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Bribing people to take the WuFlu vaccine with free weed


They are imperialist totalitarians, too


Grit, Tory; same story


Country Pride


They can’t even agree on the Narrative


Make that error, dumb imperialists


Compromised cucked Churchian

(T.A. was referring to this ‘picture of health’.)

T.A. is in the proggy tradition of this guy and his modern-day heirs.


“Gender-neutral card deck”

Up next: “gender neutral chess board”! 😉


Picture of health?


This commie twerker beyotch is actually entirely in keeping with his evil spirit

Wrong take:

No; he was a plagiarist, a serial adulterer, a Marxist, and not an orthodox Christian.

That commie twerker above with zero morals is appalling – just as he was.

One should be appalled at her actions for themselves, not in whose name she did them.