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Zero diff between ConInc and prog wymyns in thotness


‘Вrоѕ’ director butthurt us straights won’t see his movie, even though in past he said he doesn’t want us seeing his movies; even some fellow gehz don’t like either because too Ԝоkе

It’s wonderful to see their power slipping.
If only…

Anyway, this guy is so dumb, he forgets in the past, he expressed his hate for straights:

But even non-Woke gehz don’t like it:

So, bash straights, then make a movie not appealing to 96+% of the population, AND alienate some chunk of your own community, then be surprised few see it and lash out in a pissy hissy sissy fit about it.




Deny them, brothers. Deny them your essence, and not only.

Make them marry you before you put out. It’s God’s law, anyway.


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Neo-con Utah pol embraces Wokeism on Alphabetis

Exactly, Nim! GOPTodd shows the bankruptcy of ‘conservatism’.

Be reactionary, don’t be conservative.

Once again, we see that far from being ‘based’ and principled, Utah’s political leaders embrace the zeitgeist.


No need to wonder


But then it’s the рӕdо Brandon show again


A fool and his money are soon parted

I remember a quote in a newspaper article years ago on high-priced escorts / call girls; one young woman laughed and said something to the effect that, “I don’t offer anything different than a common streetwalker; I just tell stupid rich young high rollers that I’m worth ten grand a night, and they believe me; can you imagine?!”


Progs conflating ‘fighting back’ against their agenda with violence against Alphabetis


The teachers’ union will go to bat for it, though


Fed pervs, all the way down, all branches