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German men, like Swedes, sit to pee

(Click on the tweet to see the whole graphic of the book cover; it’s real, you can look it up.)

I knew about Swedes, but Germans, too?

Some ‘master race’…


Fuck sportspuck, like sportsball and sportscar

Some of us Canucks don’t give a fuck about hockey, WokeSports…


Posers gonna pose; grifters gonna grift


They always double down


No more ‘Fighting Irish’; are ‘Lucky Charms’ next?

#WeeFolkLivesMatter! 😉


Latvians build idol to their new goddess, the Masked Essential Nurse Worker

Kween Karen says, “You wear your masks, too; remember, we’re all in this together!” 😉


One can’t ‘own’ them; one can only fight them


Yes, and stop misspelling ‘fаsсіst’, too

Yes, because the Antіfа are соmmіеs, just as Stаlіn was.


I wanna see Joe Biden: The Blooper Reel!


Commiefornians going back under lockdown

So, Governor Gavin, gonna increase taxes for Hollywood and Silicon Valley to bankroll your re-killed economy?

Go for it! 😉