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Why I’ll never vote for them

Middle-aged divorcee remarried but carries her old name in the middle, triple-barrelled. Her ilk dominate the CPC.

Oceania has always been at war with Eur/East-Asia…


“Date me or you’re a bigot!”


Of course; only unnаturаl оnеѕ are to be celebrated now

They hate being reminded they’re not real ones.

Skates so gracefully…


Keeping going Woker, sportsball/puck

Sportsball/puck sucks, anyway; I hope they kill their market eventually with this shit.

Every single time…

And none do now, so it will continue until then


Revealing; C of E apparently would barely survive without Alphabetis…


I dunno, put on headphones and walk in front of…

Reminds me of an old Hee Haw sketch between Roy Clark and Buck Owens, where one said to the other the doctor told him he was dying of cancer, other said that’s awful, whatcha gonna do, “Well, I’m gonna move up north and become a Yankee!”

“What in sam hill for?”

“Well, I figger if someone’s gotta die, better one o’ them than one o’ us!” 😉


Drag Queen ‘Pastor’ Sunday School

Missed this story from just over over a year ago:

Maranatha, Lord Jesus!