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And CTV is a private broadcaster…

Which goes to show, our MSM is all prog, whether state or corporate; no diff…

How to kill an anthill

– 2011 “New Yorker” cartoon by Zachary Kanin

Has BigCereal killed its brand mascots? Grrrrreat!

I don’t like breakfast cereal, and I don’t personally particularly care strongly one way or another, but if this is real, an interesting trend to be sure, and one wonders why.

Perhaps pre-emptive, against people deciding they’re problematic or unWoke later?

Either way, can’t say that I think it’s bad that something that mostly was meant to appeal to children is gone.

Adults in households shouldn’t be buying shit because their kids scream at them to do so; any marketing that appeals primarily to those who aren’t making the purchasing decisions themselves, disappearing, can’t be a bad thing…

In fact, I think I’m in favour of this, the more I think about it, even if it was done out of various fears.

Still, I only like a couple of cold cereals, and eat them less than once a month, only at others’ houses primarily…

So it won’t affect me…

P.S. Remember: any animated characters like Tony the Tiger can be used to push Pozz, so best to axe them.


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Website showing Ontario businesses with WuFluVaxt staff has been shut down, ostensibly because trolls, attacks, fake reviews, etc.



I don’t necessarily believe what buddy claims; but, if so, great!

Culture War Can Be Waged Back!

I suspect that some businesses decided they didn’t want the negative publicity from the likes of us, that they’d rather not alienate potential business from people who don’t happen to share their ideology in all regards.

If so, also great! It would mean small businesses are becoming sane again.

Either way, we won. 🙂

P.S. I’ve used the archive to maintain that list, so people can see just who was virtue-signalling and being shills for BigPharma and BigNannyPoliceState. And so, when the Reaction comes, scores can be settled. 😉

The internet never forgets; ‘erasing’ that website does nothing.

Oops! 🙂


Netflix Loses Nearly Half Million Domestic Subscribers as Streamer Pushes More Woke Content

Get Woke, Go Broke! 🙂


Yes; why do smallbiz shill for bigbiz?

A small business discriminating against people because those people didn’t get a big pharma corporation’s product put into their veins, the same big pharma corporation that was in a way responsible for the small business being closed for the last 18 months, is kind of humorous.

The German Pointer


Every one of these businesses is a small one.

Why are they pushing the agenda of, and enriching, BigPharma?

Guess their minds are not their own, but they are owned by the BigBiz ‘betters’.


A list of businesses here in Ontario, Canada requiring that all of their employees get WuFluVax-jabbed

Which means they could be asymptomatic carriers.

Therefore boycott them all.

I especially wouldn’t patronize that place which boycotted our national holiday yet celebrated the one majority-First-Nations territory. Never!


Culture War Can Be Waged Back! 🙂


I’m sure they’re buying the farms, but not that the U.S. fedgov wants to stop it…


Over and over and over

Booster shots…


Li’l Benny is completely predictable…

Yes he is. Heh.