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In sharp contrast to others

Jason Kenney, Patrick Brown, and many others can’t say likewise.
Indeed. An admirable politician: a rare breed!

New Brunswick requiring proof of WuFluVax for entry from neighbouring provinces

Checkpoints for moving around within Canada. Incredible…

Building impregnable political majorities


Quebec offers extra jab for vakayers headed out

Have another jab, guinea pigs!

The Quebec government is offering an extra dose of mRNA vaccine to people who want to travel to countries that don’t recognize their vaccination status.

The Health Department says it is making a third dose available because some countries don’t recognize people as being fully vaccinated if they have received a mix of COVID-19 vaccines. But officials warned Monday it’s up to the recipient to seek advice and weigh the risks before getting a third dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines.

A spokesman for the Health Department said in an email Monday a third dose doesn’t necessarily provide more protection compared with two doses.

Robert Maranda says there are no studies that assess the impact of receiving three doses of two separate vaccines. “The person should be properly counselled to be informed of the potential risks associated with this added dose compared to the benefits of the planned trip,” he wrote.

“It is up to everyone to weigh the balance of risks and benefits.”


Tories and pigs gang up on Rebel News reporter


You can count on my non-support, Tories!

Why are you texting me on my work phone, for starters… Sheesh!

And CTV is a private broadcaster…

Which goes to show, our MSM is all prog, whether state or corporate; no diff…

Website showing Ontario businesses with WuFluVaxt staff has been shut down, ostensibly because trolls, attacks, fake reviews, etc.



I don’t necessarily believe what buddy claims; but, if so, great!

Culture War Can Be Waged Back!

I suspect that some businesses decided they didn’t want the negative publicity from the likes of us, that they’d rather not alienate potential business from people who don’t happen to share their ideology in all regards.

If so, also great! It would mean small businesses are becoming sane again.

Either way, we won. 🙂

P.S. I’ve used the archive to maintain that list, so people can see just who was virtue-signalling and being shills for BigPharma and BigNannyPoliceState. And so, when the Reaction comes, scores can be settled. 😉

The internet never forgets; ‘erasing’ that website does nothing.

Oops! 🙂


Quebec govt deliberately offing the old?


A list of businesses here in Ontario, Canada requiring that all of their employees get WuFluVax-jabbed

Which means they could be asymptomatic carriers.

Therefore boycott them all.

I especially wouldn’t patronize that place which boycotted our national holiday yet celebrated the one majority-First-Nations territory. Never!


Culture War Can Be Waged Back! 🙂