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Bacha bazi still exists, despite U.S. presence

Read the whole thread…

Why we fight, part 1
It makes a fella proud.


They can fantasize, but no Moses will ever lead them sashaying across the Red Sea on dry ground

If only…

Јаո. 6 was an inside job

Of course; feds all the way down…


Ça, c’est bon!

Merde alors!

WuFlu рlаndеmіс lосkdоwn / Grеаt Rеѕеt ongoing supply chain issues

Many responses in the comments on that post; lots of industries affected…

Why still?

It’s been a year; hasn’t the marketplace had enough time to adjust?

Or… is this deliberate?

Is that why they’re pushing eating bugs on us?


Sinn Fein’s new ‘Uniting Ireland’ Easter Eggs only available in Belfast


How does one say ‘cock-up’ in Irish? 😉

Them terrorists have fallen on hard times; reduced to shilling milk chocolate! 😉


Yeah, really!


First anniversary of this WuFlu рlаndеmіс lосkdоwnѕ bullshit

Income tax was supposed to be a temporary, WWI measure too.

We’re still stuck with that…


His Chavness, BoJo the Clown

Honk, honk!🤡🌍


“A Republic – if you can keep it”, but it became an empire, like Rome…