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Fuck sportspuck, like sportsball and sportscar

Some of us Canucks don’t give a fuck about hockey, WokeSports…


Prominent Canadian doctors call for a permanent end to the WuFlu lockdown, effective immediately


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Instead of the term ‘allies’, progs now use ‘accomplices’

I’ve noticed that terms like ‘allyship’ have fallen out of favour amongst progs, talking about whites, men, straights, cisgendered, etc. on board with their agenda, marching alongside in solidarity.

Now they call such people ‘accomplices’ instead of ‘allies’.


Works for me, as all on that side are criminals, IMO, morally and often literally these days, what with burning down buildings, statues, etc… 😉


“Do as I say, not as I do…”


What, a politician demanding higher standards of others, exempting himself from obeying the rules he created?

Shocker! {/sarc}


Marxism, 21st century style

Marxism today is Cultural Marxism, and is allied with Woke Capitalism; thus: socialized losses, privatized profits.

But it’s equally a violent, murderous, tyrannical, and hateful despotism as its predecessor.


Stupid and evil hate-filled bigot

She’s Sudanese in background; I’m sure she could move there if she thinks it would be better…

Wish she would…


They practically rule us, that’s how deep


The progs are trending #CANCELCANADADAY on Twitter; I agree: Happy Dominion Day!

They’re doing it because they hate Canada, and therefore hate Canada Day.

I love Canada, but I dislike Canada Day too, instead of what we used to have…

… therefore, I agree, #CancelCanadaDay, and instead:

Happy Dominion Day, fellow Canadians!


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Mulroney doesn’t think he did enough damage to Canada while he was Prime Minister; now he dispenses thought-turds from his mansion in Palm Beach


Worthless neo-con…


Boiling ramen noodles a weapon in vicious feud between B.C. high school girls

Social media snark and ‘bro fights’ provide backdrop for criminal confrontation in girls’ washroom

Girls fighting are ‘bro fights’?

In a girl’s washroom in a British Columbia high school in December 2018, two students faced off.

Both clutched the cell phones which had served to escalate a war between two rival factions of teenage girls in the months leading up to this chance meeting.

But at the end of the confrontation, it was another unlikely object that a provincial court judge would declare a weapon: a boiling hot bowl of ramen noodles that one of the girls — a 14-year-old Grade 9 student named SH — hurled into the chest of the 15-year-old victim.

The details are spelled out in a youth court judgment that provides a vivid window into teen violence, the insidious power of social media to stoke and fuel resentments, and the efforts of high school administrators to address behaviour they’re largely powerless to police.

And in trying to apply the law to the complex facts underlying a teenaged feud, Judge Judith Doulis was also asked to consider whether the accused had acted in self-defence as she claimed, as a zombie-like automaton, powerless to control or remember her actions.

SH was convicted of assault and assault with a weapon last week in a B.C. provincial court for an attack that left the victim — MVT — in need of skin grafts after suffering second and third-degree burns.

Social media was designed to drive young women crazy, Kevin Michael Grace always says…