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More Δ-WuFlu-freakout bots

Previously; now:


On the one hand, this is highly totalitarian; on the other, this could kill social media in Australia – yay!

Mixed feelings about this:


You can count on my non-support, Tories!

Why are you texting me on my work phone, for starters… Sheesh!

Swatting over a Twitter handle…

The real outrage is that it’s possible to do this, i.e. sicc the cops on someone under false pretenses.

How to kill an anthill

– 2011 “New Yorker” cartoon by Zachary Kanin

Aux armes, citoyens – encore!


Who did Creation; who only works destruction?


Make China Great Again, fools


Amazon’s proposed new HQ building looks like a cross between the medieval conception of the Tower of Babel, and a ‘scoop’ of soft-serve ice cream


Δ-WuFlu-freakout bots