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Just down home folks, no?

Canadian ‘new country’ artists fake southern twang and drop ‘y’all’s into their songs, as if they were Southerners; Albertan country singer Carolyn Dawn Johnson, popular about two decades back, was one of the worst offenders in this regard. It irked me to no end. What irked me even more, was that no-one called her or others on it; they got away with it.

I can’t imagine a white American non-Southerner getting away with dropping ‘y’all’s casually today, but seems like non-white, non-black, non-Southern minorities get away with ‘y’all’ as if it came naturally to them.

And no-one except Kevin Michael Grace seems to be calling them on it!

Which is strange, because on the prog side, minorities will call each other out over ostensible slights against intersectionality, etc.

But the anti-white prog coalition seems happy to overlook people like AOC, a Hispanic New Yorker, dropping ‘y’all’s as if she were a Southern white or black, to name just one example.

And so now, even up here in Canada, we have the ridiculous cases of East Indian and Asian immigrants using ‘y’all’ as if they naturally say it.

I suppose, if this continues, eventually it will be adopted universally among English-speakers, and then there’ll be the amusing scene of English, Scots, Irish, Aussies and Kiwis even saying ‘y’all’. 🙂

(On a tangent: yes, people who’ve been here any considerable stretch of the last 9 years will notice I use ‘y’all’ a fair bit myself; I swear, it comes natural to me, it isn’t an affectation, but I’m not sure why I do it. I am half-Caribbean, and among my mom’s people there is some degree of usage of the term, especially, oddly enough, with the word ‘all’ in front, so you get the redundant phrase ‘all y’all’. Yeah. My mom never speaks like that, though, but I have cousins, aunts and uncles who do. Perhaps I got it through them, partly, except I drop the redundancy, if so. I have also long been somewhat fond of the ‘you’se’ of my Northern Ireland ancestors on my paternal side, except not quite enough to adopt it myself; it still sounds a bit uneducated and backwoods to me, and I retain enough class prejudices to refrain from using that term, yet somehow I am less inhibited about using ‘y’all’. Oh well! Whatever, as my generation (X) likes to say… 😉 )


Yes, they assimilate in that way, and only

Under multiculturalism, immigrants assimilate not culturally – they are encouraged to hold on to their original culture and not assimilate into the mainstream of their new home’s culture – but they do assimilate very well politically, i.e. into The Narrative.

As Blair Nathan explains well, this is exactly what the progs want. The immigrants get brownie points for doing so; this sort of behaviour is incentivized, so we get more and more of it, ever-increasingly.


Like ‘Լаtіnх’ but more yellow, less brown



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Don’t forget, that happened while the late but not great Dinkins was mayor

Hate / git whitey, that’s what holds the hate coalition together.

Rot in hell, Dead Dave Dinkins.

And may Sharpton join you there soon.


Yet another hate crime hoax, like all the other hate crime hoaxes; no hate crimes aren’t hoaxes today


Talcum X II

Whether due to self-loathing or for the grift, who can say…


And, the transformation of the party that ostensibly previously championed working folks into exclusively the party of the rich and their feral pets is complete


Race hate crime was a hoax? Shocker! Not…

As always:


Hate mate; or, creating a race of Elliot Rodgers

In her mind, according to her vid, she and her sisters (as if they’d all go along with her) will breed whites out of existence, and bring about a utopia.

(Now we know why this happens…)

Knowing hapas, they’d probably just make more Elliot Rodgers.

There is a price for ‘yellow fever‘, boys…


At least progs are also unhappy and infighting

Moar, pleez! 🙂