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They keep trying to make ‘Italianx’ a thing

Listen, Ms. / Mx Chino / China / Chinx… You don’t want the wrath of the ‘Amici’ upon your Woke ‘AAPI’ ass! Why, look how angry Mr. Iannazzo got! Like Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk, you wouldn’t like them when they’re angry!

This is not a thing, but they keep trying to make it one…


The wages of diversity, part X


Them crafty white rayciss posing as othaz!

Since she’s blonde, she’s really white at heart, they’ll say…

Jagmeet Singh: Canada’s socialist party’s leader; his wifey: corporate shill on social media

Oops! 🙂


Mother tracks teenage daughter when starts going astray; doesn’t prevent her murder, but at least helps her track down the killer


When Wendy Poulsen’s teenage daughter, Dani, began acting out — running with the wrong crowd, using marijuana and dropping out of high school — the worried mom began to secretly monitor her whereabouts.

The office manager invested in a tracking device and hid it in the trunk of the 18-year-old’s car. As she told The Post: “It gave me a bit of peace of mind.”

She had more reason than most to resort to such a measure – Poulsen’s younger brother, Scott, suddenly vanished at the age of 25. It took police more than two years to find some remains of his body. The investigation is now a cold case.

Tragically, despite Poulsen’s best efforts to rein in her daughter, Dani’s life also came to a distressing, premature end. She died of a fentanyl overdose on Sept. 1, 2019, shortly before her 19th birthday.

“She was my everything,” the mom of Minneapolis, Minn., said, adding, “There are times when I can’t figure out how to keep living.”

But she is comforted by the fact that she was able to track down her daughter’s body quickly — and later identify her killer — with the device.

How comforting, I guess…

Poulsen adopted Dani from Kazakhstan with her now ex-husband, Gerald Sommerfeld, 61, when she was six months old. She said their longed-for child had a happy upbringing, earned A grades at school and practiced sports like snowboarding, karate and rugby.

Ah; unstable marriage which ended, and interracial adoption

Sorry this MN Scandi liberal chick’s life sucks so bad, but…

… some people’s lives seem to be purposed to serve as a warning for others, how not to live…


In Dan Andrews’ fiefdom…


Yes, the роgrоm-instigator would know!

Master race? More like servant race…


“Intellectual Dark Web” = neo-cons, rebranded; just as Tribal, with added Alphabetis, Diversis, & godless

First, two links to pieces on a recent ‘controversy’ involving certain neo-cons and paleo-cons, with an associate editor of the Spectator versus an associate editor of Chronicles:

So, these neocons, like other neocons such as Ben Shapiro, have remarketed themselves now, in the Trump and post-Trump era, as the Intellectual Dark Web:

Let’s look at the list Bari Weiss identifies as IDW people, including herself:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Sam Harris
Heather Heying
Claire Lehmann
Douglas Murray
Maajid Nawaz
Jordan Peterson
Steven Pinker
Joe Rogan
Dave Rubin
Ben Shapiro
Michael Shermer
Debra W. Soh
Christina Hoff Sommers
Bret Weinstein
Eric Weinstein
Bari Weiss

So, what do all of these people have in common?

None are Christians, for one… None are ethnic WASPs, either (Sam Harris, the prominent atheist, is of WASP, Quaker background on father’s side, but Tribal on mother’s.).

What do most have in common?

Well, other than Ali, Nawaz, Rogan, and Soh (Rogan being the only Irish among those Diversis), everyone is either Tribal / Tribal-sounding name (not sure about Lehmann’s husband or Sommers), Alphabeti (thought I understood Lehmann is bi; Murray, Rubin, and Weiss are definitely all Alphabeti), or both (Rubin, Weiss).

So, basically, they are the same kind of people as those who dominate neoconservatism (note who predominate in this list, esp. among government officials, academics, public figures):

Except also with some added gehz and a sprinkling of diversity thrown in, along with outspoken atheist activists.

Same shit; mostly same pile…

“Meet the new boss / same as the old boss…”

Won’t get fooled again…


There goes the neighbourhood