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Tories hire former Huawei VP for big role; now link to petition to ban Huawei on Tory site is gone

Liberal, Tory; same old story.

To hell with the Lib-Cons.


Female marine lies about sex assault, gets male marine canned; turns out she’s an OnlyFans thot

I actually hope the guy doesn’t get reinstated, because better off not fighting for the Imperium.


No borders, no wall: no USA at all…


Will they send the troops home now? Nah…


Oh look, the press is shrieking about incels again


Brazilians prefer Nordic babies

They evidently didn’t get the prog SJW / BLMAntifa memo that white is bad. 😉


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That was dumb, but so is she

I think Hillary should try running again in 2028. 😉


I agree with the professor

I used to wonder what it would be like to live through the decline and fall of an empire.

Welp. Now we know…


Haven’t watched it in years, but apparently the Simpsons has gone full Woke now

Not surprised; I am familiar with Matt Groening’s ‘Life in Hell’ comic; it’s not much of a leap from that to this.

Too bad. Old Simpsons was pretty good, as was Futurama.

But progs gonna prog…


Baltimore is a shithole