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Double standard


Caring only about future ‘shareholders’, not current ones

The thought strikes: this idea of Sailer’s, which I infer from the above comment refers to wide-open immigration enthusiasts being more interested in prospective future ‘shareholders’ (i.e. immigrants) rather than current ones, i.e. old-stock real Americans (and Canadians, up here), has even wider application:

Not only is this true of progs and the woke business class, but also the neo-con Republicans who betray the white Republican base in favour of hypothetical potential black and Hispanic voters (and thus, due to going after the latter desired new voter group, going along with progs / the woke business class in wanting wider immigration, ignoring that such clashes with the interests of the former desired new voter group), ignoring their loyal white voters. (Ditto with Canada’s political class, and the pro- wide-open immigration stance of our entire political establishment, across all Canada’s main parties, alas…)

Also, one sees a parallel in evangelicalism: always with the altar calls, and invitations to come to faith in sermons, thus milk for newcomers rather than meat for old believers; always trying to be seeker-sensitive, focused too much on creating converts while ignoring the needs of the loyal regular long-term members.

I guess America’s business culture impacts politics and faith, innit? (Both down there and up here in Canada, too, naturally, given our close cultural and business ties…)

Consume products / consumers / citizens then get excited for next products / consumers / citizens!


Don Cherry speaks the truth as always… {updated} and is sacked for doing so… and shamefully even the Legion is now disowning him, joining the pile-on

They won’t, though, because they don’t care.

Even when progs pander to them:

Update: Woke Sportball not only cucked, but decided to fire Cherry:

I hope Don decides to turn on his back on the game he has given his life to, now that they’ve turned their backs on him, even Ron Maclean his usually loyal sidekick, and instead…

… enters politics. 🙂


Canada has its own rainbow poppy controversy now: PostMil claims Manitoba school tried to force students to wear them; HuffPo says school denies it

Not sure who / what to believe, but anyway:

BREAKING: Students suspended from Canadian high school for refusing to wear rainbow poppy


The Post Millennial

50 mins ago

EXCLUSIVE: Girl suspended for rejecting rainbow poppy speaks out


The Post Millennial

1 hour ago


Teachers Did Not Ask Students To Wear ‘Rainbow Poppies’: Manitoba School’s Board


HuffPost Canada

2 hours ago

What is certain is the girl got suspended for expressing her opinion in posters against these rainbow poppies, but the school doesn’t want to discuss it…

In Britain, the rainbow poppy is a thing…


LGBT Activists Hound Chick-fil-A’s First U.K. Store Into Closing; But Chick-fil-A in Toronto is Thriving

I missed this story from a week and a half back until now, but it didn’t really get much coverage on this side of the pond; figures:

From the moment popular American fried chicken vendor Chick-fil-A opened its inaugural U.K. branch in the city of Reading, gay rights activists were mobbing it with complaints and calls to boycott.

Barely a week after welcoming its first British customers, Reading’s city center mall, The Oracle, announced that it will not renew the company’s lease. “We have decided on this occasion that the right thing to do is to only allow Chick-fil-A to trade with us for the initial six-month pilot period, and not to extend the lease any further,” The Oracle said in a statement, according to the BBC, noting that it seeks to “offer an inclusive space where everyone is welcome.”

The officials at The Oracle clearly brushed over the fact that Chick-fil-A has some of the most generous employment opportunities available in catering, including scholarships and management opportunities, and retains a staff that is world-renowned for going above and beyond in their service. The staff are rated as some of the friendliest and most welcoming in the entire fast food industry.

Indeed, Chick-fil-A would have been good for Reading. But now, suddenly, the chicken-fried dream is over. Why?

Well, the chief instigator of the abrupt termination was a group named Reading Pride, which believes the company’s donations to organizations such as The Fellowship of Christian Athletes and, God forbid, The Salvation Army, indicates unforgivable bigotry. So, canceled they must be. The first batch of specialty waffles had barely been dunked into the fryer when Reading Pride announced a call to arms in the form of a boycott.

“We respect everyone’s freedom to eat where they choose,” they qualified, “however, we ask the LGBT+ community (including its allies) to boycott the chain in Reading.”

But the Chick-fil-A haters didn’t stop there. In a quite bizarre statement, an affiliated LGBT group even suggested that the British government should investigate the chain before allowing it to open any UK-based restaurants. “Parliament should be questioning businesses like this that work against the values of our amazing country,” UK Pride Organisers’ Network member Stephen Ireland said, according to Christian Institute.

How Chick-fil-A was “allowed to hit the UK high street without openly answering the concerns of the LGBT community” was unfathomable to them, they added.

True to its Christian ethos, Chick-fil-A, the third-largest fast-food business in the USA, responded graciously to the bad press. “We hope our guests in the U.K. will see that Chick-fil-A is a restaurant company focused on serving great food and hospitality, and does not have a social or political agenda,” a spokesman said prior to the lease being terminated. “We are represented by more than 145,000 people from different backgrounds and beliefs, and we welcome everyone.”

Not to be cowed by those who mightn’t agree with every single charitable financial decision they take, the restaurant started filling up, and the customers looked delighted. Still, more clarification was needed. Chick-fil-A doubled down on its commitment to diversity and equality in the causes it supports.

“Our giving has always focused on youth and education. We have never donated with the purpose of supporting a social or political agenda,” the company stated. “There are 145,000 people – black, white; gay, straight; Christian, non-Christian – who represent Chick-fil-A.”

But it was all too late, and the writing was on the wall. For the simple sin of giving away millions of dollars to worthy causes, the popular eatery has fallen victim to the mob of intolerance and will be forced to shutter its doors to a British people who, sadly, hardly got the chance to taste and see that it was good.

Britain is lost, to the progs, the mujahideen, and the Eurocracy…

Some good news, though: I have now been to the Chick-fil-A in Toronto, several weeks after it opened, and I can report it’s still extremely busy; had to wait some 20 minutes or so outside, and our orders were taken by employees even before we reached the counter, where we paid, then waited a few minutes for our food.

The food was good.

But frankly, the restaurant was a bit too busy. I don’t intend to return until the novelty has finally worn off, and it’s still busy but not crazy busy.

Still, I’m glad they’re thriving in Toronto, and apparently planning to open several more outlets in the Greater Toronto Area, and hopefully elsewhere in Canada after that.

You know what else is tasty? Salty prog tears over Chick-fil-A Toronto’s success. 🙂


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This would have been great to know before the election: the Canadian government assisted in the production of a Muslim voter’s guide for the recent federal election


I’m happy, though, that in doing so, they’ve managed to raise B’nai Brith’s ire:

I hope THAT has an impact…


Gerry T. Neal and Kevin Michael Grace on Monday’s Canadian federal election

Aftermath Reflections

Great analyses, both. (As I predicted Gerry would, and I knew KMG would, too; scroll up to read the whole thing after clicking on the vdare link in his tweet.)

I share Gerry’s distaste for Western separatism, but I do wonder, like KMG, if it isn’t inevitable, eventually… (Except the cities of the West have enough imports from the East and elsewhere, that the Western provinces may lose control of the ability to opt for such in the same way that Québécois have lost have that ability, defeated in the 1995 separation referendum by ‘money and the ethnic vote’, as Jacques Parizeau bitterly and correctly put it. That process, of the native-born western populace diminishing in proportion to incoming outsiders, especially as young westerners also exodus to Ontario, will only continue with the passing of time…)