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Yet another Тhe Ԍospel Сoalition sellout

Everyone associated with that site is a sellout.


Serves him right


Of course…

This guy above, is this guy below:
Neocon Evanjellyfish Inc.’s new diversity hire!

A deepstate plant…


A bloody good question

I see this Littlejohn is an evangelical. Nuff said.
Deo vindice.

20 years ago, evanjellyfish neo-cons were in favour of Dubya’s war which destabilized Iraq, gave rise to ISIS, and thus threatened Christians over there, so they remain consistent in their wickedness and stupidity


Churchian Covidian heresy


Evanjellyfish gonna cuck / simp


Evanjellyfish leaders are worse than useless in opposing tyranny against Christianity; they are complicit in their silence


NottheB on the Аѕbury Rеvіvаl

It’s the usual charismaniac bullshit.



Ooof, indeed. Can’t hide who didn’t sire the offspring!