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Don’t call it a ‘BluesFest’ if the majority of the artists performing there aren’t blues musicians

Call it PopularMusicOfVariousUnrelatedDifferentGenresFest or whatever else; don’t ride the coat-tails of a musical tradition that you clearly cared nothing about, and were okay with smothering and covering with music (or even hip-hop) not even remotely related to the original purpose of the event, just to make more money.


Fashionable armbands?


Musical Interlude: “Traditional Irish Folk Song”, by Denis Leary


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Based Danish comedian destroys Sweden on TV

(Hat tip: Sanne)


“New Germans? We’ll make them ourselves!”


Pepsi CEO generates publicity for Doritos by pretending to considering releasing a female version, with less crunchiness and messiness

Smart gal; as usual, social media did her work for her.


Brilliant PR move; let the SJW extremists do your campaign for you… 😉


Gayla Peevey – I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas


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