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Dodged a bullet, son!


Oh look, the Heard-Depp trial is apparently all about Them!

I hadn’t considered that, but now I will. 😉

Oldie but goodie, that. 😉

Cardinal Whoopi


Taking control of their own exploitation, or something

“F*ck ourselves, yeah!”

Fembots mad too many people believe Depp


False gospel

There will be weeping, and gnashing of teeth!

Another selfish young mother


Wife confesses in advice column to riding the cock carousel, hence why bored with sex with her hubby

Well, I know why my libido has really waned. But I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to explain it, or even to work through it myself. When we first started dating, I was in what I call my “sexual awakening” period—I began having sex at a relatively later age than most of my peers, so I racked up a number of sexual partners in a short period of time. And during this time, I came to associate sex almost exclusively with being desired and associating that with a kind of (ill-placed) validation and affirming of self-worth. Once I entered into my first real loving relationship with my now-husband, I didn’t need the sex anymore to validate his interest in me or my worth as a sexual being. In effect, I never translated my association with sex as a form of validation to sex as an expression of love.

* (Hat tip: Electric Angel)

It’s sad to read this. She’s literally confessing to riding the carousel and now she’s bored.

– Electric Angel

Sad, indeed.


MSM chix be dumb; throw rocks at ’em


Girls pressuring girl to join them in erasing girls

Honk, honk!