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‘Wokandans’ is a perfect descriptor

Wakanda doesn’t exist and never will; neither does the utopia envisioned by the Woke.

Though they are bent on making our civilization not exist, either…


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If you can afford the time and money to do it, sure

Haven’t lived, but have visited three ancestral homelands; my mom’s Caribbean country, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Travelled extensively, and did stay at family in my maternal homeland, further got to know my living relatives there. In Northern Ireland, my dad and I did genealogical research, going over old microfilms of old church records, etc.

Certainly worthwhile, does teach you about your roots, your heritage.

Enjoyed in all three cases.

No desire to visit my mom’s ancestors’ homeland, India. Too hot, smells like shit, too crowded, corpses floating in rivers, rats overrunning temples, sectarian violence, Third World slum ugliness and poverty and misery, diseases, and I don’t speak more than a handful of words of Hindi, so just no interest.

(Similarly, with increased crime problems, haven’t revisited my mom’s country in over a quarter century.)

How many of you have spent time travelling or even living in your ancestral homelands?

What was your experience like?

Open thread for this subject; please no off-topic comments, thanks.


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Dumb bint

Enjoy your cats and ice cream, bottle blondie neo-connie!


You wear underwear; why not a hardhat?


India-China clashing is funny

Pass the popcorn, pleez. 🙂


Hey pederasts and progs in general: pizza is ours again now


Rick Wilson BTFO’d by Domino’s

This is your brain on Trump Derangement Syndrome, folks.


where it says protesters are supposed to be polite

in the 1st Amendment…

take that, Fredo!

you’ve been BTFO’d by a raw ramen eater 😉


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