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What they believe


Fashionable armbands?


‘Merica’s ‘Finest’

(I know DC’s not a state, pedants…)



An idea far too sensible to ever be implemented

Plus it doesn’t sell newspapers:


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Reasons for some optimism?


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U.S. government creates health division for ‘religious freedom’

Great news!

The U.S. government will create a division within its health agency that focuses on guaranteeing “conscience and religious freedom” for health workers who say their beliefs prevent them from carrying out abortions and other procedures.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement on Thursday that the creation of the new division in its Office of Civil Rights would give it “the focus it needs to more vigorously and effectively enforce existing laws protecting the rights of conscience and religious freedom.”


The effort is likely to please conservative Christian activists, many of whom voted for President Donald Trump, and congressional Republicans but upset reproductive rights advocates and Democrats.


Politico reported on Wednesday that the department is aiming to give protections for workers who do not want to provide abortions, care for transgender patients, or perform other procedures because of moral or religious grounds.


The division would enforce that protection and conduct compliance reviews, audits and other enforcement actions to ensure that health care providers are allowing workers with religious or moral objections to opt out.


Trump last May signed an executive order called “Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty”, which was followed by new rules aimed at removing a legal mandate that health insurance provide contraception. The creation of the division is in accordance with that order, according to HHS documents.

Good on Trump!


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Tech boyz’ sex club


The rich are different.

They always have been.

We know that.

I suppose it’s perhaps amusing (and/or galling) to consider that those who are so ‘progressive’ at work are different in their personal lives, but again, always been the case with the rich.

(But then the same is true with harder leftists, for that matter; the trope of the girlfriend-beating antiwar hippie, as noticed in pop culture by e.g. ‘Forrest Gump’, exists for a reason.)

It also doesn’t surprise that those who were overlooked by girls / women in high school / college/uni, who are now so rich they can have as many as they want, do so.

Ms. Chang sympathizes with the women-folk in tech, of course, and blames men, patriarchy, etc.

I have no sympathy for them. If they go to these parties, they either know what they’re getting into, or at the very least, they find out soon, and they have a chance to bolt; surely, keeping one’s personal integrity is more important than keeping one’s career.

If not, tough luck; suck it up, buttercup.

You made your choice, now live with it.

I suppose less women will want to go into tech now, after reading this.

Can’t say I blame them.

Can’t say I really care, though.

Not my problem.

The rich are different.

They always have been.