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New ‘Mermaid’ not kinky enough for geh NYTimes agitprop pusher


Up here, add МАіD


‘Тrаnѕ-аgе’, probably the goal all along…




Sterilization is the goal


Hillary’s Trinity

Heh, indeed.

Support small businesses

Anyone such an individual labels thus, is clearly good.

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Bishop with backbone


I’ve never been part of such bachelor parties as that magazine discusses, either

Notice how the women’s mag talks about ‘letting’ their fiances have strippers, as if they’re their bosses, granting them a favour (note: not endorsing the behaviour, just pointing out their female entitlement mentality…)
Similar experience for me; the most fun bachelor party I was part of, involved a nice dinner at a decent casual dining restaurant, then playing laser tag, then drinking a few pints at a bar afterwards.

I didn’t even have a bachelor party; too old for such.

I ate a burger at a fast food place with my groomsmen, because we were hungry after the rehearsal.

It doesn’t get any duller than that, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. 🙂


Conserving four years ago

The Bud Light boycott and related backlashes will probably convince corporate America to go back to their 2019 Pride marketing and cut the obviously offensive stuff. No more Satanic trans merch, and no more Dylan Mulvaney ads. Otherwise, they will still celebrate Pride Month and fly the progress flag. There is a chance they may decide to stop celebrating Pride Month like it’s Christmas season. But that would take a lot more backlash cycles to do.