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Shocking, really


Is bad for you is good for you


Oceania has always been at war with Eur/East-Asia…




Of course; only unnаturаl оnеѕ are to be celebrated now

They hate being reminded they’re not real ones.

Unіvеrsаl mеntаl rеtаrdаtіоn: Cаnаdiаn weаther mediа and public authorities’ frеаkоuts over ordinary winter weаther

We Canadians used to pride ourselves on our hardiness with regards to the weather; that we could handle snow, freezing rain, whatever God threw at us. Nobody was alarmist about cold weather, winter storms, etc. Just part of nature in the northland.

But over the last few years especially, in addition to summer temperature freakouts like we’ve seen elsewhere, the weather network regularly freaks out over minor blizzards, freezing rain storms, acting like they’re the storm of the century.

And invariably, they turn out to be far less severe than they made them out to be.

That didn’t used to happen, but I don’t think paranoia about ‘climate change’ / ‘global warming’ is the main force.

Nor is it that they’re just trying to get more clicks, revenue from ‘selling’ bad news.

No, I think it’s just a case of what KMG refers to, borrowing a line from a Canadian novelist, as ‘unіvеrsаl mеntаl rеtаrdаtіоn’.

The meteorologists and weather reporters have just become more stupid and paranoid, over time.

But not only them; school boards cancelling school or bus routes; municipal bus services, etc., all freak out today over nothing.

Sad. Pathetic.

What we’ve become, as a civilization…


Skates so gracefully…


“We didn’t do it. Sorta.”, basically…


‘Why don’t we just mutate it ourselves?’: ‘Director of research at Pfizer’ reveals in undercover footage firm is exploring manipulating COVID to make it ‘more potent’ by infecting monkeys to create new vaccines