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If he takes office, she WILL become president


Maybe she really was a he all along, after all

No wonder she decided she was no longer a she, and had always been a he, really. 😂


Depravity is sad and pathetic

Sadly, there are at least some thirsty incels with who will reach for their credit cards…


Never even think of dating a bluecheck journo


They want us to drink cockroaches


Do what we say, not what we do, again


Baby born from 27-year-old embryo

Breaking a record held by her younger sister, for longest-frozen embryo known to have resulted in a birth.

I’m glad for both little girls that they were, while in frozen embryonic form, adopted by the couple.

But I don’t like the whole practice of freezing embryos, treating unborn children – because that’s what embryos are – as a commodity, and something to be saved in the freezer till convenient, like we do with foodstuffs.


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L.A. becomes a prison


The “I fucking love science” crowd don’t actually, only when it supports The Narrative

Oh yes they can; so long as they have power…


Wax models of syphilitic lesions

Avoid fornication = avoid STDs…

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