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ВLМ co-foundress identifies as Tribal, as well as Alphabet

This was only part of the story; here’s the rest:

Not surprising at all…


Bacha bazi still exists, despite U.S. presence

Read the whole thread…

Why we fight, part 1
It makes a fella proud.


They can fantasize, but no Moses will ever lead them sashaying across the Red Sea on dry ground

If only…

Imperium delenda est…

I shouldn’t have to side with Nike…


Replacement / displacement; outbreed / prevent breed

Not hard to see how boosting sterile whites goes along with promoting newcomers…



Everyone not brainwashed…


SpоrtsВаll Іllustrаtеd already had a trаnnу in their 2020 swіmsuіt іssue; now they have a ‘ВІΡОС’ one

Last year, they broke new ground with a trаnnу, but this year, they have a ‘ВІΡОС’ one:

What kind of last name is that; doesn’t seem typical for either of those… Hmmm…

Now, they’ve done the beached whale thing before, not once but twice

But when will they combine those with these? 😉

Maybe next year?

How the heck do they stay afloat?

Are their readers just total simps?

Or is/are some rich benefactor(s) keeping them afloat to push the Pozz?

Under normal market pressures, I can’t see them alienating their core audience and staying afloat for this long…




Peak Commiefornia?

Frisco locals fear ‘The Big One’ (earthquake), but it never comes; alas…


Angola has now decriminalized ‘same-sex relationships’

Africa has generally been good at resisting the Pozz, so it’s unfortunate to see Angola fall:

A new law decriminalizing same-sex sexual relations has gone into effect today in Angola. The new law overturned a colonial-era “vice against nature” provision that was seen as a ban on homosexual relations. The changes were passed in January of 2019 by Angola’s parliament, but was not signed into law by the country’s president until November 2020. The new law also prohibits discrimination based upon a person’s sexual orientation.

As I said, Africa has generally been resisting:

The move comes against a backdrop of continued violence against the LGBTQ+ community on the continent. In 2019, the leader of Uganda likened queer people to “terrorists” and last year police violently assaulted queer Nigerians peacefully protesting police violence against the community. Also last year, the government of Tunisia forcefully pushed back against efforts to recognize marriage equality after local officials had apparently recognized a marriage between two men conducted in France.