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Hear, hear, Hitchens!


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Resistance in the U.K. and, of all places, Sweden


Russia helps Italy

Because they can, and they kick ass:

The stickers on the fuselage said “From Russia with Love”. The statements from the Kremlin were similarly effusive as Moscow sent nine military planes loaded with medical equipment and specialists to Italy this weekend, as the country battles the worst coronavirus outbreak in Europe.
Under EU sanctions since 2014 and castigated as a dangerous neighbour by many in Brussels, Russia has nevertheless sought to maintain good ties with Italy. It is now seizing an opportunity to underline its close relations with one of the EU’s most important countries amid bickering between member states over export bans on medical equipment and delays to financial support programmes.

Good for them!

Putin is great! 🙂


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Life in Russia goes on as normal; number of cases comparable to Ontario, Canada despite ten times the population

From the John Hopkins COVID-19 database, at present:

Confirmed: 438
Deaths: 1
Recovered: 17
Active: 420

This is comparable to my province:

Ontario, Canada
Confirmed: 425
Deaths: 5
Recovered: 0
Active: 420

But Ontario has only 14.57 million people, while Russia has 144.5 million, 10 x as many…

As always, Putin has been doing right and good.


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‘Distanced’ block party

Cheers! 🙂

Go, thou, and do likewise! 😉


On the bright side…


Northern Italian city Ferrara hasn’t had a single plague death since 1576, nor coronavirus today

They’ve long had a strategy, detailed here.


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