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Hey, they already know how to work a caste system; they’ve adapted to the new one in their new home

(It’s the same bullshit up here. We have to suffer through our own intolerable Brahmin beyotches like this one hectoring us on how to ostensibly be better Canadians, as if she had anything to teach us.)


WestJet wrongly imposing masks on infants, forces family to be expelled from plane and ends up cancelling the flight; ‘poetess’ applauds them

Idiots, such corporate Karens…

(Some proggy ‘poetess’ Karen applauded WestJet and people rightly took her to task for it; she has since made her Twitter private, as they are wont to do whenever they get any pushback…)

Anyway, there are other airlines one can fly with in Canada…

(And there are other, actual poets more worth reading…)


Wear a mask while having sex, Canada’s top doctor suggests


I got a better idea: don’t fornicate, then you don’t have to worry about catching WuFlu, or the clap, or AIDS, or mono, or…

Yes; why?

I wouldn’t touch that with ten bags over my… or it!

Some men be really thirsty…

Yes, because sometimes one facepalm isn’t enough… 😉



Yup, always knew the Tory leadership election process was rigged

Whether or not the machine shenanigans had anything to do with the ultimate outcome, I don’t know, but this kind of thing doesn’t look good:

And it shows how, in the previous race, Max Bernier could lead the pack all the way till the last vote, then suddenly lose to some loser – Andrew Scheer, who went on to lead the Tories to lose to the Grits despite Trudeau’s lacklustre performance and scandal-plagued administration.

The game is rigged.

And Canadians know it.


ВLМ’s Cultural Marxism mixes with anti Sir John A. Macdonald ideology, resulting in statue of him toppled after a ‘defund police’ protest in Montreal


The memory of our first prime minister should be honoured, and not disrespected, but when the government of Canada itself removes him from the $10 bill while keeping the first Liberal PM, Laurier, on the $5, those who wish to make it always year zero, and destroy Canada’s history, feel likewise emboldened, naturally.

Yes, good questions, Max.


Erin A’toole

Of the globalist managerial technocratic liberal elite.


Remembering George Grant

Good essay at Chronicles on the late great Canadian thinker.

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After several hours of delay, the Tories chose O’Toole

Notwithstanding the debacle, the Tories have chosen a new leader, Erin O’Toole.

As the CBC report notes, he gained support from Leslyn Lewis, a decidedly socially conservative candidate.

Now we will see whether he is grateful, or whether he does like Ontario Premier Doug Ford did with so-con Tanya Granic Allen, and throws her under the bus when the first media ‘controversy’ about her inevitably arises. I predict the latter.

We can see in his opening remarks that he has done the usual ‘big tent’ rhetorical thing:

Acknowledging the party needs to broaden its base to win the next election, O’Toole reached out to all Canadians in all regions of the country and from diverse backgrounds.

“I believe that whether you are Black, white, brown or from any race or creed, whether you are LGBT or straight, whether you are an Indigenous Canadian or have joined the Canadian family three weeks ago or three generations ago,” he said.

“Whether you’re doing well or barely getting by. Whether you worship on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or not at all … you are an important part of Canada and you have a home in the Conservative Party of Canada.”

Diversity, inclusion, equity; typical…


American-style electoral incompetence, ballot ‘problems’, comes to Canadian Tory leadership race, with results delayed for hours

The Americanization of Canada accelerates, as increasingly, instead of the usual old-fashioned simple paper ballots, we’ve seen provincial governments and party leadership races introduce some machine elements to the systems; last Ontario election, you had to place your filled ballot into some sort of machine reader that tallied it, instead of human counting; ripe for electronic fraud, I distrust it.


Today was the final day of the Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership convention, to pick a new party leader; they were supposed to announce the winner today.

But no; not yet, at least:

A malfunction in a machine to open the ballot envelopes for the Conservative Party leadership has caused a delay of about 2.5 hours for tonight’s event.

Former Conservative deputy leader and leadership campaign co-chair Lisa Raitt said the ballots, which were mailed in in a sealed envelope inside another envelope, are being opened automatically.

“What’s been happening is the machine is ripping or cutting some of these ballots,” she said.

When a ballot has been damaged, it is shown on a screen to scrutineers from all camps who agree on the result, so there is no risk of the integrity being compromised, Raitt said.

Scrutineers have been tabulating results since the early morning. Nearly 175,000 ballots were cast in a mail-in system out of about 270,000 eligible members — the highest number of votes in the party’s history.

The official program was set to begin at 6 p.m. ET with results from the first ballot expected to be announced after 7 p.m. ET. It is now underway. According to the latest update from leadership campaign co-chair Dan Nowlan, there will be a “pause” before announcing the results of the first ballot.

“I can guarantee you we will have a leader tonight. It’s just a matter of time,” he said.

Nowlan said a “few thousand” ballots were damaged. Some needed to be resealed and some needed to be manually remarked on a new ballot, he said.

If no candidate wins on the first ballot, it will go to a second round, and a third one if necessary, based on a ranked ballot system.

Conservative insiders told CBC that the envelopes were smaller than the last race, contributing to the tearing issue. The electric envelope opener is partially or totally ripping some ballots, requiring volunteers to tape the cards back before they were reviewed by scrutineers and fed into the counting machines.

How interesting, that they would move away from an envelope size that worked okay last time, to one that was untried, untested. Why, one might be tempted to think they did it on purpose…


I’m not a fan of the Conservatives-in-name-only, and won’t be voting for them, anyway; as long as it exists, and they run candidates where I live, I’ll vote PPC again as last time. Else I’ll go back to not voting federally as I did for 19 years.

This just furthers my cynicism and skepticism. (I already don’t trust their process; Max Bernier was clearly in the lead for the race last time around until the last minute, when Scheer pulled ahead out of nowhere; as though every other candidate and the party brass got behind him and engineered their desired anybody-but-Max-Bernier result.)

Simple paper ballots, without envelopes, no machines, just people counting, is the only fair and relatively-difficult-to-cheat, reliable process.

As soon as you muck with that, introducing voting machines or ballot counting machines or whatever, integrity goes out the window, and you can’t trust the results; the game is rigged, at least partially.


Joe Biden caught plagiarizing again – this time from dead Canadian socialist leader Jack Layton

Ha ha ha ha ha! 😂

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, a man not unaccustomed to allegations of plagiarism, is now being accused of copying the words of former New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton.

At a speech at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday, Biden’s final address included the lines, “For love is more powerful than hate. Hope is more powerful than fear. And light is more powerful than dark.”

Social media was quick to point out that the words were eerily similar to ones found in a letter Layton wrote before he died in 2011.

“My friends, love is better than anger,” said Layton in his letter. “Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair.”

Biden’s remarks were made two days before the ninth anniversary of Layton’s death.

Sophia Banks, a plant-based chef, tweeted that she was disappointed Biden copied Layton’s comments.

Whoa; they can train plants to be chefs today? Amazing! 😉


“Jack Layton is trending,” tweeted Banks. “One of Canada’s most beloved politicians. As Biden butchers his dying words left to us.”

Sandy Hudson, an activist with Black Lives Matter, tweeted Biden’s speech reminded her of Layton.

“So very very Jack Layton,” tweeted Hudson.

However, the sentiments Layton made also channel lines from a speech former prime minister Wilfrid Laurier gave in 1916.

“Let me tell you that for the solution of these problems you have a safe guide, an unfailing light if you remember that faith is better than doubt and love is better than hate,” said Laurier.

Laurier’s speech was meant to promote unity among Canadians during World War I and build connections between English and French-Canadians.

Biden has been accused of plagiarism in the past. Most famously, he plagiarized a speech in 1987 from former British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock.

Kinnock’s speech said, “Why am I the first Kinnock in a thousand generations to be able to get to university? Why is Glenys (his wife) the first woman in her family in a thousand generations to be able to get to university? Was it because all our predecessors were thick?”

Biden’s speech said, “I started thinking as I was coming over here, why is it that Joe Biden is the first in his family ever to go to a university? Why is it that my wife who is sitting out there in the audience is the first in her family to ever go to college? Is it because our fathers and mothers were not bright?”

The incident is believed to have harmed Biden’s chance at becoming the Democratic nominee for president in 1988.

In the past Biden has called himself a gaffe machine. He said in 2007 that then-Illinois Senator Barack Obama was “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

He also had to revise a comment he made in 2007 when he said he was shot at in the Green Zone during a trip to Iraq.

His 2020 presidential campaign has already been filled with missteps. He confused New Hampshire with Vermont during a campaign stop in 2019. He said in February that he was a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate when he was running for president.

And many more…

Since Biden is senile and demented, we have to blame his handlers; who keeps plagiarizing speeches for him?

I blame Dr. Jill. 😉