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The headlines these days if Trump was still in office


United States of Fear


Hey little girls with two moms: you can become a janissary for the imperium, too, just like Emma!

Animated agitprop that fuzzy probably won’t like, despite its excellent production values. 😉

Notice they have to include a victim story, one of her moms has an accident that leaves her paralyzed, with fears she might never walk again, “but she tapped into my family’s pride, to get back on her feet!”

Woke Magical Thinking at its finest!

Or rather, ‘Universal mental retardation’, as Shiva Naipaul said and KMG often quotes…


In a sane, civilized country he’d be charged with murder, not manslaughter

The idea that a slur should make you so mad you lose control and attack someone, causing their death, is absurd.

We used to say “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”, but apparently we don’t uphold that as something to strive for. (I know, slurs do cause emotional pain. But you should strive to not let them hurt you, but dismiss them and the person who hurls them at you, considering the source.)

There have of course been many actual cases of outright murder, through stabbing or shooting, as well as beating like this, in response to be called that word.

People act as if that word is a magic incantation that causes those so called to lose all control of themselves and lash out violently at those who say it.

No word has that power, unless one lets it.

In which case, the problem is with that person, more than the one who insulted them.


Good news from Texas

Good. If you’re so ‘Beyond’ something, why even reference it? 😉

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Biden admin’s great ‘achievement’


“a petulant child sitting in judgment of you while imagining they’re virtuous”

Of course! Governments always have money to erect their idols.

Go, Υаnց and АΟС, and do likewise

And then deport the foreign-born among them!
Yas, moar intersectional conflict within Dems, pleez! 😂

Superstition kills


Building back / re-setting to the 1970s…