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Now that WuFlu victim and antiWuFluVaxer has integrity; still says he wouldn’t have taken the jab: God bless him!

May he recover fully, and speak at rallies! 🙂

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Do you really need to pander to Florida’s ‘Amen Corner’, DeSantis? Sheesh!

C’mon; I dislike them too, but I also dislike those who dislike them just because Israel.


Fuck Sportsball, esp. WokeSportsBall, anyway.

Sad to report, Bill Burr has been Them-d

Bill, Bill, what happened? You’ve become one of Them now. Traitor.

Anyway, fuck Sportball, and all its celeb fans, too.


Your whoring with that gangsta cost your daddy his life, you little whore

Girls’ following their ‘tingles’ sometimes are the death of them or those around them…

(And yes, I know the guy was pursuing her, but he obviously knew her beforehand, probably from a party…)


They are of their Father, i.e. the Father of Lies

Q. How do you tell when a prog is lying?

A. Its lips move.


Welp, good recovery, toots…



Might miss out on working with a washed-up has-been ’80s actor? Perish the thought!


Sean Penn, I re-christen thee: Sean Pathetic.


C’mon, man!