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Welcome to Atheism, Patriactionaries

Will’s recent post of a tweet about atheists reminded me to post this short post.

So here’s a little truth: the early Christians? To a man, atheists. Medieval Christians, when the West was called Christendom? Mostly not atheists. Will and I, especially when we visit our respective capitals we’ll call Mordor? Definitely atheists.

As Will’s post pointed out, atheism doesn’t mean “no God” but rather “against God.” Early Christians were all atheists when they would go to speak in cities, especially Greece. They spoke “a theos”, against the gods of the particular city that they were visiting, the ruling religion of the place. That they won all the Greek-speaking lands to Christ is one of the great victories of rhetoric and dialectic.

Will and I are sickened by the un-Christian world. Posts of girls mutilated after surgery reveal the asexual nature of the demons who have pushed this evil on parents whose secularism or weak Churchianity have left them defenseless against it. Those demons worship their lord, Satan, and they’ve gained a following amongst our secular elites.

The gods of DC, and of Ottawa, and of most of the cities of the former Christendom are not Christian. They’re not even Jewish or Muslim, our Abrahamic co-religionists who don’t yet have the full story. When we go into those places we are atheists, because worshipping their gods will lead to chaos on earth and soul death.


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On Chocolate and the Imitation of Christ

Cameron wrote in a comment to Will’s post on different types of milk chocolate as experienced by Will: “Jeez ya’ll sound like a bunch of women orgasming over freakin chocolate.”

Clearly, Cameron is trying to cadge a little from this Patriactionary for his own Road to Damascus conversion. Cerca, trova, Cameron; I will not send.

But Will touched on something in his note, especially with his having the good sense to know that the Michel Cluizel salted caramel bar is the best he has ever had. I have to agree and thank the Lord it’s expensive because it’s thoroughly irresistible. There might be a better milk chocolate bar on the planet, and I will continually evaluate them, but I’ve found no better.

Will also discussed beer. Famously, Ben Franklin once wrote that “Beer is proof that God loves us, and wants us to be happy.” As the Germans say: “Hopfen und Malz, Gott erhalts.” (Hops and malt express God’s essence.) And Will has the concept of lawnmower beer exactly correct: one of those cheap, lightly-flavored, adulterated-with-non-barley-malt brewed contraptions that hardly qualify as beer or quality ale. However, they, too, serve their purpose one a hot summer’s day when, iced and ignoring any flavor whatsoever, their alcohol content allows you to drink them at 32 degrees and slake a thirst. They resemble beer in having alcohol, some malt, and fizz, but cognoscenti know they’re not close.

John Zmirak once wrote that the Virgin Mary was in some ways more impressive than Jesus because Jesus, being God, COULDN’T sin, while Mary, being human, DIDN’T sin which was more of a challenge for a human, and so qualified for assumption into Heaven. Those two serve as role models of perfection to the rest of us, and those who approach them most closely my church designates with the recognition of Saint, as a human whose soul has been found fitting to dwell with God. I know if I had fasted for 40 days and Satan tempted me to turn stones into bread and I had the power to do so, I would do so: I couldn’t even resist the temptation of a Michel Cluizel Salted Caramel bar for 14 days if fully fed.

Jesus is the archetype for men, as Mary is for women. We will all fall short of the target, but some of us will come very close in this life and become Saints; we Papists believe most will hit the target like scoring in horseshoes and hand grenades, and be enough in the ballpark to gain access to Purgatory, where our souls will be made cleansed enough to someday be in God’s presence. But the striving after perfection, in chocolate and sanctity, is the only way we know to get closer to the bullseye.

Welcome to the world of good chocolate, Will.


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Religious Exemption Letter for Patriaction-Marys

This is a short but sweet one. There are any number of religious objections one can make to assert ones right to religious freedom (NOT to request an exemption), but I’ve recently found my favorite for wives of Patriactionaries, based on Ephesians 5. Simply state:

“My religion requires me to obey my husband and he has ordered me not to receive the jabb.”

It helps if your religious marriage ceremony included a promise to love, honor, and obey, but that’s not strictly necessary.

Imagine a leftist Karen reading this and having to sign off on it?! Any woman who would write that would have to have a quality of strength of spirit that every man should love.


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Custody Battles: Two Horrific Tales

We know WHY there’s such a battle between men and women over custody: the states have an incentive thanks to Republican Clay Shaw’s pursuing of “deadbeat dads” to break up families and assess child support against fathers, so states are actively incentivized to break up families.

“P.L. 105-200, the Child Support Performance and Incentive Act of 1998, established a revised
incentive payment system that provides incentive payments to states based on a percentage of the
state’s CSE collections and incorporates five performance measures related to establishment of
paternity and child support orders, collections of current and past-due support payments, and

Typically, Republican Ron Paul was THE ONLY Representative to vote against this. So states are rewarded for “establishment of … child support orders” meaning that if they keep families together, the bureaucrats in the Child Welfare Service lose funding. The Federal Government has done a lot of evil, but this might possibly be the worst in destroying children’s lives and taking them away from fathers who will protect them.

Two recent stories in the NY Post show that other lives are destroyed as well. First, a tale from North Carolina, where a murder-suicide took place. Dimitre Dimitrov, 64, allegedly killed his wife, MaryAnn Dimitrov, and himself at the Holly Tree Racquet Club in Wilmington last Tuesday evening.

Allegedly? Is the dead guy gonna sue for defamation? It could just be another tale from a domestic dispute, but the article goes further:

The estranged couple was in the middle of a custody battle over their 12-year-old-son, WECT reported.  The murder-suicide unfolded on the same day a court had approved an extension filed by Dimitrov in the custody battle, according to court records. Dimitrov and his wife had separated in September. Domestic violence orders filed by both Dimitre and MaryAnn had alleged physical and verbal abuse against each other. (emphasis added)

There’s always an incentive for parents to make false claims against each other. Throw money into the mix, and there’s even more.

The second tale is even sadder, and more gripping. I suggest you watch the video, and consider whether the man you see in it is a demon or a “brute” as the NY Post calls him, or a man who has been pushed too far. “I’ve been going through a custody battle … I’ve been going through having my ex-wife say I molested my kids and all kinds of craziness… been fighting for custody for three years… I started dating someone new and she got pregnant and threatened to do the same thing… ‘You never going to see your kids’...It’s the holidays, man, I don’t have no family, nothing… I just shot my ex-girlfriend in the head… I can’t go to prison, so, the person that really started all this is my ex-wife, so she next, and then I’m going to do myself too.” We then see an apartment door open and the presumable ex-wife run away inside.

The first line of the article says: “A Maryland man gunned down his ex-girlfriend in Baltimore and then killed his ex-wife

Some gang-banger with no respect for human life, you’d think. Except the story tells us “Both Wendy and Rajaee Black had worked as certified registered nurse anesthetists, according to the newspaper. Wendy Black was an employee at Howard County General Hospital for nearly five years, while Rajaee held a nurse anesthetist position at the US Department of Veterans Affairs.” Presumably a lower-middle-class black man trying to get by. And also seemed like a black man genuinely interested in having his children in his life. About the killings, he himself told us:

Um, felt like a dream. I never thought I would be that guy.

Broken child custody laws are going to create a lot more “that guy.” We pray for the souls of the dead, and for the children left orphaned.


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You cannot Comply your way out of Tyranny

That’s a quote from a man named grievingGod over at ZeroHedge. I wanted to add it to the comments on the Homage to Quiplinks post, but I’m not able to do so right now. We’ll get that sorted.

We make this post for Will Stewart, recently departed the land of bachelorhood for the bliss of wedded life. Unfortunately, Will’s bliss is disturbed by the state he lives under, the anarcho-tyrannical Canadian and especially Ontarian government. It’s been so damaging of traditional Canadian liberties that is was easy to believe a hoax (sourry, houax) like the one about the Canadian government banning the chant “Let’s go, Brandon.”

The problem is, what was ridiculous months ago too quickly becomes fact in today’s world. So I suggest our Canadian cousins start chanting “Let’s go Brandon, TOTALLY!” That will eventually trigger the government to clamp down on the phrase.

The next step would be for them to chant the letters “Ell-Gee-BEE-Tee” in memory of the now banned phrase. That will also incite the censors to ban that particular phrase.

First they ignore you. Then they fight you. Then you win.


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All Hail Florida Governor DeSantis

Courtesy of James Howard Kunstler, I excerpt with no comment:

This played out dramatically last week in a telephone parley between Mr. Biden and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over the governor’s refusal to lockdown his state. The world-famous Dr. Fauci was also on the call, in which Mr. Biden threatened to curtail American citizens travel to Florida by road and air — since an offshoot of Covid-19 policy has been to drive a huge demographic exodus from economically failing states of New York, Illinois, and California down there. He also threatened to withhold federal funding to Florida and deny the state access to Covid-19 vaccines. Dr. Fauci chimed in, “Governor, do you want to be responsible for reinfecting the nation? Truth is, we don’t even know how effective current vaccines are against the UK strain.”

DeSantis told Dr. Fauci he trusted his own state health authorities over financially incentivized federal officials. The conclusion of the conference call went like this:

  How much do you stand to earn from these vaccines, Dr. Fauci? And, Joe, if you continue with this course of action, I will authorize the state National Guard to protect the movement of Floridians,” DeSantis said.

“Address me as Mr. President or President Biden,” Biden said.

“I will not, and you can go fuck yourself,” DeSantis said before hanging up.


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Heroic Anti-Antifa Black People

I just thought I’d paste these two items here. In both cases, black people rejected the “gifts” of white radicals and upbraided them for threats to property. Now, that’s not because the threats to property are wrong in themselves, but because blacks would get blamed/maimed for the property damage. Still, it’s a start.

if you have any similar videos, kindly post in the comments.


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Three good things about the lockdown

We are not fans of the lockdown around here. We have posted links to studies from JP Morgan showing them to be ineffective, a giant bonfire of dollars probably only set ablaze so that the authorities would bail out Wall Street: there was no question that Congress would (unanimously!) pass the bailout bill this time, not when unemployment had hit over 20% instantly.

That said, I cannot help but notice three things about the lockdown for which I am thankful.

1) In March and April, I noticed a glow near sunset in my yard. I pondered the cause: maybe a neighbor had taken down a tree that was blocking late-afternoon sunlight? But then, as I drove around about the same time of day, I couldn’t help but notice that I was having a particularly bad time with the sun.

A few moments reflection revealed the source of the glow: the shutdown had cut so much traffic and industrial production down that the air was quite clean. So, first I’m thankful for the glory of creation; the glow was beautiful. Second, I’m thankful for the slightly polluted air of society because it’s really hard to drive with really clean air.

2) Hordes of businesses are “non-essential.” I was fortunate to be able to work from home, but I cannot even imagine the harm inflicted on people whose work is deemed “non-essential.” There’s the economic harm, and the frank separation into a category like what the National Socialists might call “useless eaters.”

One of these has been barbershops and beauty salons, near us. We might soon get permission from our overlords to risk a haircut; the one I got over 2 months ago is long in the tooth. But then, so is my wife’s, and every other woman’s hair. And it looks good. You grow, girl!

3) Meat shortages and supply chain disruptions caused me to be unable to buy my regular bacon brand. The only thing available was their Canadian Bacon.

Now, putting the adjective Canadian in front of any food is likely to cause the food to be perceived less well. This is, after all, the land of poutine and tarte au sucre, and Tim Horton’s as national obsession. But I have to commend the Canadians for affiliating their brand with this stuff. Yum. Even better when it’s actually made in the USA, of course: we don’t want to take a good thing to extremes. That would be Uncanadian.


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Must Read: Feminists versus Trans

I highly recommend a visit to TakiMag for the article T(y)ranny Triumphant, Part I: Transmenstrual Cyclists. It makes clear the stakes involved in the push for transsexuals everywhere.

Some Excerpts:

Conservatives sometimes speak of trannyism as a cult, but they get it backwards. They write as if it’s the trannies who are in the cult. No, the trannies are a tool to put us in a cult, a process that starts by changing our names. As cult guru Tim Conway (not the Dorf guy) writes in his manual for successful culting, name changes “help effect a psychological ‘death’ to the old ego-persona.”

A good cult leader always begins by assigning initiates a new name.

So, now we’re all named “cis.” We’re no longer “normal,” we’re “cis.” We’ve been renamed. Why? Because to the left it’s all about seeing how much we’re willing to take.

Recall here Theodore Dalyrymple’s comment on Stalinism:

“In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

There’s no question what’s going on. David Cole writes further:

You know that prison cliché about how on your first day behind bars you’re supposed to beat up the biggest, toughest brute in the yard? Take out the most feared enforcer, and the joint is yours? It works, at least in identity politics. The feminists got knocked cold. …
Yes, identity politics are useful; leftists have always played various groups against each other to destabilize nations. It’s a tactic. But eventually, devotion to the state has to take complete precedence over everything else.


Hence the left’s use of trannies to destroy the feminist will.


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Cultural Climate change

It’s one of those bizarre headlines beloved of the Social Justice Warrior left: “White Nationalism Is Destroying the West.” I won’t trouble you to take you through the article itself; its content is predictably uninspired.

There are some signs, again, that the progressives at the NYT are not in control of their huddled masses. For one, single women. One, named Peisinoe, writes:

I’m tired of this paper’s tireless apologia and blind defense of Islam.

This piece, like all others, conveniently fails to mention other ‘minor’ events such as the impact of massive, predominantly male, Muslim migration has on the freedom and security of women. As this paper constantly act as if the vast majority of Muslim men support freedom and equality of women.

The article forgets small facts like the mass sexual attacks of Cologne, where over one thousand ‘refugees’ (mostly North African economic migrants, about one thousand) organized themselves to openly sexually molest and rape over 600 women during the new Year’s Eve party.

The fact the NYT never really provided decent coverage of that event, or on the systemic (and generally legal) violence against women in Muslim cultures indicates its high level of comfort with a certain level of misogyny. It will no dare speak against its preferred ideologies even when entire countries treat 50% of their population as sub-human due to their gender.

You are so concerned with defending Islam that you turn a blind eye to the fact these men do NOT want gender equality, and probably never will – it indicates how you also view women as deserving second class citizenship. We – our bodies, our intellect, our freedom – are simply collateral damage to your ideology of tolerance for a culture of intolerance.

This shows the increasing fracture on the left: women encouraged to lead a life of sexual profligacy and childlessness by the cultural commissars are now realizing they have been used. Perhaps they can serve as an example to the next generations. We wish Peisinoe well; maybe her quiverful of children can vote against pro-Islam politicians?

But more to the point is the argument made by one Tucson Geologist. First, we note that there is an explicitly Biblical requirement to care for creation. We prefer the KJV phrasing: “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”

What this dominion means is further refined in Genesis 2: “When God placed the first man in the garden of Eden, it was to ‘work it and watch over it’. Adam was commanded to take care of the earth, to fill and cultivate the rest of it following after the example God had given him in the garden.” So we are called to be stewards of creation, meaning an environmental concern is not foreign to the Patriactionary.

In this light, we note what Tucson Geologist said: “I am supposed to care deeply about global warming and how it will adversely affect our environment in 100-150 years. But I am not supposed to think about how a large Muslim population will affect our civic culture in 100-150 years?”

And there is a logic so clear as to be breathtaking. As reactionaries, we aren’t trying to preserve the knowledge inherent in ancient ways of doing things. Rather, we are engaged in fighting Cultural Climate Change.

Use it on your favorite liberal this week!



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