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Imagine getting fired because you tried to stop a robbery of your employers’ store

Nobody should work for stores that would rather lose money than fight crime. Nobody should shop at such, either.


Macho, macho man!


Backwards, primitive commies


Up here, add МАіD


Ostriches, heads in sand…


Just say no to Reaganism


Hillary’s Trinity

Heh, indeed.

Support small businesses

Anyone such an individual labels thus, is clearly good.

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Bishop with backbone


Conserving four years ago

The Bud Light boycott and related backlashes will probably convince corporate America to go back to their 2019 Pride marketing and cut the obviously offensive stuff. No more Satanic trans merch, and no more Dylan Mulvaney ads. Otherwise, they will still celebrate Pride Month and fly the progress flag. There is a chance they may decide to stop celebrating Pride Month like it’s Christmas season. But that would take a lot more backlash cycles to do.