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Asians in my community wearing face masks / covering faces

On public transportation this morning, I noticed several Asian young women wearing surgical-style masks, and one with her coat pulled up over the bottom of her face.

What do they know that we don’t, about the coronavirus outbreak?

Just wonderin’.


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Why no flight bans / quarantines in North America?


Climate jihad


Great police work

From Airstrip One:

Hey, did they just assume their genders? 😉




Instant karma, like Lennon said

Not that I believe in such, mind you, and yet…


Canadian veterans of People’s Liberation Army form association, sing of China’s martial glory

Not being assimilated in Canadian society in the least…

Dressed in the uniform of China’s People’s Liberation Army, the 40 or so singers stood proudly in neat rows and belted out an old favourite.

I am a Soldier talks of defeating the Japanese, vanquishing Nationalist leader Chiang Kai Shek in the Communist revolution and being tested by the revolutionary war. The performance “brought forth a whirlwind of Chinese military spirit in a foreign land,” said a report on the concert.

The recital earlier this month at the Centre for the Performing Arts in Richmond Hill, Ont., was not offered by a visiting martial choir from Beijing.

It was the work of a surprising new Canadian association, dedicated to retired troops of the China’s People’s Liberation Army or PLA — China’s armed forces — who are now settled in this country.

Canadians must support this, because only 1.7% voted for the one party, the PPC, that might have started the process to deal with the (as VDARE calls it) the National Question, i.e. what ought to be the most important question in politics: will we continue to be / have a country; will we remain us, ourselves?

I hope that what happened to Don Cherry, and now this, motivate more Canadians to turn reactionary and immigration-restrictionist.

Let’s pray that it be so…