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Black ‘pastor’ centres his antiwhite hate

Why should whites follow ‘leadership’ of those who hate them / look down upon them?

Lincoln Log Project mocks DeSantis’ footwear


More important than that attention-grabber’s actions are people’s reactions to the message


Story from last year: rate of Californians moving to Florida increasing

The question is, are these going to be more De Santis voters, or more Nikki Fried voters?

i.e. are they all refugees from Commiefornia who mostly don’t have Commiefornia values, or ones who sadly still mostly do?

Will they turn Florida into Commiefornia East?


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“IOW, WaPo op desk”



Peer Review & The Continuous Formation Of The Expertocracy

Great piece by Bill Briggs:


Failed comedian but successful CEO upset at McD’s because… rayciss!

Story and commentary here:

Posted September 30, 2022.

David T. Wright: It’s tough being McDonald’s these days. On the one hand you’ve got the FTC coming after you following complaints by franchise owners that they’re forced to buy ice cream machines that don’t work. Then your CEO is caught diddling the staff, against company policy, and has to be fired, with ensuing legal headaches. Then there are the accusations that you target young blacks and other people of color in your advertising and force them to eat your food, damaging their health. On top of that, some of those same young people of color seem to think that it’s okay to go berserk and tear up your place or shoot your employees because they’re not happy about the service, or they’re offended by another customer, or just for fun. And just to put the cherry on the cake, you get sued by a billion-dollar “black-owned business” not because you advertise too much to blacks, but because you advertise too little.

That’s right. Allen Media Broadcasting, run by a black man named Byron Allen (who calls himself a “comedian, producer, media mogul, and philanthropist”), is complaining that it is suffering discrimination by McDonald’s. McDonald’s, it seems, has violated “civil rights” laws by not buying the required amount of advertising from Allen Media.

Just to be clear, Allen Media is a big entertainment and news media conglomerate. It owns the Weather Channel, the Weather Channel En Espanol, Comedy TV, Cars TV, ES TV (whatever that is), and five other channels. Also, according to its website, it produces successful movies. This is not your basic little YouTube channel, and Mr. Allen does not seem to be hurting for money. After all, he calls himself a “mogul.” Nevertheless, he feels injured because, he says, McDonald’s has relegated his enterprises to an “African-American tier” of their advertising budget, because of the race of its founder and CEO:

This is about economic inclusion of African American-owned businesses in the U.S. economy. McDonald’s takes billions from African American consumers and gives almost nothing back. The biggest trade deficit in America is the trade deficit between White corporate America and Black America, and McDonald’s is guilty of perpetuating this disparity. The economic exclusion must stop immediately.

I’m not sure what Allen means by “gives nothing back.” Does he mean that black people hand over their money, expecting a Big Mac and fries, and get nothing? If so, why do they keep going back? Do they drive up to the window and just throw cash at the clerk and drive away empty-handed? If they do, whose fault is that?

Despite the fact that this lawsuit looks like a blatant shakedown, it seems the federal judge hearing the case doesn’t see it that way. If it’s successful, it will open up a whole new vista for race grifters, making Jesse Jackson’s Operation Push look small time. Pretty soon there will be mandatory quotas called “voluntary goals,” under which businesses of all sizes will be required to hand over a portion of their operating expenses to “black-owned” operations, most of them existing for just that purpose. And so America’s descent into Third World status will accelerate.

Meanwhile, I’m a little hazy on how buying advertising from Allen Media will address this “trade deficit” with Black America. Will Mr. Allen use the funds to give money to black people who need it, or will he spend them on a new corporate jet? Perhaps he’ll drive around poor black neighborhoods in the comfort of his stretch limo — no doubt with a built-in bar — throwing money to a grateful crowd, like a Roman emperor at a triumph. Ω

I remember, back in the ’90s, Byron Allen launched his own late-night show, thinking he could ride on Arsenio Hall’s coattails, as the next successful black American late-night T.V. host

He couldn’t, because he was dull and boring.

Now, he’s a successful businessman; I had no idea!

But he’s a whiner, because rayciss!

I don’t like when I am forced to feel sympathy for McD’s.

Actually, no, I don’t.

Screw ’em both.


You’ve lost control of your gоyіѕh pets, tооtѕ…


‘Вrоѕ’ director butthurt us straights won’t see his movie, even though in past he said he doesn’t want us seeing his movies; even some fellow gehz don’t like either because too Ԝоkе

It’s wonderful to see their power slipping.
If only…

Anyway, this guy is so dumb, he forgets in the past, he expressed his hate for straights:

But even non-Woke gehz don’t like it:

So, bash straights, then make a movie not appealing to 96+% of the population, AND alienate some chunk of your own community, then be surprised few see it and lash out in a pissy hissy sissy fit about it.



All that they can be