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Chinese-Canadians call for Trudeau apology, along with some “far right” groups, over the hijab hoax

Remember the recent hijab hoax? Remember this little liar?

Apparently protests were held by Asians in cities across Canada at the end of January over the hoax (somehow I failed to hear about that), because initially, an Asian man had been blamed:

Earlier this month, the Prime Minister shamelessly turned the occasion of a young Muslim girl in Toronto, Khawlah Noman’s, claim that she had been attacked by a man who cut her hijab with scissors, into an opportunity to grandstand, get his name and picture in the press yet again, and lecture Canadians about how horribly “Islamophobic” we all are. It later turned out that, like the vast majority of highly publicized “hate crimes”, the incident was a hoax and had not occurred after all. Those who have been waiting for Trudeau to return to his taxpayer-funded soap box and eat crow have been listening to crickets chirp and watching the tumbleweeds drift by ever since.

This weekend, however, protests were held all across Canada by the Asian communities of cities such as Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Regina. It turns out that it was an Asian man whom the girl had falsely accused – a detail that was not widely reported by the press as it conflicts with their narrative in which bigotry and bigotry-inspired-violence are the exclusive domain of white, heterosexual, Christian males. The protests were aimed at Trudeau, insisting that the hoax, and his gullible swallowing it without waiting for a full investigation, constituted a “hate crime” against them. While I have little sympathy for the protestors, as their claim that they were being scapegoated and discriminated against is ludicrous seeing that the school division, the federal and provincial governments, the leaders of the opposition, and the news media all went out of their way to avoid drawing attention to the fact that the girl had accused one of their ethnicity, there is something deeply satisfying in seeing Trudeau’s coalition fall apart, and its members turn on him.

Now there have been protests on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, just yesterday, but the Asian groups were accompanied by some others labelled “far right” by the MSM:

Hundreds of protesters — including some associated with a pair of far-right groups — rallied on Parliament Hill Sunday afternoon to demand an apology from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The protesters wanted Trudeau to apologize for denouncing an alleged attack last month on an 11-year-old girl in Toronto, who claimed a man tried twice to cut off her hijab as she walked to school.

Toronto police investigated and later concluded the attack did not take place.

We were hurt, we were upset,” said Monica Mong, who was attending Sunday’s rally.The initial reports suggested the alleged attacker was Asian, and Mong told Radio-Canada that Trudeau’s remarks left the Chinese-Canadian community feeling unfairly tarred.

“We want to send a message to society: we are strong, we are united, we are together. We are all Canadians. All Canadian ethnic groups are equal,” she said.

Some of those who protested Sunday wore regalia associated with La Meute, otherwise known as Wolf Pack — a far-right group which believes current immigration and multicultural policies threaten the fabric of Quebec society.

Others were associated with a second group called Storm Alliance, which identifies as “ultranationalist” but also claims to eschew ties to far-right white nationalists.

“We are always treated as extreme right, as racist … and today, it was the best way to show it to the world [that we aren’t],” said Éric Trudel, Storm Alliance’s provincial president, in a French-language interview with Radio-Canada.

“We are with all Canadians, no matter the colour, no matter where they come from.”

Amusing. So-called “far right” types, working together with Asians to protest Trudeau’s lack of an apology…


Patrick Brown running for his old job as Ontario Tory leader

Oh, this is perfect.

In a bizarre twist to a saga that has plunged Ontario’s official opposition Conservatives into chaos, Brown on Friday filed the paperwork to join the leadership race. His rivals blasted him.

Look, I never liked Patrick Brown, with his flip-flopping on the sex-ed issue – first rightly opposing Premier Wynne’s changes to the curriculum, then supporting them; his then further back-stabbing of the so-cons who elected him by marching in a gay pride parade, and his endless pandering to ethnic minorities, culminating in a recent long trip to India in December, which he tweeted endlessly about – but the false accusations against him which were way too convenient in their timing, with his Tories having finally risen enough in popularity (not because he was any good, but because Wynne is so awful) to threaten Wynne, have now even been partially shown to be false.

Now, Brown won’t stand a chance of winning this time, much less leading the Tories to victory, but why shouldn’t he throw a spanner in the works of those who seek to profit from the smear campaign that removed him from the Tory leadership? (Look, I like Doug Ford, and hope he wins, but one can’t deny the opportunism…)

Yeah, it won’t help the Tories any, who have consistently chosen incompetent leaders over the last 20 years which has kept the Liberals in power that whole time.

Oh well. Fun to watch not only the lashing out of the other candidates, but the whining in the media.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.


Non-think tank

This is what passes for ‘conservatism’ in Canada these days:


They’re still making it all about just females

As before; so still now; the image below was in an email I received:

Still trying to outdo the Left in making it all about one sex and not both of them…

I also notice they have deliberately chosen non-pale people for their PR campaign…


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Arise again, Ford Nation, and rescue Ontario!

With Doug Ford throwing his hat in the ring, as the Ontario Tory leadership is in complete meltdown mode, there is an opportunity to clean house, and finally take back the province from Wynne and the Grits.

Go, Dougie! Win one for Rob (R.I.P.)! 🙂

Arise again, Ford Nation, and this time not just for Toronto, but the province! 🙂


And the Nova Scotia Tory leader, too

Just hours before Ontario Tory leader Patrick Brown’s resignation, came that of the Nova Scotia Tory leader:

Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie was forced to resign Wednesday after an investigation found he acted inappropriately and breached the legislature’s policy on workplace harassment.

Party president Tara Miller said the Tories launched an independent, third-party probe into Baillie’s behaviour after a sexual harassment claim was brought to the party’s attention late last month.

“As soon as we became aware of those allegations we took immediate steps to address them,” she told reporters at Province House in Halifax. “The PC party of Nova Scotia does not and will not tolerate sexual harassment in the workplace.”

Miller said she is only aware of one individual who has come forward with allegations, but she would not say whether the allegations result from one incident or multiple incidents over time.

“In order to respect the confidentiality and privacy of the individual involved, we’re not going to be sharing any more details than what we’ve already disclosed,” she said.

One individual, and no details to share with the press…

Guess we’re just supposed to take their word for it, eh?

I don’t know much about the current state of Nova Scotia politics, but funny how two Canadian provincial Progressive Conservative leaders end up toppled within hours of each other, eh? Must just be a coincidence, of course; it couldn’t have been planned or anything…


Anti-Brown accusations timing way too convenient

Ontario Progressive Conservative Party leader Patrick Brown has announced his resignation in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct brought forward in the press yesterday which he denies, but which he feels compromise his ability to lead the party into the upcoming election.

These allegations have arisen at a time when, despite being a leader known for flip-flopping on various social and political issues, and for ethnic pandering (he spent most of December in India, touring holy sites and documenting it all for Twitter), he had nevertheless taken a lead in the polls, not so much because he’s any good but because Premier Wynne is so massively unpopular.

How convenient.

I call shenanigans.

Obvious bullshit is obvious.


Look, Patrick Brown is one of those political uber-nerd bachelors, an asexual type, for whom politics is everything, like Jason Kenney in Alberta, or that Evan McMullin in Utah. Possibly gay; possibly just more interested in politics and too busy with it for any kind of relationship with a woman.

Alas, they picked the perfect mark, a man so gutless he won’t stay on and fight.

And how does federal Cuckservative leader / gutless quisling Andrew Scheer respond to these allegations?

The same way he did with the hijab hoax: by following the Narrative party line:


There’s a reason I haven’t voted federally since 2000, and not much provincially, either.

Anyway, I suppose the silver lining in this is that Ontario’s Tories have the opportunity to pick a better leader.

But they’re unlikely to; they haven’t had a winning one since Mike Harris, nor a good one since Bill Davis.