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It’s like Tucker Max all over again
A decade since Tucker Max, nothing has changed…


Finnish Doctor and MP to be Tried Monday for Free Speech and Religion

EA and I find this outrageous, as I’m sure most of you will, too.

Here is an interview with Dr. Päivi Räsänen, a Finnish pro-life and Christian medical doctor, advocate for liberty, and longtime member of Parliament,  (doesn’t that sound familiar?).  She – along with Bishop Juhana Pohjola – were arrested, questioned under custody numerous times about their religious beliefs (she spent 13 hours in police interrogations), and charged with “incitement against a minority group” for a religious tract that she wrote that is used in churches.  The booklet promotes the biblical teaching on marriage and sexuality, and was written in 2004.  She is also the wife of a Lutheran priest.

This interview reveals how the prosecutors claim that they intend not to outlaw Bibles, but only belief in what Scripture teaches.  This case has caused fierce debate in Finland, Europe, and the world regarding freedom of conscience, religion, and speech.

She and the bishop are being tried on Monday, January 24, and there are potential prison sentences if they are convicted.


Silly bint thinks sex for reproduction a ‘fetish’…

Get married, you sterile slut!

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Press pushing pedophilia





Police behaving badly; only the man gets in trouble

His name and face are given / shown; hers not; typical:


Kiwi PM encourages Tinder orgies up to 25 people


Yeah, nope

“Someone needs to create opioids for children; they’re already doing smack and fentanyl and oxy…”
Indeed. Bad enough, that…

Chesterton warned the madness of tomorrow would be much more in Manhattan than Moscow


Stupid to invite in first place, but then that’s Con. Inc for ya