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With a ring at the end of ‘their’ nose

That’s not a real, all-functioning-parts-born-with woman, and not ‘of colour’.

Yet ‘they’ are only getting crap for one of those false claims.

I don’t blame anyone who pokes fun at those striving to destroy our civilization.


How about that: Netflix star charged for child porn


That’s how progs have defended ‘Cuties‘, of course.


Hey, they already know how to work a caste system; they’ve adapted to the new one in their new home

(It’s the same bullshit up here. We have to suffer through our own intolerable Brahmin beyotches like this one hectoring us on how to ostensibly be better Canadians, as if she had anything to teach us.)


‘Rасіѕm’ рlаndеmіс


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Welp, now we know




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Dementocrat Joe


Bernie Bros were, are, and forever will be losers


Making the world safe for globalism


Green = Socialist: same presidential and vice-presidential candidates for 2020!

From TLD:

Posted September 10, 2020.

Ronn Neff: Green Party update: The GP’s candidate for president this year is Howie Hawkins. His running mate is Angela Nicole Walker.

Hawkins and Walker are also the candidates for the same positions from the Socialist Party USA.

Any questions? Ω

He’s right: see here and here.