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Do you really need to pander to Florida’s ‘Amen Corner’, DeSantis? Sheesh!

C’mon; I dislike them too, but I also dislike those who dislike them just because Israel.


Fuck Sportsball, esp. WokeSportsBall, anyway.

Sad to report, Bill Burr has been Them-d

Bill, Bill, what happened? You’ve become one of Them now. Traitor.

Anyway, fuck Sportball, and all its celeb fans, too.


Argies set aside 1% of govt jobs for T-people


Your whoring with that gangsta cost your daddy his life, you little whore

Girls’ following their ‘tingles’ sometimes are the death of them or those around them…

(And yes, I know the guy was pursuing her, but he obviously knew her beforehand, probably from a party…)


They are of their Father, i.e. the Father of Lies

Q. How do you tell when a prog is lying?

A. Its lips move.


Prog ‘Christians’ (i.e. not) always lie about this: the Holy Family were NOT refugees, ‘Rev. Karen’!


If someone was wanted by the authorities in Ontario (whether rightly or wrongly) and fled to Quebec, they wouldn’t be considered a refugee; if someone was wanted by the authorities in New York (whether rightly or wrongly) and fled to Vermont, they wouldn’t be considered a refugee.

It was all the Roman Empire, from Judea to Egypt.

They were not refugees in any sense of the word.

BTW, Karen, you are no Reverend; there is no Scriptural nor early church tradition warrant for ordaining women as ministers. Ergo, you have no spiritual authority, therefore there is no reason to listen to a thing you have to say on Christian doctrine, theology, how they intersect with this world and life, etc. Shut the fuck up.

But I think I will dub every lecturing, hectoring prog woman ‘minister’ now as ‘Rev. Karen’, so thanks for giving me the idea. 😉


Welp, good recovery, toots…



You can count on my non-support, Tories!

Why are you texting me on my work phone, for starters… Sheesh!