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“Get him!”

He don’t miss!

Éric Zemmour, the French dissident-right phenomenon

Éric Justin Léon Zemmour (born 31 August 1958) is a French far-right essayist, political journalist and writer. His anti-liberal and anti-immigration positions, as well as the numerous controversies he has been involved in, are notorious in his homeland. With the publication of The French Suicide (French: Le Suicide français) in 2014, a book for which he was awarded the Prix Combourg-Chateaubriand the following year, he gained popularity outside of France. He also received the Prix Richelieu in 2011 for the whole of his career as a journalist.


Éric Zemmour was born in Montreuil, then in Seine, nowadays in Seine-Saint-Denis, on 31 August 1958, to an Algerian[5][6] family that came to metropolitan France during the Algerian War.[7] He identifies as a Jew of Berber origin,[8] and above all as a French Jew. He grew up in Drancy and later in the Paris district of Château Rouge.


A Pied-Noir! And a Jewish Berber one at that!

Aux armes, citoyens!


“We may not know who won the 2024 election for decades!”

Americans are being softened up for the complete abolition of elections.

He’s either sending a message to ex-wife Mackenzie, or rival Elon




Send in the clowns

Isn’t it rich…

Honk, honk!


Did not see that coming

Colbert must be pissed!

Remember the names; when reaction comes, they must go on trial for crimes against humanity

In a functional order, they’d already have been arrested; as it is, they’ll suffer no consequences – for now…


BBC bemoans ‘presenteeism’ still with us despite WuFlu telecommuting

The BBC recently posted an essay on presenteeism, defined at Wikipedia thus: “Presenteeism or working while sick is the act or culture of employees continuing to work as a performative measure, despite having reduced productivity levels or negative consequences.”

As can be seen, they whine about it still being an issue.

As long as there is office work, I suspect there will be presenteeism, as many people’s office work – not all, but many’s – may be of a kind that either (a) doesn’t require actually putting in eight hours a day of actual work, or (b) has so much work that one can never actually complete it all, and is overwhelming therefore.

Either way, employees will make sure their bosses see they are at work, since it’s one way bosses use to evaluate productivity, however poor it may be, other than merely output. Especially in a feminized workplace, endless meetings and the like can take up the time of productive actual work, again either because there isn’t that much work, or there’s too much expected, so it’s another way of carving out breaks from doing real work.

I’m sure many folks have dreamed they could do this sort of thing:

With telework, you CAN have a virtual steaming cup of coffee; e.g. send emails at 8:00 am and 9:00 pm. 😉


Deport her back