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Y’all who say “we’re tired, y’all”, go lie down, permanently

It’s such an obvious ploy, y’all I’m so tired of it.


Deutsche Nationale Kamelhuf Fräuleinschaft


Stunning and brave


Chesterton warned the madness of tomorrow would be much more in Manhattan than Moscow


How to make simple math hard

Homeschool / private school / church school your kids…

It’s just virtue-signalling


Tories and pigs gang up on Rebel News reporter


Magical thinking


Your whoring with that gangsta cost your daddy his life, you little whore

Girls’ following their ‘tingles’ sometimes are the death of them or those around them…

(And yes, I know the guy was pursuing her, but he obviously knew her beforehand, probably from a party…)


Prog ‘Christians’ (i.e. not) always lie about this: the Holy Family were NOT refugees, ‘Rev. Karen’!


If someone was wanted by the authorities in Ontario (whether rightly or wrongly) and fled to Quebec, they wouldn’t be considered a refugee; if someone was wanted by the authorities in New York (whether rightly or wrongly) and fled to Vermont, they wouldn’t be considered a refugee.

It was all the Roman Empire, from Judea to Egypt.

They were not refugees in any sense of the word.

BTW, Karen, you are no Reverend; there is no Scriptural nor early church tradition warrant for ordaining women as ministers. Ergo, you have no spiritual authority, therefore there is no reason to listen to a thing you have to say on Christian doctrine, theology, how they intersect with this world and life, etc. Shut the fuck up.

But I think I will dub every lecturing, hectoring prog woman ‘minister’ now as ‘Rev. Karen’, so thanks for giving me the idea. 😉