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Y’all who say “we’re tired, y’all”, go lie down, permanently

It’s such an obvious ploy, y’all I’m so tired of it.


Humour is rayciss!


Aw, sheeit!

Talks trash, but nothing to back it up…

Welp, this wouldn’t happen if TPTB didn’t enable it through allowing excessive immigration…


Moar such stupidity from them, pleez!


Magical thinking


BeeEllEm protests slowed WuFlu spread, they are now claiming

The gaslighting is off the charts:


Just letting them in


Pick one, dumbass

Just ignore Sohrab, he’s an idiot.

It’s colonialism or chaos.

Either rule them, or leave them alone to and in their misery.

Since colonialism invites blowback, and imperialism ultimately destroys the homeland itself, I vote for option #2.


Insult everyone, because rayciss; higher ed at Penn State…


The Greens are currently wracked by infighting over ‘rayciss’ and ‘anti-semitiss’; the civnat colourblind PPC are not