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Scheer won support for criticizing universities banning speakers; now he supports them doing so

Like every other Tory leader, he’s been Ottawashed

OTTAWA — After controversial events were cancelled at two Toronto campuses this week, Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer says universities have the right to determine which “outside groups” they give platforms to.

In an interview Friday, the National Post asked Scheer to clarify a policy idea floated during his leadership campaign: to make federal grant money for universities dependent on fostering a culture of freedom of speech on campus.

“I respect the right for universities to determine which outside groups they give a platform to. And so that’s within their purview,” Scheer told the Post.

After Scheer narrowly won the Conservative mantle at the end of May, insiders from his campaign cited the policy as a reason he gained late traction in the race.

Prompting Scheer to propose the policy were apparent infringements on conservative voices being heard on campuses, an issue near and dear to his base.

A pro-life event had been cancelled at Wilfrid Laurier University. Pro-Israel articles were being barred from a McGill University student paper. Protests were engulfing University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson over his controversial views on gender pronouns.

Scheer said little about the policy after becoming party leader, with parliament rising for the summer and his office still working on hiring staff after an exodus that followed former interim leader Rona Ambrose.

But recent events have prompted new questions.

This week, the University of Toronto said it would not open space on its campus for an event hosted by the Canadian Nationalist Party, which is not a registered political party. According to the white nationalist group, a rally was being planned on campus grounds for Sept. 14 but is being cancelled due to “risk of violence and vandalism.”

A counter-rally planned for the same day, called the Unity Rally to Silence White Supremacy in Toronto, had well over 5,000 attendees listed as of Friday. It noted in a Facebook event description “we will absolutely be moving forward” even though the nationalist event was being barred by the university.

Pathetic. Proving once again that Tory leaders have no fixed principles…


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Andrew Scheer is beyond pathetic

Andrew Scheer, the Tories’ leader, has announced he ‘won’t grant interviews to The Rebel under current ‘editorial direction”:

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer won’t grant further interviews to Rebel Media if the outlet’s editorial direction remains “as it is,” he said at an event for supporters in British Columbia on Wednesday evening.

The website, founded by conservative activist Ezra Levant, has come under fire since last weekend’s rally of white nationalists in Charlottesville, Va., culminated in violence and an attack on counter-demonstrators that left one woman dead and several others injured. Faith Goldy, a correspondent for The Rebel, was in Charlottesville covering the rally and counter-protests.

“Like all Canadians I viewed the events of last weekend with a great deal of disgust [at] the types of vile comments that were being made by hate groups,” Scheer told reporters following a Conservative Party event in Langley, B.C., Wednesday evening.

“And I think there is a fine line between reporting the facts and giving some of those groups a platform or any kind of legitimacy.

Ah, of course. We can’t have any independent, not-fully-converged media outlet giving the full perspective of current events where only one POV is permitted, even capturing the vehicular homicide moment on film. Perish the thought!

Now, I’m not a major fan of Ezra Levant, as he’s a bit too neo-con and Zionist for my liking. But to be fair, he has shown a streak of independence that is otherwise currently non-existent in Canadian journalism; for one thing, his organization is the only one left with any sensitivity to social conservative perspectives. And for Pete’s sake, Levant is Jewish; he’s NOT going to be beating a drum for Nazism. Levant has made it clear his publication has nothing to do with the alt-right, and given that Lauren Southern left / was let go months ago, there’s not a hint of a reason to doubt him.

I hated Prime Minister Stephen Harper for being a warmongering Zionist neo-cuck, and Andrew Scheer is indeed proving to be another Stephen Harper, with slightly more charisma, due to wearing a goofy perma-grin in place of Harper’s pained perma-grimace.

Why would anyone vote Liberal-Lite when they can vote for the real thing in Justin Trudeau?

And why would any real true Canadian traditionalist conservative / reactionary vote Tory?

Not me!

Not until they become worthy once again. They sure as hell aren’t now.


Why public art sucks

Tristin Hopper had a great article recently in the National Post on why public art is so consistently awful.

It boils down to basically two things:

(a) The ‘art’ has to stand up to outdoor conditions, which greatly affects the kinds of materials that can be used, and

(b) Cities have budgets for art, which naturally bureaucrats ‘have’ to spend so they’ll keep the cashflow coming next budget, and of course said bureaucrats are unelected and unaccountable to the public, and so spend money as they please on whatever they please, as long as the money gets spent that’s all that ultimately matters to them.

IMO, the solution is simple; governments should get out of bankrolling public art, and instead should only erect monuments and statues to great individuals, war dead, etc., and leave the arts to the private sector, who at least won’t be wasting taxpayers’ money on crap; just their own…

Some might suggest getting public input, but frankly, given the divisions in today’s society, esp. in light of prog / SJW activists decrying anything not created by, say, transgendered black Muslim wheelchair-bound lesbians, all that will do is result in prog hijacking of such hearings, and more social conflict. No, we can’t have nice things any more, because progs. So leave it to the marketplace, instead; again, at least taxpayer dollars won’t be bankrolling agitprop and waste.


An unpopular opinion confessed

Amen to that, brother.


May He have Dominion here, once again

Happy Dominion Day, fellow Canadians!

Happy Dominion Day!

“He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.” – Psalm 72:8


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Justy, the Boy Wonder

Thanks for the laughs (and winces), KMG. 🙂


On the recent proliferation of gambling in Canada

In the late 90s and early 2000s, I began to observe an increase in various forms of gambling in Canada; particularly in western Canada, there were more casinos and video lottery terminals in bars.

In recent years, I have observed the same kind of video lottery terminals in several bars in Atlantic Canada; thus far, Ontario has resisted them.

But casinos have spread greatly in Ontario in recent years, outside of some of the more obvious locations (some big cities, many native reserves), into small communities, as well. In the last couple of years or so, one even opened up in my small hometown, which surprised the heck out of me, as I didn’t see my area as the kind of place that would go in for them.

I am not altogether opposed to gambling, per se; I don’t believe it is outright condemned in and of itself in Scripture (yes, the casting of lots for Christ’s garments is depicted as the wicked thing that it certainly was, but not because of the gaming so much as the humiliation of an innocent man who is also God; after all, casting lots is shown in Scripture in general as a tool for decision-making, much like flipping a coin).

But as with other activities that are not wrong necessarily in moderation, but in excess are problematic (e.g. people enjoying some drinks at the pub or at home after work is one thing; people getting shit-faced, blackout-drunk, and puking on the streets like we see today in the U.K. in contrast to the healthier drinking culture of yesteryear is quite another), so too with gambling. A bit here and there, a few national and regional lotteries, a few casinos, a few horsetracks with betting, etc., no big deal for society; only for a handful of people with self-control issues. But video lottery terminals and casinos increasingly everywhere, that’s worrisome. We can expect to see more and more gambling addictions arising, the numbers increasing exponentially, the more gambling proliferates.

What is bringing this about?

Well, frankly, at the end of the day, I think it’s just greedy governments, greedy for increased tax revenues, and/or finding an easy way to boost tourism (and no doubt some corrupt officials on the take, in the pockets of would-be casino owners) – and business owners, esp. bars which play host to video lottery terminals, all too happy to go along with it, because they sell more drinks the longer people sit in the bar and play. I don’t blame business owners for wanting to maximize their profits nor not wanting to lose out to the competition down the street if they host such terminals, but I do blame governments for allowing / promoting such.

As for why the public enthusiastically embraces them, hey, it’s a thrill, and the lure of easy money for nothing is too much for many to resist. (Not me; I think I lack the gambling gene or whatever; I don’t even play lottery tickets, though I will enter occasionally contests to win a trip, or some charity 50:50 draws occasionally, but I don’t bet or go to casinos or the like, just because I have different interests, same as I’m not especially interested in sports, particularly. This of course doesn’t mean I’m better than others; just that my temptations / vices / weaknesses / preferred recreational activities happen to lie elsewhere.) And no doubt in hard times, it becomes even more of an escape, and something into which people place their hopes, rather than in God.

Anyway, just something I’ve noticed, of late; or rather, I’ve been noticing it over the last generation, but with recent increased rates of proliferation of gambling forms, I couldn’t help but be struck by it, and find myself contemplating it more.