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Get those funds out of that account, truckers, before they shut it down!


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The insanity in the province next door


Don’t do that

Yeah don’t do that.


So it’s fake


Plus all Tories do is follow behind the Grits


Worldwide Rally for Freedom, earlier today on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada

My wife and I attended the Worldwide Rally for Freedom, held today on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

MPP Randy Hillier opened with the Lord’s Prayer. (*Update: someone did; I thought they said it was him, but I couldn’t see the speakers; perhaps it was pre-recorded and was indeed him, because I later learned he attended the Worldwide Rally for Freedom in Toronto, so not sure he could have made both.)

We stayed for an hour, listened to various speakers; some were inspiring, others a bit less so; one individual came off a bit unhinged.

But the crowd was enthusiastic, cheerful, and optimistic, and had great signs and banners.

And hundreds turned out, despite the -20°C weather. (Hey, we’re Canadian; we’re tough. 😉 )

And we were delighted to bump into others from our own church; no idea they’d be there! 🙂

A selection of scenes from the rally:


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Jagmeet Singh: Canada’s socialist party’s leader; his wifey: corporate shill on social media

Oops! 🙂


Modern young women, more vain than all previous generations of young women


Female journos making the story about them


Canada’s privacy watchdog probing health officials’ use of cellphone location data

Canada’s privacy watchdog is probing federal officials’ use of “de-identified” cellphone location data to measure the efficacy of COVID-19 public health measures.

The Public Health Agency of Canada acknowledged last month it has been purchasing access to cellphone location data in order to analyze Canadians’ movements during the pandemic.

The agency has said the data is aggregated and “de-identified” — meaning it can’t be used to pinpoint individual Canadians’ locations or travel habits.

The program’s existence nevertheless raised concerns with privacy advocates and opposition politicians, who successfully forced an emergency Commons committee meeting on the issue.

A spokesperson for Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien confirmed his office has received multiple complaints about the program, and are now looking into how PHAC assured the data could not be used to track individuals.

“We were not asked for advice as to whether the means taken by or on behalf of the government provided adequate safeguards against re-identification. The government relied on other experts to that end, which is their prerogative,” wrote Tobi Cohen, a spokesperson for Therrien’s office, in a statement to Global News.

“Now that we have received complaints alleging violations of privacy, we will turn our attention to the means chosen to de-identify the data mobility information relied upon by the government for public health purposes.”


Glad the privacy commission will do their job, but disturbed that the government wants this information in the first place…