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By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand, men of the West!

The rot goes very deep…

Of course, the Spartans also believed in and practiced infanticide…

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When the reaction comes, we definitely should have this, for all of the traitorous elites

I’m only partially kidding; they have to be made to pay for their crimes one way or another, whether judicially or extra-judicially… 😉



To be fair, it IS a private jet. BUT it’s still hypocritical…

To ‘conservatives’ like her, ‘freedom’ is just a slogan, it has no actual meaning, hence easily discarded

Hence why ‘conservative’ should be not used by patriotic rightists – be reactionary, instead – since it, too, has lost its meaning…


Oh noes; heatwave storms!



Tourists on a tiki bar tour boat on a Canadian body of water…

The missus and I be away for nine days, celebrating our first anniversary…

Talk amongst yourselves; open thread here…

ElectricAngel will hold down the fort. 🙂

Later, brethren / sistren! 🙂


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Mayor ‘Karen’ of SLC


Young white men unwelcome in literary fiction world

Esp. if not Alphabeti…

Amazing how many hate freedom, love tyranny


White men’s lives don’t matter to TPTB