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Serfdom, but with T-operations paid


Argies set aside 1% of govt jobs for T-people


Arkansas ban on “gender affirming” (i.e., puberty blocking, etc.) “healthcare” blocked by federal court

We need to make white children feel bad because rayciss, sez lez

Homeschool / private school / church school your children!

E.U. sues Hungary and Poland over Alphabetis


The European Commission on Thursday launched legal cases against Hungary and some regions in Poland over LGBTQ discrimination. 

Hungary has faced wide condemnation from the European Union since its parliament passed a law that bans information about LGBTQ issues for minors.

In Poland, more than 100 regions have declared themselves “LGBTQ-ideology-free zones,” sparking wide criticism across the bloc. 

“Europe will never allow parts of our society to be stigmatized,” the European Commission said on Twitter. 

I hope they leave the E.U., and take Slovakia and others with them; time to smash the E.U.!


“We’ll convert your children…”


Several convicted paedos among the chorus that sang “We’ll convert your children”


“We’ll convert your children,” sing pro-bacha-bazi jokesters


Juneteenth nation vs. America

Why should that hymn be sung for the 4th? Doesn’t include all Americans.

Hooray, China!


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