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Bullshit jobs

Great review of what seems like a great book.


The best a man can get?


Why libertarians are wrong


Sex-bots could CRUSH human limbs ‘and spy on you for the government’ as fears grow over rogue robot lovers

The Sun warns… (NSFW)

Or they could just spy on you for Silicon Valley – for Google / Amazon / etc. and THEN report you to the government, or be used to assassinate you if you’re deemed an enemy of the State.

Hey, why do you think the company that makes RealDolls is called Abyss Creations?

From the Abyss, indeed… (Remember what Nietzsche said, that when you gaze into the Abyss, the Abyss gazes into you! 😉 )


Dollar shave just as ‘woke’ as Gillette

Far as I’m concerned, anyway…


2019 versus pre-‘Enlightenment’ times


Gillette doesn’t want real men as customers, and now neither does Johnnie Walker