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Malfunctioning moral compasses and modernity

You know what happens to a compass placed next to a metal bar? It goes haywire, pointing this way and that – anyone who then uses it as a navigational aid will go nowhere fast.

The same goes for the moral compass placed next to the secular modern ethos. People can no longer orient themselves in a kaleidoscopically changing landscape, especially when the landscape becomes a battlefield.

Alexander Boot

Posted by on December 6, 2022 in The Kulturkampf


Not a waste to Big Pharma and their profit$, of course


Oz’s lib neo-cons endorse Alphabetism


A decade ago, Aussie commenters here told me Australia would never stop being more socially conservative, insulated from the trends plaguing North America, Europe.



Haters gonna hate, hate hate whites


And many of them will fall in line…


Figures Smith would like Warnock

Heretics like heretics. (Don’t worry, non-Reformed; consider yourselves lucky to not know who he is.)

Another ‘white supremaciss’ hoax at a place of higher indoctrination, yet again…


Virginia elementary school to host ‘After School Satan Club’

Virginia elementary school to host ‘After School Satan Club’ | Fox News

Guess Youngkin is ok with this…

Guess any wicked parents still not homeschooling / Christian-schooling / private schooling their kids are, too…


Hey, Canadian Forces personnel: this is what Veterans Affairs Canada thinks of your service; this is their level of gratitude, their compassion, and their sensitivity