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The globo sanitary dictatorship is child abuse




Texas has fallen


In North Wales, must be 18 to buy flour, eggs

On my Random Weirdness blog and then reblogged on my defunct Anarcho-Tyranny blog, a few years back, I linked a now-deleted tweet that then said one must be 16 to buy flour and eggs in the U.K.:

Here’s a reference to such a law over there:

Well, now, in North Wales, the age has been raised to 18:

Googling, one finds it’s to stop ‘Hell Night’ vandalism ahead of Halloween in particular.

But, strangely to my Canadian eyes, it appears these bans are police initiatives rather than either legislative or internal store policies.




Hey, after a hard day of work as a Manitoba Tory government cabinet minister, he surely deserves to stay up late at night relaxing, and let his wife shovel after her nurse night shift at the hospital, after a hard day of making TikTok videos in an empty ICU ward because WuFlu. 😉

And now, some dark humour


Brandon, most popular president evar


Nurses in scrubs now making TikTokish Christmas musical vids from the White House itself


“It’s ‘Ma’am’!”