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When the reaction comes, we definitely should have this, for all of the traitorous elites

I’m only partially kidding; they have to be made to pay for their crimes one way or another, whether judicially or extra-judicially… 😉



Tourists on a tiki bar tour boat on a Canadian body of water…

The missus and I be away for nine days, celebrating our first anniversary…

Talk amongst yourselves; open thread here…

ElectricAngel will hold down the fort. 🙂

Later, brethren / sistren! 🙂


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Untitled poem about Elon




A good reason


The Sun has fun


Why isn’t ‘crutch-fighting’ a ‘sport’?

I find this more amusing than anything. I wanna see more ‘crutch fights’! 😉

France goes dark because Uke support


A valid fear, sow!