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Poland to phase out Sunday shopping by 2020

Seems like the government listened to the bishops:

Polish MPs have approved a bill that will phase out Sunday shopping by 2020.

Initially proposed by trade unions, the idea received the support of the ruling conservative Law and Justice Party, who want to allow workers to spend more time with their families.

The Sejm, the lower house of Poland’s parliament, passed the bill by 254 to 156 to restrict Sunday shopping to the first and last Sunday of the month until the end of 2018, only on the last Sunday in the month in 2019, and to ban it totally starting in 2020. It will still be permitted, however, on the Sundays before major holidays such as Christmas. Some bakeries and online shops will also be exempt.

Praise God!

And may He bless Poland!


Good news from Europe

Srdja Trifkovic reminds us, though things seem grim, there is hope:

The game is not up, however.  While visiting all six key European countries and a dozen smaller ones in recent months, I’ve detected a Stimmung of resistance to the shackles of postmodernia and Cultural Marxism.  That impression has been validated by a string of remarkable political developments this fall.

On October 24, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán—who supports the creation of a “migrant-free zone” in Central Europe—rejected the changes to the E.U. asylum system that had been adopted by the European Parliament four days earlier.  He sees this as the execution of the “Soros Plan” to flood Europe with an unlimited number of migrants: All 28 member states would be forced to accept “asylum seekers” against the will of their people.  Orbán’s spokesman confirmed that Budapest would reject the plan because it would amount to the “opening up of the European Union’s external borders.”  Orbán’s position is supported by over two-thirds of Hungarians.

Andrej Babiš, the “Czech Donald Trump,” has become Bohemia’s prime minister following the triumph of his party, the Association of Dissatisfied Citizens (ANO), in the election of October 21.  He is openly contemptuous of the E.U. apparat, sympathetic to Russia and Putin personally, and resolutely opposed to accepting “a single refugee.”  Babiš will easily find common ground with the Czech President Miloš Zeman, one of Europe’s few top-tier Trump supporters, who also opposes immigration and has described Islam as an “anti-civilization.”

Next door in Austria, the general election on October 15 was won by the conservative Austrian People’s Party.  Led by 31-year-old Sebastian Kurz, it was (at the time of this writing) on path to form a coalition with the “far-right” Freedom Party of Heinz-Christian Strache, a staunch opponent of the Muslim invasion.  Both want stronger borders and drastic reductions in immigration, and both agree that there is no place for political Islam in Austria.

On October 7, more than a million Poles lined the country’s 2,000-mile-long border with lit candles to pray for the salvation of their country.  That day, as it happens, was the Roman Catholic Feast of the Holy Rosary, established by Pope Pius V in 1571 as “Our Lady of Victory” after the Holy League triumphed over the Muslim fleet at the Battle of Lepanto.  The “Rosary on the Borders” was both a spiritual event and a clear statement of the political will of the Polish people.  On the same day Poland’s President Andrzej Duda warned that the E.U. insistence on ordering member countries to accept migrants could lead to the union’s disintegration.

The most important event of the season was the German general election on September 24.  The cozy bipartisan Christian Democrat–Social Democrat racket is over.  Alternative für Deutschland has entered the Bundestag with 12.6 percent of the vote and over 90 deputies.  This is an immensely important development.  The AfD is the first authentically oppositional party to enter the diet since the Federal Republic came into being in 1949.  It is the first party to represent millions of Germans who are sick and tired of not being allowed to express their views on the meaning of being German.

So, we can still hope and pray. All is not lost yet…


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‘Ten Commandments Judge’ Roy Moore Wins Alabama Primary Runoff for U.S. Senate

‘Ten Commandments Judge’ Roy Moore Wins Alabama Primary Runoff for U.S. Senate

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, also known as the “Ten Commandments Judge,” has won the state primary runoff for the U.S. Senate, significantly defeating his opponent Luther Strange despite President Trump’s endorsement of Strange.

As of press time, with 92 percent of precincts reporting, Moore had obtained 54 percent of the vote versus 45 percent for Strange.

Strange has conceded the race, remarking in a statement, “I congratulate Roy Moore on the result this evening. May God be with him and may God continue to bless Alabama and the United States of America.”

He also thanked President Trump and Vice President Pence for their support.

Trump himself congratulated Moore upon learning the results of the race, tweeting, “Congratulations to Roy Moore on his Republican Primary win in Alabama. Luther Strange started way back & ran a good race. Roy, WIN in Dec!”

Moore, while thanking his supporters Tuesday night, also gave thanks foremost to God, noting that he never prayed to God to win, but rather asked that the Lord’s will would be done. He said that it is not good for a man to think that he won on his own, and noted that losing is sometimes good for a person.

“[T]here’s nothing too great for God. For one day every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain or hill shall be made low. The crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain. And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it,” Moore said, quoting from the book of Isaiah.

“We’re put here on earth for a short time, and for that short time, our duty is to serve Almighty God and serve Him in all things,” he also declared. “[W]e have to return the knowledge of God and the Constitution of the United States to the United States Congress.”

Moore lamented the division that is sweeping America, but expressed optimism that God can restore the country to its former “greatness.”

“This is a time for victory. It’s a time to remember the struggles we’ve gone through. But it’s also a time to rededicate our lives to God, and to our Constitution and to our country, [and] to our families,” he said.

Moore generated widespread support from evangelicals both statewide and nationwide, including James Dobson of Focus on the Family and Franklin Graham of Samaritan’s Purse. Several former White House cabinet members also appeared at Moore’s rallies, including Sebastian Gorka, an intelligence analyst who served as an advisor to President Trump, and former Chief of Staff Steve Bannon.

As previously reported, Moore is known as the “Ten Commandments Judge” as he was ousted from the Alabama Supreme Court in 2003 following a battle over a Ten Commandments monument he had erected in the high court’s rotunda.

He was reelected by the people in 2012 as chief justice, but the Alabama Court of the Judiciary suspended him again last year following a trial over a memo he released in 2016, advising that his colleagues had not reversed a decision prohibiting probate judges from issuing marriage licenses to homosexuals as per the Alabama Constitution. After the suspension was upheld in April, Moore resigned and soon announced his run for U.S. Senate.

So even Trump’s endorsement (due to Trump’s apparent decision to go along with Mitch McConnell) of Strange couldn’t stop Moore. And thankfully so, since Moore is more in the stick-it-to-the-left spirit of Trump than Strange was, and despite the MSM trying to spin this as a defeat for Trump, it’s clear from the social media SJW freakout that Moore is more of a threat to them.

Culture War can be waged back!


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Even in a disaster no one wants the vegan food

Well, who can blame them? 🙂


To give credit where due…

… good on Trump for two things recently: rolling back the scope of America’s actions in Syria (moving away from toppling the Assad regime as the supreme goal) and trolling the progs and neo-cucks with his Twitter-announced ban on transgendered serving in the military. It’s most revealing to once again see not only progs losing it over Trump’s tweet, but also the neo-cons, and crunchy con bearded Orthodox hipster Rod Dreher.

And we know that no other Republican would have dared gone there.

But Trump did.

Moar of this, please.


Romania Close to Ban on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

Romania Close to Ban on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

The Romanian Chamber of Deputies has voted in favor of a proposal to amend the Constitution to ensure that marriage is defined as the union of one man and one woman.

The proposal, led by a group called Coalition for Family, passed with 232 votes in favor, 22 against and 13 abstentions. The group had collected three million signatures in support of this initiative last year.

The Romanian Constitution defines the family as the “freely consented marriage between spouses.” It was written during an earlier period in its history when “spouses” always implied marital relationships as between one man and one woman.

Good on Romania!


A Happy and Blessed Easter, to all!

Hallelujah, for the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth, Hallelujah! The Kingdom of this world is become the Kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he shall reign for ever and ever, Hallelujah! King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, and he shall reign for ever and ever, Hallelujah!

(Revelation 19:6; 11:15; 19:16)


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