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Figures Smith would like Warnock

Heretics like heretics. (Don’t worry, non-Reformed; consider yourselves lucky to not know who he is.)

Hey, Canadian Forces personnel: this is what Veterans Affairs Canada thinks of your service; this is their level of gratitude, their compassion, and their sensitivity


This is how you fight back, and eventually, D.v., win


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That’s why I didn’t vote for 19 years, till the PPC came along

In real life, I know / have known some figures of note within the Conservative Party of Canada, and this is exactly their mentality; they feel they are owed the non-Liberal, non-Socialist, non-Green vote.

No they aren’t. And if they refuse to earn it, they’ll never get it from me.

So they’ll never get it. Because they never learn.


Simons sells suicide to Canadians




Sportspuck keeps sucking; sportssimps keep cucking


How does one answer that?

Think he meant ‘skill-set’, although a new skillet would be pretty cool.

The War on Christmas has arrived early in Redmonton


Glad I don’t still subscribe