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The Іmpеrіаl Аmеrіcаn Mіlіtаry’s days are numbered, as they end physical testing in the Νаvy because WuFlu, and go Wоkе at Wеst Ρоіnt

Wokeness Comes To West Point:

an effort by young leaders in the United States Army to force the Academy to bow to the Woke Cult and make the Anti-Racism the central feature of the Academy’s curriculum. This policy statement was apparently drafted by a group of recent Academy graduates (classes of 2018 and 2019). These graduates all came from the top tier of the ranks of the Academy’s cadet leaders. Two recent valedictorians and First Captains signed this manifesto. (Other past First Captains include Douglas MacArthur, John J. Pershing, and William C. Westmoreland.) The other cadets all held high-ranking positions within the Corps of Cadets. They are the cream of the crop of the Army’s future leaders, the guys and gals that will become generals one day and will be expected to lead America’s sons and daughters in combat.
Their actions are akin to those of the Red Guards in Maoist China. They are agitating to tear the Academy apart from the ground up and reorient its mission around Anti-Racism. The fact that our country’s future leaders believe in this nonsense is a sign that our military is in trouble, and cannot be relied upon either to defend our country or to safeguard the interests of all Americans in the performance of their duties.

Check this out:

As someone who hates the American Imperialist regime’s military acting as GloboKop, sending its legions forth to make the world safe for Halliburton, ExxonMobil, et. al, or to make / keep Israel safe, or to bomb Serbia on behalf of Kosovar Albanian Muslims, I welcome this stupidity. The weakening of the American Imperialist regime’s military can’t come soon enough for my liking. Bring on Woke and physically unfit madness! 😉

Just remember to arm up, my American friends, for when the People’s Liberation Army or coming Caliphate invade to try to take over outright, because there won’t be any American military left to defend your country, which is its most legitimate purpose, defense. (Then again, America itself might be broken up already by then.)


Cаtfіght: Rеаl wоmаn 1, Fаkе Wоmаn 0


Doіng theіr bіt to build hеrd іmmunіty

The Z-man reminds us what hеrd іmmunіty is:


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The progs are trending #CANCELCANADADAY on Twitter; I agree: Happy Dominion Day!

They’re doing it because they hate Canada, and therefore hate Canada Day.

I love Canada, but I dislike Canada Day too, instead of what we used to have…

… therefore, I agree, #CancelCanadaDay, and instead:

Happy Dominion Day, fellow Canadians!


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Seems to be the social media place to be…


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Bubba memes

Fun! 🙂


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Trump administration will suspend work visas for the rest of the year, with some exceptions

Good news!


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‘Wokandans’ is a perfect descriptor

Wakanda doesn’t exist and never will; neither does the utopia envisioned by the Woke.

Though they are bent on making our civilization not exist, either…


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Dumb bint

Enjoy your cats and ice cream, bottle blondie neo-connie!