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“So… come here often?”

Should he chat up the cute Catholic girl, or focus on what he’s gonna tell the priest?

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NJ GOP gubernatorial primary race: Mobster NeverTrumpers versus Ρunјаbі MAGA grifter

C’mon; living in your mom’s basement is resourceful; saves money! 😉



They hate themselves, and also God for making them the way they are, rather than otherwise

“But seriously, folks…”



Do they all taste like vanilla? Anyway order them quickly from the U.K. before they disappear!


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Yes, spare a thought for poor ΑΟС, what with her PTSD…


The Bee envisions the next stages in Woke kids’ programming


Even funnier: they tend to do that by accident anyway

Ever work with / befriend someone from China?

In Mandarin, they don’t have separate pronouns based on sex, so sometimes they will get ‘he’ and ‘she’ mixed up when speaking English, I have long observed. It’s an amusing, delightful little tick.

Of course, that could get them fired these days here in North America…


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WuFlu propagandists attack mattress


Men For Total Equality

Previously have shared other vids with these guys: here, here, and here.

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