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Shocking, really


A common cult tactic, to draw men in



Ooof, indeed. Can’t hide who didn’t sire the offspring!


“That’s not happening, and it’s a good thing it is!”


Why I’ll never vote for them

Middle-aged divorcee remarried but carries her old name in the middle, triple-barrelled. Her ilk dominate the CPC.

“Date me or you’re a bigot!”


Deep dive into YouTube children’s programming



Potential Anglican schism? About time!

Adoption of gay blessings would lead to the removal of Welby as leader of the Anglican world — warn Global South archbishops:

IF the General Synod of the Church of England affirms the House of Bishops’ recommendations to ‘Bless’ Same Sex Marriage, or Civil Partnerships, the Church of England will be inviolation of the “clear and canonical teaching of the Bible”, and it will lead to “impaired communion with many provinces of the Anglican Communion”.

The role of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, as a “moral leader, and a figure of unity within the Communion” will also be “severely jeopardised”. So says the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches (GSFA) which covers around 75% of Anglicans across the globe, ahead of the Synod’s London meetings, February 6-9.

The House of Bishops’ Response to the six-year Living in Love and Faith ‘listening’ process says lawyers have advised them that the official Doctrine of Marriage would remain, despite the Church, from now on “joyfully welcoming and recognising permanent, stable same sex relationships” through services and prayers of blessing.

The Most Reverend Justin Badi, Primate of South Sudan, and Chairman of the GSFA responded, saying: “What the English bishops are recommending constitutes unfaithfulness to the God who has spoken through His written word.  Their Response belies the loss of confidence by the bishops in the authority and clarity of the Bible as we have received it. They are re-writing God’s law for His creation; laws that are re-affirmed by Christ in the Gospel accounts.”

Last summer, at the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury, the GSFA sounded a global call to re-affirm ‘Lambeth 1.10’ (the Anglican Communion’s official teaching that the only place for sexual intimacy is marriage between one man and one woman for life, and specifically rules out blessing of same sex relationships).  Archbishop Badi says the bishops’ proposals are “in clear contravention of Lambeth 1.10” , and “will lead to consequences for the Communion if the General Synod affirms.  We therefore call on Synod to reject the bishops’ proposals on blessing same sex unions.”


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Skates so gracefully…


Keeping going Woker, sportsball/puck

Sportsball/puck sucks, anyway; I hope they kill their market eventually with this shit.

Every single time…