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War on Christmas comes to France as Jihad on Christians


That report says two dead and one brain-dead; this one (which omits the suspect’s name, tellingly) says three (perhaps they include the brain-dead one, which makes more sense than separating out); I heard four on a YouTube show.

Regardless, this happening after weeks of protests by the ‘gilets jaunes’, as the Guardian story noted, I wouldn’t be surprised if a ‘state of emergency’ is used as a pretext to move against them.

My hope is that the Yellow Vests add irritation over lack of national security, and concerns over immigration, to their tax and economic protests. Make the connections: the welfare state looking after millions of unassimilable immigrants who hate Westerners puts an undue economic burden on ordinary Frenchmen…


If ‘cultural appropriation’ is such a bad thing, why not ‘gender appropriation’?

#GenderAppropriation oughta be a hashtag…

Remember: Culture War Can Be Waged Back! 🙂


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Traitors, one and all, except Max

Spot on.

Not only did Trudeau go to India – which, as PM, isn’t out of the ordinary – but so have ostensible conservatives Andrew Scheer, Jason Kenney, and Patrick Brown, all gone over there to pander. It works, of course: Patrick Brown won Brampton’s mayoral race no doubt because of the contacts he made a year ago over there when he was still Ontario’s Tory leader; no way can a white person win Brampton’s mayoralty without Indian support…

Anyway, I expect a Liberal PM to go to India and pander; I’m disappointed when supposed rightists do likewise, but I’m certainly not surprised, when they do…

But you know who hasn’t gone over there to pander (far as I know and as far as I can tell in attempting to fact check this)?

Maxime Bernier.

There’s a man who still has some honour, and who is not a traitor to his people.


Corruption in Orange County


Why do the Group summits keep getting bigger?

Back in the day, it was the Group of Seven, the seven richest countries.

Then it was the Group of Eight; I forget if that was when Russia started being included, because of geopolitics, despite its shitty economy.

It has morphed to the G20 now, but if you look at the group photo:

One sees far more than 20 people; this is because it’s G19 plus the E.U., whereas back in the day certain E.U. members like Britain, France, Germany and Italy were included as individual members.

Oh yeah, and now Saudi Arabia is included, too.

This club of nations keeps getting bigger and bigger.

To what end?

Who benefits?

Apart from George Soros and the globalists, that is.

Seriously, though, what is accomplished by bringing more and more countries and trans-national organizations to such summits?

Hell with this.

I want back just a handful of great powers with different spheres of influence, who then, as great powers, hash matters out in great powers summits, not mini-U.N. meetings…

Let’s bring back the 19th century or earlier, please. 😉


Why food trucks and pop up restaurants are fetishized


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What Cultural Marxism takes young women and turns them into, illustrated; before and after pics

Start here, scroll down (ignore top one, as that’s apparently an actress in a role on the right).

Weep for our civilization, then pray for it, then fight for it.