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This is how it’s done, folks


Coalition Avenir Québec beats Liberals to form government; Québec Solidaire beats Parti Québécois; end of era of politics as usual in Quebec

So the CAQ beat both the Grits AND the PQ in yesterday’s provincial election; quite a victory for a new party.

They had run, in part, on an immigration restrictionist platform.

Meanwhile, the PQ got bested by their fellow sovereignist leftists in a new, Millennial-friendly, Bernie-Sanders-ish female-led party, Québec Solidaire.

It’s as if politics, everywhere, is realigning: nationalist / patriotic / populists on one side, and corporate / socialist / globalists on the other…

Interesting times! 🙂

Pick a side, mushy moderate milquetoast quisling cucks!

Or get steamrolled. 😉


Yee-haw! Go, Mad Max!

Right on.

Whether or not he will get anywhere, it is brave of him. Even if a little self-interested. 😉

Nobody ever successfully challenged the status quo by being afraid to take risks.

Good on him.

And may the Lord bless his efforts to give Canadians a REAL choice.


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Ford narrowly wins Ontario Tory leadership

Make Ontario Great Again, Dougie!

Beat that commie lezzie granny!

Ford Nation, step up and take Ontario back!


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Based Danish comedian destroys Sweden on TV

(Hat tip: Sanne)


“New Germans? We’ll make them ourselves!”


Patrick Brown running for his old job as Ontario Tory leader

Oh, this is perfect.

In a bizarre twist to a saga that has plunged Ontario’s official opposition Conservatives into chaos, Brown on Friday filed the paperwork to join the leadership race. His rivals blasted him.

Look, I never liked Patrick Brown, with his flip-flopping on the sex-ed issue – first rightly opposing Premier Wynne’s changes to the curriculum, then supporting them; his then further back-stabbing of the so-cons who elected him by marching in a gay pride parade, and his endless pandering to ethnic minorities, culminating in a recent long trip to India in December, which he tweeted endlessly about – but the false accusations against him which were way too convenient in their timing, with his Tories having finally risen enough in popularity (not because he was any good, but because Wynne is so awful) to threaten Wynne, have now even been partially shown to be false.

Now, Brown won’t stand a chance of winning this time, much less leading the Tories to victory, but why shouldn’t he throw a spanner in the works of those who seek to profit from the smear campaign that removed him from the Tory leadership? (Look, I like Doug Ford, and hope he wins, but one can’t deny the opportunism…)

Yeah, it won’t help the Tories any, who have consistently chosen incompetent leaders over the last 20 years which has kept the Liberals in power that whole time.

Oh well. Fun to watch not only the lashing out of the other candidates, but the whining in the media.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.