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Why I’ll never vote for them

Middle-aged divorcee remarried but carries her old name in the middle, triple-barrelled. Her ilk dominate the CPC.

Јоrdаn Реtеrsоn is just like Dаvіd Frսm: an annoying warmongering chickenhawk neocon Canuck Tribal

Though David Frum isn’t batshit crazy, just evil.

It’d be hilarious, Vlad, if you gave them what they want


Ijit wants millions more Dem voters suddenly

Karlin trying to be funny, but it’s just a dumb take.

Seriously, would you really want several new blue states, to tip the balance permanently in their favour?

Imagine having to deal with a new terrorist threat from within, loads of people who can pass for midwesterners.

Imagine more Portlands and Seattles within your borders.

Imagine importing more people who believe in ‘land acknowledgments’.

Think this would be a good idea?

Then you’re a neo-con or prog.

Good fences make good neighbours.

Let’s keep our countries separate, and each separately work on our own probs, ‘mkay?


Јоеl Веrrу, јuѕt ѕhut up аnd еdit thе Вее

Hey, Seth Dillon, can this loser, will ya?

You have a great humour site; no need to detract from it with bog-standard neo-con evanjellyfish takes.


The people who elect them are equally dumb


War is good for BigBiz; war is BigBiz…


Great thread by Aristophanes on Alphabetis


Nimrata to run?

Well, this may be entertaining…

The worthlessness of conservatism, illustrated

Nay; embrace reaction, and REAL tradition, not FAKE tradition…

Out Alphabetis may be cons, but not reactionaries. Never.