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The Scale of Russian Brexit Interference!


Advertisements from long, long ago — relationship savers edition

BoB shares some amusing old ads, that would not fly today. 🙂

bluebird of bitterness

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How You Can Be A Better Ally To White People


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Siberian serenades sweetheart from a dangling van

Alpha or beta? Romantic, anyway, I guess…

A young man in the Siberian city of Biysk has made up with his girlfriend in spectacular fashion by serenading her from a van – suspending by a crane outside her third-floor bedroom window.

Neighbours on Leningradskaya Street took to the Vkontakte social media site to report a lorry with a crane hoisting the van high into the rainy morning sky, with some hoping the police would “stick it” to the driver when they turned up.

But it gradually dawned that this was a special occasion, as the van was decorated with balloons. And when Yelena Gorbunova opened her window to see what was going on, she came face to face with her ex-sweetheart Alexander bearing flowers, gifts and a card to mark her 29th birthday, while a saxophonist below played her favourite song – the Aerosmith hit Dream On.

She told Russia’s Metro newspaper that Alexander “often surprises me with presents, but never before like this!” She said they split up three weeks earlier after going steady for a year, and the romantic gesture has persuaded her to “make up with him”.

Well, good luck to them.

Dream on! 🙂


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Millennial Chick Can’t Stop Having Sex with Trump Supporters


Of course, she could, if she’d stop being a slut, but that’s impossible for millennial progs.


Even in a disaster no one wants the vegan food

Well, who can blame them? 🙂


White polo shirts = white power?

You can’t make this shit up

The white polo shirt: how the alt-right co-opted a modern classic

From its roots in the worlds of polo and tennis, through Ralph Lauren and the rap scene, the white polo shirt is a garment loaded with aspiration. For the white supremacists who marched on Charlottesville, it acted, chillingly, as a uniform

Blah blah blah…

And remember, milk is now a ‘dog whistle’

Imagine how triggered they’d be if white men wore white polo shirts while drinking white milk…

Someone oughta organize a Million White Men White Shirt White Milk march… 😉