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German men, like Swedes, sit to pee

(Click on the tweet to see the whole graphic of the book cover; it’s real, you can look it up.)

I knew about Swedes, but Germans, too?

Some ‘master race’…


Βrіt fіsh stіcks company replaces gruff bearded sea captaіn mascot with cute young Міllеnnіаl wоmаn

But why isn’t she a Мuslіm bіsеxuаl trаnswоmаn of cоlоur, in a wheelchair? 😉

C’mon, Wоkе frozen fish company; you can identity-politics pander a lot harder than that! 😉



If you were wondering how they were getting their funding…

… this is part of the equation:


Disloyal, unsurprisingly


Conservative Inc. hypergamy


Stupid and evil hate-filled bigot

She’s Sudanese in background; I’m sure she could move there if she thinks it would be better…

Wish she would…


A Christian doesn’t attend non-Christian religious services of the faith he/she ostensibly converted away from, nor is he/she indifferent on the matter of whether his/her parents convert to the true faith

Therefore Nikki Haley is clearly not a Christian:

Haley converted to Christianity in 1997.[171] She and her husband regularly attend the United Methodist Church. She also attends Sikh services once or twice a year.[171] She visited the Harmandir Sahib with her husband in 2014 during her visit to India. During a Christianity Today interview, when asked whether or not she hopes her parents convert to Christianity, Haley responded, “What I hope is that my parents do what’s right for them.”[172]

Christianity permits no other gods or faiths; God is exclusionary; He tolerates no rivals, and demands one’s all.

If you are a syncretist, you are not a Christian.

If you don’t want non-believers to convert but instead to simply do ‘what’s right for them’, you are a relativist, and therefore not a Christian.

That anyone is fooled by Haley is just proof how stupid so many people are…


Boiling ramen noodles a weapon in vicious feud between B.C. high school girls

Social media snark and ‘bro fights’ provide backdrop for criminal confrontation in girls’ washroom

Girls fighting are ‘bro fights’?

In a girl’s washroom in a British Columbia high school in December 2018, two students faced off.

Both clutched the cell phones which had served to escalate a war between two rival factions of teenage girls in the months leading up to this chance meeting.

But at the end of the confrontation, it was another unlikely object that a provincial court judge would declare a weapon: a boiling hot bowl of ramen noodles that one of the girls — a 14-year-old Grade 9 student named SH — hurled into the chest of the 15-year-old victim.

The details are spelled out in a youth court judgment that provides a vivid window into teen violence, the insidious power of social media to stoke and fuel resentments, and the efforts of high school administrators to address behaviour they’re largely powerless to police.

And in trying to apply the law to the complex facts underlying a teenaged feud, Judge Judith Doulis was also asked to consider whether the accused had acted in self-defence as she claimed, as a zombie-like automaton, powerless to control or remember her actions.

SH was convicted of assault and assault with a weapon last week in a B.C. provincial court for an attack that left the victim — MVT — in need of skin grafts after suffering second and third-degree burns.

Social media was designed to drive young women crazy, Kevin Michael Grace always says…


What do you mean, “THE culture”?

Hey McDonald’s, are you so stupid that you think promoting veganism like this business helps your business?

Hey vegan woman, are you so unprincipled that you’ll partner with THE biggest burger chain?

And what do you mean by “THE culture”?

I guess that of others doesn’t count, does it.

We all know that the logical implication of emphasizing that certain lives matter, is that others don’t.

Thanks for clarifying.

P.S. As a counterpart to your Pledge of Black Allegiance, I’m starting the Pledge of White Allegiance, to get as many people as possible to commit to shopping White.

Don’t like that?

What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander…


Sure and we wuz kangz n shite


The legend was that St. Patrick droves the snakes out of Ireland (meaning he drove paganism out, but also works as an alternative, mythical explanation why there are no snakes), not that He drove Africans out, lol.

So, Afrocentrists claimed (and presumably Hoteps still claim) the ancient Egyptians were Africans; Miss O’Keke here claims the Hibernians were; what’s next?

Were the original inhabitants of China Africans, too?