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Liberals set to win a minority government

Better than them winning an outright majority again, I suppose; that wasn’t gonna happen.

But still.

Brief commentary on the results?

What I said last time.

(I directed y’all to Gerry last time; I’m sure he’ll again have an excellent, deeper dissection of this mess of an election, tomorrow or the next day…)

Okay, maybe I’ll offer a little more commentary this time, some initial thoughts, but still, once again:


Max Bernier isn’t even going to keep his seat, let along his party winning any others, it appears. Not even Ford Nation’s cachet could help Renata Ford, Doug Ford’s widow, take Etobicoke North.

Given the general short lifespan of third parties in this country after a poor showing after their first election, that’s probably going to be it for the PPC. I’d love to be proven wrong, but I doubt I will be. They didn’t even manage the 3% they were ostensibly polling at, getting only half that, it appears. They’re done.

Trudeau is a drama teacher – he’s not very good at acting, though he loves to play dress-up; he’ll pretend to be humbled and contrite, then go back to misgoverning as the last four years…

The main difference between this parliament and the last one, is the death of the NDP in Quebec, and the re-rise of the Bloq Quebecois, reborn not as sovereignist but more cultural nationalist.

That is good news, from a reactionary perspective; good for Quebec.

Too bad they won’t run outside of Quebec. 😉

Anyway, nothing much will change with this election. I’m sure the Liberals will coast along with their minority government since the opposition is quite divided.

Scheer will keep on being the shitty leader of the shitty Tories; he will take his party’s slight gains as a vindication of his leadership, even though any decent leader would have been able to capitalize on Trudeau’s shittiness and win. But then the Tory role in the game is to lose; that’s what they really want. Like Republicans before Trump / Never Trump Republicans. Damn them.

Jagmeet Singh will keep on being the shitty leader of the shitty NDP; despite his drubbing in Quebec, his holding onto his leadership seat will allow him to weather any storm, I’m sure.

The slight increase of the Greens may make them marginally more attractive next time, but probably not by much.

So nothing much will change, really.


I voted today, in this federal election; my first time voting in a federal election in 19 years.

Because at least I had an option I could believe in.

Which failed miserably.

Who knows when I will next bother to vote again federally. If ever.

“Put not your trust in princes…”


Fauxcahontas 2.0 (dot, not feather)

Heh. (She actually spent her high school years in Westmount, Montreal’s wealthiest Anglo enclave; she’s scarcely American, more a rootless cosmopolitan globalist.)


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Putting the ‘men’ in ‘menstruation’?


Never marry a woman of a more liberal strain within your tradition; watch out for those that do end up in your fold because of foolish brethren

(Note: this post mostly applies to Protestants, IMO, but perhaps there may be analogues within other Christian traditions, I don’t know.)

Something I’ve observed a number of brothers falling prey to: marrying a woman not from their own particular denomination, but from a more liberal one from the same tradition.

For instance, a brother from, say, the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, meeting a nice fellow Lutheran girl, but one from within the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, deciding to pursue a relationship with her. (Or, to use a Canadian equivalent, a brother from the Lutheran Church – Canada, pursuing a Lutheran gal from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.)

After all, she’s a fellow Lutheran, right? As long as she’s not like some tattooed slut priestess like Nadia Bolz-Weber, surely, it doesn’t matter, right?


It always matters.

Might as well be unequally yoked, frankly.

Because unless she converted to your more confessional, conservative, traditionalist Protestant denomination of the same tradition as her own, prior to meeting you, she’s only doing it so she can be with you.

Which means she brings all her baggage with her – all her more progressive, anti-traditionalist POV with her, into your flock.

That makes her a Trojan horse. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

And she’s hardly likely to be particularly submissive and deferential, compliant towards you.

Don’t do it.

And keep on your guard against such women brought into your fold by foolish brethren.

Don’t trust them unless they appear to have had a full change of heart and mind.

Which they won’t have.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

They’ll push their husband and your denomination in a more progressive direction.

Keep your eyes on them, always. Watch for promotion of heretical ideologies, or a push for more ‘peace’ rather than conflict against heresy / societal promotion of prog ideals / policies.


Kinsella firm hired to ‘seek and destroy’ Bernier’s People’s Party, documents show


Kinsella was a Liberal hack from way back, though now he seems to have it in for the Grits.

And is working with the Tories, apparently:

Warren Kinsella and his Daisy Group consulting firm worked on a secret campaign to “seek and destroy” the fledgling People’s Party of Canada and keep Maxime Bernier out of the national leaders’ debates, The Globe and Mail has learned.
Internal Daisy Group records obtained by The Globe show a team of Daisy Group employees worked on a plan called “Project Cactus” that focused on portraying People’s Party supporters as racist.
The records make several references to a “client” for the project, including sending a bill for payment, but the client’s identity is not revealed in the documents.
A source with direct knowledge of the project said the client listed in the documents is the Conservative Party of Canada. The Globe is keeping the source’s name confidential because they were not authorized to discuss the matter.
Neither the Conservative Party nor Mr. Kinsella would confirm or deny that they are – or have been – working together.
“We do not comment on what vendors or suppliers we may or may not do business with,” said Conservative spokesperson Simon Jefferies.


Liberal, Tory; same old story…

Bernier responds:


NBA, China



GQ mag goes Gender Queer

I never liked GQ much anyway; I always found it foppish, dandyish, metrosexual.

But now they’ve gotten worse, apparently. (Haven’t looked at one for years.)

I understand similar has happened to Esquire, haven’t looked at it for years, either.

Magazines don’t make one a man, anyway.