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How it started: “It takes a village”; how it’s going:


Biden was going to ‘elevate the tone’ of discourse in the Oval Office, right?

Whenever I am tempted to feel sorry for this senile buffoon, I remember his nasty thuggish ways, and his little-girl-hair-sniffing, and instead I feel utter contempt.


C’mon, Ameroman Imperium! Take on the whole world at once, while you’re at it!

Four more wars! Four more wars!

They keep trying to make ‘Italianx’ a thing

Listen, Ms. / Mx Chino / China / Chinx… You don’t want the wrath of the ‘Amici’ upon your Woke ‘AAPI’ ass! Why, look how angry Mr. Iannazzo got! Like Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk, you wouldn’t like them when they’re angry!

This is not a thing, but they keep trying to make it one…


Only economists, warmongering neo-cons, chief medical officers and weathermen can be wrong >50% of the time and not lose their jobs

The only BOOM! is the implosion of the economy…

Come the reaction, anyone who makes untrue forecasts must lose their head – just like in olden times! 😉


The wages of diversity, part X


Don’t do that

Yeah don’t do that.


No; buy it all, empty the shelves!

They want you to ration? Do the opposite! 🙂

So it’s fake


Of course not; it’s Churchianity, and its proponents are worse than useless

I know, his question was rhetorical.
Mother, responsibilities? Misogyniss!
Hear, hear!