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Just letting them in


Pick one, dumbass

Just ignore Sohrab, he’s an idiot.

It’s colonialism or chaos.

Either rule them, or leave them alone to and in their misery.

Since colonialism invites blowback, and imperialism ultimately destroys the homeland itself, I vote for option #2.


Insult everyone, because rayciss; higher ed at Penn State…


The Greens are currently wracked by infighting over ‘rayciss’ and ‘anti-semitiss’; the civnat colourblind PPC are not


Prolly a ‘ripper too (ok, maybe not, but I’m sure she’s a fraud, too)

Grifter, I’m sure now. Now that I’ve seen a few, their ads all look alike…
No doubt they are; Grifters AudioVisuals, Inc.



Glass houses, stones, etc.

At least she has some degree of self-awareness. All too many lack it, today…


Maybe all the various diverse peoples of South Africa just can’t live together peaceably, and so ought to set up some kind of system of… apartness.


Now they want to rename ‘Аѕіаn саrр’ because rayciss!


Welp, in the spirit of reconciliation, may I suggest some new names:

  • Yellow Carp
  • Oriental Carp
  • West Pacific Carp
  • Eastern Hemisphere Carp
  • Asiatic-American-and-Pacific-Islanders Carp
  • Undocumented Immigrant Invasive Species Carp

I’m sure any or all of these names would be preferable to ‘Asian carp’, no? 😉


You apparently have no fundamental human rights if you’re rayciss, sez some Brit


“Funny, you don’t look like one, mate!”