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German men, like Swedes, sit to pee

(Click on the tweet to see the whole graphic of the book cover; it’s real, you can look it up.)

I knew about Swedes, but Germans, too?

Some ‘master race’…


Fuck sportspuck, like sportsball and sportscar

Some of us Canucks don’t give a fuck about hockey, WokeSports…


Posers gonna pose; grifters gonna grift


They always double down


No more ‘Fighting Irish’; are ‘Lucky Charms’ next?

#WeeFolkLivesMatter! 😉


Latvians build idol to their new goddess, the Masked Essential Nurse Worker

Kween Karen says, “You wear your masks, too; remember, we’re all in this together!” 😉


One can’t ‘own’ them; one can only fight them


Yes, and stop misspelling ‘fаsсіst’, too

Yes, because the Antіfа are соmmіеs, just as Stаlіn was.


Commiefornians going back under lockdown

So, Governor Gavin, gonna increase taxes for Hollywood and Silicon Valley to bankroll your re-killed economy?

Go for it! 😉


Are the Woke targeting capeshit now?

Oh please, let this become a thing! 🙂

Oh crap. I forgot the Black Panther and Wakanda. Well, there goes Time’s trial balloon…

Too bad; I would love to see capeshit ‘cancelled’.

Hey, let’s put the word out: the real reason Wakanda got rich is because they sold slaves to Europeans! 😉

Of course, knowing the Woke, instead of cancelling superheroes, they’ll just start championing supervillains.

Until, of course, someone reminds them of that dastardly Deplorable supervillain they all hate: the Joker.