is all around you in the popular culture.

Even so, it was a bit of a shock to learn that female “charity volunteers” are going from Britain over to Calais to copulate with the Muslim invaders camped out in the “refugee jungles” there.


Meanwhile, in Britain, a bunch of Somalis are on trial in yet another case of Muslims sexually abusing underage English girls. And the travails of German and Swedish women and children terrorized and raped by Muslim immigrants are also well known, as is the indifference of their rulers to their suffering. Given that this has become a cliché, it seems clear that coitus with swarthy half-wild foreigners in a squalid camp is often some kind of rape-fantasy fulfillment for depraved Western women — which nowadays means most Western women.