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Never marry a woman of a more liberal strain within your tradition; watch out for those that do end up in your fold because of foolish brethren

(Note: this post mostly applies to Protestants, IMO, but perhaps there may be analogues within other Christian traditions, I don’t know.)

Something I’ve observed a number of brothers falling prey to: marrying a woman not from their own particular denomination, but from a more liberal one from the same tradition.

For instance, a brother from, say, the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, meeting a nice fellow Lutheran girl, but one from within the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, deciding to pursue a relationship with her. (Or, to use a Canadian equivalent, a brother from the Lutheran Church – Canada, pursuing a Lutheran gal from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.)

After all, she’s a fellow Lutheran, right? As long as she’s not like some tattooed slut priestess like Nadia Bolz-Weber, surely, it doesn’t matter, right?


It always matters.

Might as well be unequally yoked, frankly.

Because unless she converted to your more confessional, conservative, traditionalist Protestant denomination of the same tradition as her own, prior to meeting you, she’s only doing it so she can be with you.

Which means she brings all her baggage with her – all her more progressive, anti-traditionalist POV with her, into your flock.

That makes her a Trojan horse. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

And she’s hardly likely to be particularly submissive and deferential, compliant towards you.

Don’t do it.

And keep on your guard against such women brought into your fold by foolish brethren.

Don’t trust them unless they appear to have had a full change of heart and mind.

Which they won’t have.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

They’ll push their husband and your denomination in a more progressive direction.

Keep your eyes on them, always. Watch for promotion of heretical ideologies, or a push for more ‘peace’ rather than conflict against heresy / societal promotion of prog ideals / policies.


Interesting thread re: online dating and its impact

(For ease of reading, I’ve only included the first tweet itself; I’ve simply copied all the rest of the thread save the last tweet which was absurd.)


A modest proposal?

Somebody’s surely read Swift, but doesn’t get satire…


St. Greta


Now they’re pushing sexagenarian ‘new’ models upon us, and celebrating them

BBC gushes over Scot woman who starts modelling career at 60:

Gillean McLeod only had her first professional photos taken when she was in her early 50s and her career as a model did not take off until a swimsuit shoot at the age of 60.
The photo for an H&M campaign shows Gillean in a simple black swimsuit, wearing no make-up and with her long white hair hanging down naturally.
When the clothes retailer posted the image on Instagram it quickly went viral, attracting hundreds of thousands of likes.

Yeah, but not by young straight men, I’m sure!


Churchian woman public school teacher supports woke/SJW censorship of unPC old books

Rod Dreher actually has a good post about this, here, and a related second post here.

Please don’t send your children to publicly-funded state indoctrination centres.


Combat ready?