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Masked sow twerks for culture of death


Thanks for cursing her, Hill!


Capeshitters endorse Biden


Dems upset dead man’s vote won’t count


He jacked off because it was a jack-off exercise


Prog ‘logic’


BigTech’s fakenews disinfo agitprop continues


How 2020


Someone should ask Joe about this

I beg to differ, Joe.

I will speak ill of the dead, same as the living: your dead son sucked just like your live son still does, just like you always have and still do.

The apple never falls far from the tree.


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Biden insulted Poland and Hungary, lumping them in with Belarus as ‘totalitarian regimes’

I know it doesn’t really matter what eastern Europeans think about American presidents to Americans, but the media and never Trumpers etc. would have you believe Trump has been a foreign policy disaster and that Biden would be a return to normalcy.

Not necessarily…