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Another symptom of decline: increasing lack of product-line knowledge of foreign-born store clerks

I use convenience stores a fair bit.

One thing I’ve noticed a lot recently is a complete lack of knowledge on the part of subcontinental convenience store clerks on their product line.

Say you regularly buy a certain food or beverage product, then one day you notice there isn’t any more of it, and you go to ask the clerk, “Did you stop carrying X, or are you just out of it at the moment?”

Increasingly, you’ll get a blank look, and a ‘Uh…’

Recently, I laid into one: “You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you?”

“Sorry, boss!” (In the homeland, back during the Rаj, they’d have said ‘Sаһіb’; now they say ‘Boss’. Progress, I suppose…)

Yes, I get that head offices make business decisions that franchise owners don’t always get informed about. But they should make it their business to care and learn what’s happening. Their livelihoods, after all…

I’m not the only one who’s noticed increasing incompetence on their parts. One day, while in such a store, I watched a fellow Canadian rant at them over their misleading labelling about their brewed coffee products and their general incompetence at simply making a decent pot of coffee. I hoped he would simply take his business to a nearby Timmy’s instead, where he’ll get what he came for and the incompetents won’t get his money for substandard product and service…

And so, the decline and fall of our civilization continues…


Open letter to Max Bernier: my advice is, champion Sir John A. Macdonald!

Dear Maxime Bernier,

Now that you’ve struck out on your own, courageously and boldly as I noted, why not take up the cause of Sir John A. Macdonald?

As you know, the Grits are going to remove our first Prime Minister from our $10 bill, having first lumped three nobodies on their with him for now, planning to later on eliminate him altogether and the others in favour of some virtually unknown woman of colour, of little historic importance compared to our first Prime Minister.

And as you know, various Canadian cities such as Victoria have been removing statues of him, due to his being disparaged by First Nations leaders over his role in setting up the residential school system for aboriginals. As if that warrants unpersoning him, the Father of Confederation.

Champion him! Proclaim you will replace him back on the tenner! And will re-erect statues of him in cities that have removed him, as well as place them in cities that don’t have them, with armed guards to prevent Antifa and others from vandalizing / sabotaging them!

Like reduced immigration, that’s a winning issue, which will help you appeal to masses of ordinary Canadians.

Some free advice; no need to credit me. 😉

Blogger Will S.


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Paper straws are weird, and require dead trees instead of dead dinosaurs, so how are they more eco-friendly than plastic ones?

People like plastic straws. They like them better than paper straws or—the alternative favored by the environmental movement—no straw at all!

So last night, I went out to the movies. I purchased a diet cola at the concession stand, as one does if one feels like sipping a diet cola while watching a movie at the movie theatre.

I looked at the straw dispenser, and to my dismay, it contained colourful but opaque straws which looked unlike any I’ve ever encountered, and I realized when I took one that it was made of paper.

At least I had a straw – I’m fortunate to not live somewhere where such are now banned – but what the hey?

Weird texture and mouthfeel, and I feared if I didn’t drink my beverage fast enough, it would become soggy and lose its structural integrity, despite feeling far more solid than a plastic straw. If this gal’s account is accurate, it’s a legit fear:

Unfortunately, although these paper straws are cute, definitively so, they aren’t exactly practical.

You’ve been there: your super adorable paper straw looks cute in your drink initially but it slowly becomes gummy as you suck on it, and starts falling apart, distorting the drink’s flavor. Gross.

And I got to thinking, if we’re so concerned about ‘carbon footprints’ blah blah blah, is it really superior to kill trees to make paper straws than harvesting dead dinosaur remains to make plastic ones?


Look who refuses to acknowledge and thus doesn’t mind the genocide of white South African farmers


Yee-haw! Go, Mad Max!

Right on.

Whether or not he will get anywhere, it is brave of him. Even if a little self-interested. 😉

Nobody ever successfully challenged the status quo by being afraid to take risks.

Good on him.

And may the Lord bless his efforts to give Canadians a REAL choice.


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