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Sad to report, Bill Burr has been Them-d

Bill, Bill, what happened? You’ve become one of Them now. Traitor.

Anyway, fuck Sportball, and all its celeb fans, too.


They are of their Father, i.e. the Father of Lies

Q. How do you tell when a prog is lying?

A. Its lips move.


Might miss out on working with a washed-up has-been ’80s actor? Perish the thought!


Sean Penn, I re-christen thee: Sean Pathetic.


Arkansas ban on “gender affirming” (i.e., puberty blocking, etc.) “healthcare” blocked by federal court

Mitch threatens unvaxt with lockdown spectre

Figures. Typical. Beyond useless. Jab him 1000x! 😉

Dr. Fakey


Website showing Ontario businesses with WuFluVaxt staff has been shut down, ostensibly because trolls, attacks, fake reviews, etc.



I don’t necessarily believe what buddy claims; but, if so, great!

Culture War Can Be Waged Back!

I suspect that some businesses decided they didn’t want the negative publicity from the likes of us, that they’d rather not alienate potential business from people who don’t happen to share their ideology in all regards.

If so, also great! It would mean small businesses are becoming sane again.

Either way, we won. 🙂

P.S. I’ve used the archive to maintain that list, so people can see just who was virtue-signalling and being shills for BigPharma and BigNannyPoliceState. And so, when the Reaction comes, scores can be settled. 😉

The internet never forgets; ‘erasing’ that website does nothing.

Oops! 🙂


Aux armes, citoyens – encore!


Yes; why do smallbiz shill for bigbiz?

A small business discriminating against people because those people didn’t get a big pharma corporation’s product put into their veins, the same big pharma corporation that was in a way responsible for the small business being closed for the last 18 months, is kind of humorous.

The German Pointer


Every one of these businesses is a small one.

Why are they pushing the agenda of, and enriching, BigPharma?

Guess their minds are not their own, but they are owned by the BigBiz ‘betters’.


“It’s JUST for Two Weeks!”