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BigBiz, GOP likely reaction to the end of RvW


C’mon, real Texans! Stop them!


Good ones, Bethany and Pedro!

Who knew, when the Handmaid’s Tale came true, it would be Alphabeti males oppressing wymyns? 😉


Attempted insurrection in Arizona?


Sportsball fanatics reveal their faith


Too close to be satire, Bee


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NTFah r back


Pro-Life Weakness

Pro-Life Weakness

Excellent commentary.


Praise God, Roe v Wade is dead.

At a national level, this is a sort of repentance for 60 years of genocide*, but there is a lot of work to do. There are three major areas of weakness I’ve seen in the pro-life movement that will now come into play as we move to the next phase of this war.

Note that henceforth on this blog, I’ll be referring to “abortion” as baby-murder and “abortion doctors” as baby-murderers. Euphemisms be damned.

False Innocence

Many pro-lifers have long used a sort of legal immunity to help hunt down baby-murderers. When mothers go and hire a baby-murderer, they lose the incentive to report the act because they’ll be self-incriminating. This is hardly unique to baby-murder, but it is a strategy used by some. I am not commenting on this strategy here.

Another fairly large subset of pro-lifers see this legal immunity as

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The PRIDE cruisers get updated new flags with T, BeeEllEm colors incorporated, of course

See the flag decals on the hood and the trunk…

Woke Capitalism, the enemy of the people