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So how is the diamond trade faring these days? *Update*

We have discussed the diamond engagement ring scam in the past, and how diamond rings cater to the worst vain and narcissistic traits, and how man-made diamonds have improved in quality compared to in yesteryear, and how some have mused on whether costly engagement rings are preventing people from marrying – not surprising, given that de Beers has been pushing not two months‘ salary but three months‘ salary as ideal (apparently in Japan this is now the norm; no wonder Japanese men are becoming even more ‘herbivore‘ and now their women are imitating Western ones in self-marriages).

A friend of mine pointed me recently to some good news I’d missed from 2015, that de Beers had cut production, due to decreased sales.

He also pointed me to a story from earlier this year which I’d also missed about the huge growth in the lab-grown, i.e. man-made, diamond market.

Encouraging news!

*Update*: Commenter Alexander also pointed me to this ZeroHedge story from a week ago.

Very encouraging news! 🙂



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Introducing tech shill blog ‘раtrасtiоnаry’

If you leave out the first letter ‘i’ from our name, you will go this WordPress blog:

Shilling for Microsoft Office and iPhones (though pretending to be critical).



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Now they want us to shit uncomfortably at work

All it would take is a footstool like this, required for medical reasons of course, to functionally negate this.

Or employees could sit with their legs up in their air, feet against the doorframe of the stall…

Don’t take this, er, sitting down! 😉

P.S. Hey feminists, why don’t you point out how sexist this is, because men only have to sit on this toilet to shit, whereas women have to use it every time they go to a washroom at work, period. Isn’t that making women uncomfortable more often when they need to perform such body functions? Sexist / misogynist! 😉


Sportsperson of the year


The Choice of a No-Generation

Pepsi used flavour research obtained through experiments on a cell line derived from an aborted human fetus.

(BTW, the guy who referred to Sprite as a Pepsi product is wrong; Sprite is a Coke product.)


Why Chick-fil-A clucked; why we shoulda seen it coming


Chick-fil-A is in fact donating now to an explicitly pro-LGBT charity; apparently in 2017 they also donated to the $PLC

Chick-fil-A Sends Sin Tax to LGBT-Linked Groups

Covenant House boasted about its participation in NYC’s Gay Pride Parade in March 2019, saying, “Celebrating PRIDE! This past Sunday our youth, staff and volunteers enjoyed the large crowds, rainbow colors and festive music at New York City’s Pride Parade. Pride is all about love, acceptance, celebration. … We encourage kids to be exactly who they are and we celebrate their uniqueness and individuality.” (For more pictures go herehere, and here.)

Every one of its 16 U.S. and Canadian Covenant House programs has undergone the assessment of Cyndi Lauper’s LGBT-fascist “True Colors” to insure they are fully on board with the entire homosexual and transgender agenda. To work there, one must affirm transgenderism and homosexual practice as part of a young person’s “authentic self.” “Even though we are educating staff and think they are on the same page, they may not be,” said Renee Trincanello, associate executive director at Covenant House Florida.

What do we know of Covenant House’s partner “True Colors”? True Colors “creates a welcoming environment for LGBTQ youth by using visual cues like safe space stickers, all gender restroom signs, and pronoun buttons.” That’s right, first-order business at Covenant House is everyone declaring the pronouns by which they want to be known, thereby coercing all others to accept faux transgender identity through mandatory speech. There can never be too much coercive indoctrination when pushing LGBT ideology.

Covenant House proudly declares on its website that “LGBTQ young people” should not only be kept “safe, housed,” but also “celebrated … not just accepted … for who they are” (emphasis theirs). So Chick-fil-A is not remaining neutral in the culture war but is siding with organizations that promote what God views as abhorrent. Yet CFA’s Vision Statement says the company exists first and foremost “to glorify God.”

Covenant House is also hardly a cash-strapped organization. According to GuideStar, it had gross receipts of $108.6 million in 2018, with donors including Walmart, Delta, PayPal, and the National Basketball Association. That doesn’t include all its various chapters in different states, provinces, and cities in the U.S. and Canada.

The New York chapter alone had gross receipts of $23.4 million, for instance, and California had $15.8 million. It has been raking in this kind of money for decades. Did CFA feel bad that Covenant House was raking in only this kind of dough, or was this a public relations outreach to mollify LGBT bullies?


Chick-fil-A Donated To Anti-Christian Southern Poverty Law Center

Tax records show Chick-fil-A donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in 2017, an anti-Christian group that lists any organization disavowing same-sex marriage as a “hate-group,” including churches, according to

According to the Chick-fil-A Foundation’s 2017 IRS 990 form, the fast-food corporation gave $2,500 to the SPLC. It was the SPLC that motivated a terrorist shooter in 2012 to launch an assault on the Family Research Council with a semi-automatic pistol, 100 rounds of ammo, and 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches.

“Southern Poverty Law [Center] lists anti-gay groups. I found them online,” said the shooter in an interrogation video made public by the FBI, adding that his plan was to “kill as many as possible and smear the Chick-fil-A sandwiches in victims’ faces, and kill the guard.”

Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council condemned the donations to SPLC and called for a Christian boycott of Chick-fil-A.

“Not only has Chick-fil-A abandoned donations to Christian groups including the Salvation Army, it has donated to one of the most extreme anti-Christian groups in America. Anyone who opposes the SPLC…is slandered and slapped with the ‘extremist’ label or even worse, their ‘hate group’ designation,” Perkins said. “It’s time for Christians to find a fast food alternative to Chick-fil-A.”