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Know the Work Rules


Either accusers should lose anonymity or the accused should also have it (unless/until convicted)



Anti-Brown accusations timing way too convenient

Ontario Progressive Conservative Party leader Patrick Brown has announced his resignation in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct brought forward in the press yesterday which he denies, but which he feels compromise his ability to lead the party into the upcoming election.

These allegations have arisen at a time when, despite being a leader known for flip-flopping on various social and political issues, and for ethnic pandering (he spent most of December in India, touring holy sites and documenting it all for Twitter), he had nevertheless taken a lead in the polls, not so much because he’s any good but because Premier Wynne is so massively unpopular.

How convenient.

I call shenanigans.

Obvious bullshit is obvious.


Look, Patrick Brown is one of those political uber-nerd bachelors, an asexual type, for whom politics is everything, like Jason Kenney in Alberta, or that Evan McMullin in Utah. Possibly gay; possibly just more interested in politics and too busy with it for any kind of relationship with a woman.

Alas, they picked the perfect mark, a man so gutless he won’t stay on and fight.

And how does federal Cuckservative leader / gutless quisling Andrew Scheer respond to these allegations?

The same way he did with the hijab hoax: by following the Narrative party line:


There’s a reason I haven’t voted federally since 2000, and not much provincially, either.

Anyway, I suppose the silver lining in this is that Ontario’s Tories have the opportunity to pick a better leader.

But they’re unlikely to; they haven’t had a winning one since Mike Harris, nor a good one since Bill Davis.


“Gender-based snow removal”


Now the CBC and CTV have removed the lying girl’s name from their stories revealing that she lied

The State:

The private but converged Corporate:

It’s funny that they think they can memory-hole the name of the girl Khawlah Noman and her mother Saina Samad.

Not in the internet area, MSM.


The supposed hijab-cutting incident was #FAKENEWS, of course

So, will PM Trudeau, Premier Wynne, Mayor Tory, and Cuckservative leader Scheer apologize for pouncing on a fake ‘hate crime’ as an opportunity to lecture Canadians about racism?

Will they even acknowledge what the media has been forced to admit, that it was all made up?

Will they have the lying little Muslim girl charged with making false accusations of a crime?

Rhetorical questions, since I know full well the progs’ evil and the cucks’ gutless enabling thereof.


United Airlines enjoys negative publicity, alienating its customers


Dem Takes First Class Seat From Passenger
Sheila Jackson Lee More Equal Than The Rest Of Us Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Incredible… Yet not really unbelievable; Big Business in cahoots with the Deep State doesn’t really surprise…

And naturally, the black liberal Democrat woman played the race card when exposed…