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Corruption in Orange County


What Cultural Marxism takes young women and turns them into, illustrated; before and after pics

Start here, scroll down (ignore top one, as that’s apparently an actress in a role on the right).

Weep for our civilization, then pray for it, then fight for it.


‘Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ Scene Deemed Racist by Some Viewers

This is why we can’t have nice things, like civilization

“Watching Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving is hard knowing they put my n— Franklin at the end of the table by himself,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving as I always do and I’m tight [as f—] every year because they give Franklin a freaking folding pool chair to sit on while everyone else has a comfy chair,'” another user commented.

One particular scene did not sit well with viewers as the Peanuts cast united for the holiday feast when Franklin, the only African American member of the cast sits on his own on one side of the table.

The confusing seating arrangement for the dinner left many viewers concerned as to what message the vintage television special showed its younger audiences.

“How come Franklin, Charlie Brown’s only black friend, sits alone on the other side of the table? And in a lawn chair,” another user commented.

Not ‘woke’ enough, even though included, and with a comfy lawnchair rather than an uncomfortable wooden one; a guest of honour, it would seem to me, but treated different so no good, apparently. In hindsight, Schulz should never have bothered to write Franklin; let this be a lesson to future cartoonists…




Yeah, really!

Google searches turn up nothing…


Why do American election results today take so long to fully tally up?

In Canada, with old-fashioned paper ballots, we still manage to have results the same day, in any given election.

In America, machines are used, which ought to make the process faster in theory, and I understand there never used to be delays like there are now, but now, despite modern technology, it takes forever for some results to come in, and there’s contesting results which hardly seem that close, and on it goes…

Why, you’d think there was widespread electoral fraud going on, baked right into the process!

But that couldn’t be it, could it… 😉


The delightful spectacle of prog fear

(Hat tip.)

May their fears be realized, soon! 😉


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