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Putin knows the West is Satanic

Go, Putin, go!

Come the reaction, ban halal and kosher methods of killing animals, as well as circumcision


I have seen a “halal” kill. The animal intended to be butchered is conscious as its throat is slit and prayers are said over it. The only thing worse is a kosher kill, where, in cattle, the neck is sawn through. Again, the animal is conscious. Normally, the animal is walked into a chute and conked out using a special pistol. It is then hung upside down and its throat is cut. Method Three has to be kinder to the animal and safer for the handlers.

When our people take back our lands, whether during our after our lifetimes, ban circumcision, ban halal and kosher killing methods, and make every would-be immigrant eat a mix of pork and beef and drink alcohol. (Goes without saying, permit only the kind of immigrants we want to legally immigrate, too, and seal the borders against illegals with armed guards, shoot to kill orders.)


Lutheran blogger comments on what the Two Kingdoms means and doesn’t mean

Relevant for all of us, not just Lutherans.


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Moar intersectional infighting please

‘Ramalingam’ means ‘Lord Ram’s Penis’, BTW. Whenever you meet a subcontinental named ‘-lingam’, remember that means ‘penis’, usually preceded by a deity’s name, as here. Hard to take such seriously, lol…
Whoa; an ‘incel expert’! You can tell she knows her stuff, from her hand gestures and plastic water bottles.

Lord Ram’s Penis Woman doesn’t give us any indication, in her ‘writing in anger’ thread, what got her angry, specifically. No details. All super-vague.

I’ve encountered this in big organizations before; stuff happens at meetings, they freak out about ‘unacceptable behaviour’, but refuse to discuss what kind of ‘unacceptable behaviour’ occurred, except sometimes saying that some people were all rayciss and stuff, or the vaguer ‘offensive’, but don’t say how. Just that it shouldn’t have happened, and won’t be tolerated again. Until next time. Rinse and repeat.

It isn’t just progs; sometimes pastors will ask to pray for a certain situation involving certain individuals acting inappropriately, without revealing anything of the nature of the sins committed, or the injustices inflicted upon someone, or whatever. I realize they may not want to cause gossip to spread, or want to not spread prurient details. Then just STFU and keep it to yourself. Don’t enlist my prayer support without me knowing what I’m praying about. Better, too, to be able to pray for someone specific. If you can’t name them, don’t bother me. STFU.


Yes, and yes*

*Real Christianity, not Churchianity. Churchianity has already been bought off.

Britain burning bright


Welcome to Atheism, Patriactionaries

Will’s recent post of a tweet about atheists reminded me to post this short post.

So here’s a little truth: the early Christians? To a man, atheists. Medieval Christians, when the West was called Christendom? Mostly not atheists. Will and I, especially when we visit our respective capitals we’ll call Mordor? Definitely atheists.

As Will’s post pointed out, atheism doesn’t mean “no God” but rather “against God.” Early Christians were all atheists when they would go to speak in cities, especially Greece. They spoke “a theos”, against the gods of the particular city that they were visiting, the ruling religion of the place. That they won all the Greek-speaking lands to Christ is one of the great victories of rhetoric and dialectic.

Will and I are sickened by the un-Christian world. Posts of girls mutilated after surgery reveal the asexual nature of the demons who have pushed this evil on parents whose secularism or weak Churchianity have left them defenseless against it. Those demons worship their lord, Satan, and they’ve gained a following amongst our secular elites.

The gods of DC, and of Ottawa, and of most of the cities of the former Christendom are not Christian. They’re not even Jewish or Muslim, our Abrahamic co-religionists who don’t yet have the full story. When we go into those places we are atheists, because worshipping their gods will lead to chaos on earth and soul death.


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The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good.

– Psalm 53:1

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What’s Ніndі for сhutzраh / hubrіѕ?

(Not sure the bindi is a caste signifier, but his point still stands; inegalitarianism is baked into their creed / practice, but they’ll criticize others over it, real or imagined…)

Supremes allow Tribal uni to reject recognizing Alphabetis, albeit only temporarily, at least for now

Good news, partially:

The US Supreme Court has granted temporary permission for an Orthodox Jewish university in New York to deny official recognition to an LGBTQ student group.

Yeshiva University turned to the court for an urgent ruling after a New York state judge said the school had to let the Pride Alliance register as a student association, which would give it access to certain facilities and services.

Now, time for Christian universities to step up and demand likewise.


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