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Traitors, one and all, except Max

Spot on.

Not only did Trudeau go to India – which, as PM, isn’t out of the ordinary – but so have ostensible conservatives Andrew Scheer, Jason Kenney, and Patrick Brown, all gone over there to pander. It works, of course: Patrick Brown won Brampton’s mayoral race no doubt because of the contacts he made a year ago over there when he was still Ontario’s Tory leader; no way can a white person win Brampton’s mayoralty without Indian support…

Anyway, I expect a Liberal PM to go to India and pander; I’m disappointed when supposed rightists do likewise, but I’m certainly not surprised, when they do…

But you know who hasn’t gone over there to pander (far as I know and as far as I can tell in attempting to fact check this)?

Maxime Bernier.

There’s a man who still has some honour, and who is not a traitor to his people.


What Cultural Marxism takes young women and turns them into, illustrated; before and after pics

Start here, scroll down (ignore top one, as that’s apparently an actress in a role on the right).

Weep for our civilization, then pray for it, then fight for it.


Spot on, Max



Liberal, Tory: Same Old Story

Max’s PPC’s policy: Reduce the total number of immigrants to 250,000 per year
(A good start, anyway.)


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Court says ‘pedophilia does not apply’ — because perpetrator is a woman

Unbelievable; even the liberal commentator at the Toronto Star agrees that’s nuts…

Surely gender should not be an exculpatory factor in diagnosing pedophilia.

Women have definitely preyed on children sexually.

This woman, McEwen, certainly did — on a 2-year-old.

May God’s judgment rain down upon this land till we repent and return to Him…


Why are Canadian politicians campaigning for votes in India?

Patrick Brown and Andrew Scheer have also done the same…


Patrick Brown’s revenge

I have never been Patrick Brown’s biggest fan, but I’m happy that, after having been forced to resign from his post as Ontario’s Conservative leader over sexual misconduct allegations, then running for his old job initially before eventually bowing out, I’m happy to see him become mayor of Brampton, even beating the incumbent, in yesterday’s Ontario municipal elections.

Patrick Brown, ousted earlier this year as Ontario Progressive Conservative leader, has scored a political comeback, winning the Brampton mayoralty.

Brown garnered 46,454 votes, about 44 per cent of the ballots cast — beating out Linda Jeffrey. Jeffrey became mayor in 2014 when she replaced Susan Fennell, who served as Brampton mayor for 14 years.

“I’ve got so much hope in my heart that lies ahead in Brampton. I know we can turn this around. I know Brampton is going to be back,” said an effervescent Brown in a victory speech Monday night, words that could easily have been applied to his own political career.


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