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Indefinite hiatus, due to getting hitched

I once tried to quit this blog, because I was going back to school; that lasted maybe six months, IIRC.

Well, I’m not going to announce this time that I’m quitting forever, because I’m not absolutely sure I am.

But, I wed today.

I am going on a honeymoon vacation, as two newlyweds often do.

After, I will be busy as a new husband, I’m sure.

I think this may be it for a while, for me.

Perhaps a good time to declare an indefinite hiatus.

Been thinking for a while that it was time to take a break, anyway.

So, I will be doing that.

Taking a break.

Possibly for a long time, indefinitely, unless I find something fresh or new upon which to write, muse, comment.

I recommend feeriker’s, Mogadishu Matt’s, Elspeth’s, Sanne’s and weka’s blogs; always enjoy their postings.

I recommend listening to the KMG Show on YouTube, or following his Twitter feed, @KMGVictoria.

Nobody stays on top of current events like him, with great dissident right, paleo-reactionary, Canadian takes, and great music, book and movie reviews; manages to be entertaining and informative.

I wish all you regulars the best; you’ll still be in my thoughts and prayers, of course.

And I know I will also be in yours; thanks for that. 🙂

Until next time, perhaps…

Or if not, well…

… see you in the Kingdom, brethren and sisters! 🙂


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The CDC no longer wants Americans to know how many vaxt get WuFlu after

“As of May 1, 2021, CDC transitioned from monitoring all reported vaccine breakthrough cases to focus on identifying and investigating only hospitalized or fatal cases due to any cause.”
It’s clear from the CDC policy change that they don’t want Americans knowing…

Yeah, nope

“Someone needs to create opioids for children; they’re already doing smack and fentanyl and oxy…”
Indeed. Bad enough, that…

In sharp contrast to others

Jason Kenney, Patrick Brown, and many others can’t say likewise.
Indeed. An admirable politician: a rare breed!

More Δ-WuFlu-freakout bots

Previously; now:


MiniTrue’s war on the past


Y’all who say “we’re tired, y’all”, go lie down, permanently

It’s such an obvious ploy, y’all I’m so tired of it.


Now they’re claiming WuFlu is spread via farting



Can always count on neo-cucks to endorse withdrawing, losing ‘with honour and dignity’ blah blah blah


New Brunswick requiring proof of WuFluVax for entry from neighbouring provinces

Checkpoints for moving around within Canada. Incredible…