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Depravity is sad and pathetic

Sadly, there are at least some thirsty incels with who will reach for their credit cards…


While the world focuses on WuFlu, what’s the People’s Republic up to?

Buying up our Arctic:


A worthwhile ‘green’ idea: ban noisy leaf blowers

It’s green, it’s pro-business, it ends noise-pollution.

Of course, some will argue it’s anti-liberty to enact such a ban.

Fair enough.

I think it’s a worthwhile trade-off.

Incentivize it by purchasing people’s leaf-blowers, get them to turn them in for decent cash.

Then set up snitch lines, with cash incentives for snitching on your neighbour if there is a successful apprehension. It wouldn’t be hard to catch offenders, with many leaf blowers being so noisy… Make the fines that offenders have to pay cover the cost of the snitch line payouts, and then some – to offset the buybacks as much as possible, too.

Perhaps someone can invent an ultra-quiet electric leaf blower; allow those.


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Soy and bugs, that’s the food reset they want for us

I saw a ‘plant-based’ ‘pizza’ with two kinds of ‘plant-based sausage’ on it, tonight.

No thanks.


To help restaurants he has hurt because of WuFlu plandemic lockdowns, Premier Ford proposes hurting food delivery services by capping their rates

This is what we call robbing Peter to pay Paul, Dougie Dumbass.

Governments aren’t supposed to set price controls, in a free market society.

Under communism or fascism, though, they do.

That’s what you’re doing.


With enough people like BBQ guy and this woman, the WuFlu sanitary dictatorship can be ended


YouTube, Twitter join the War on Thanksgiving


Who needs grocery stores? Order from Amazon, make Bezos richer!


Whiny hysterics / dysphorics / Alphabet People angry their company is publishing Jordan Peterson’s latest

They should just fire the lot.