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Black ‘pastor’ centres his antiwhite hate

Why should whites follow ‘leadership’ of those who hate them / look down upon them?

Churchianity hates its own parents and their kids


We have far more in common with our fellow reactionaries of other Christian traditions than we do with proggy ostensible fellow traditionals

We have the Faith itself in common with each other; we don’t, with progs who falsely claim to be Christian .

It is exactly that, nothing less.

Churchian evanjellyfish being dumbasses, as usual


The Neutered Evangelical Man

The Neutered Evangelical Man

The Churchians reveal themselves, through their unmanly cowardice.


Woke Preacher Clips on Gab posted this (video at end of article):

In a Gospel Coalition “Good Faith Debate,” a pro-gun control pastor says that using a firearm to stop an attempted massacre in a church is as erroneous as trying to stop Christ’s crucifixion: “at a theological level, this is basically exactly what Peter was doing when he picked up the sword and chopped the guy’s ear off.”

ANDREW WILSON: The legislation required to limit this guy from defending [Christians], if applied nationally, might actually save more lives rather than cost them.

JIM DAVIS, MODERATOR: That makes sense.

John Piper was the first contemporary Christian voice I heard speaking about the need to stand down whenever a threat presents itself. His response to the question “Can I shoot my wife’s assailant?” is “sevenfold”, and in those seven separate points, but he summarizes his response this way:

This instinct…

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I can’t condone theft, but I love that this huckster grifter Churchian ‘preacher’ was parted from his Mega-bling


Pro-Life Weakness

Pro-Life Weakness

Excellent commentary.


Praise God, Roe v Wade is dead.

At a national level, this is a sort of repentance for 60 years of genocide*, but there is a lot of work to do. There are three major areas of weakness I’ve seen in the pro-life movement that will now come into play as we move to the next phase of this war.

Note that henceforth on this blog, I’ll be referring to “abortion” as baby-murder and “abortion doctors” as baby-murderers. Euphemisms be damned.

False Innocence

Many pro-lifers have long used a sort of legal immunity to help hunt down baby-murderers. When mothers go and hire a baby-murderer, they lose the incentive to report the act because they’ll be self-incriminating. This is hardly unique to baby-murder, but it is a strategy used by some. I am not commenting on this strategy here.

Another fairly large subset of pro-lifers see this legal immunity as

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Southern Baptist Convention?


No surprise: Rick Warren ordains women

Gunner has the scoop. (Hat tip: weka.)

Gunner notes that Rick Warren’s Saddleback church is nominally Southern Baptist; will any prominent Southern Baptist pastors come forward to denounce this loudly and publicly? I pray so. We shall see…

It starts with female ordination, and will end with BeeEllEm and Alphabet People lifestyle endorsement…




Catholic Church in Germany and Austria now

German Catholics defy Vatican with blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples

The Youth Church in Würzburg, Germany, May 10, 2021. / Gehrig/CNA Deutsch.

Priests and pastoral workers in Germany defied the Vatican Monday by conducting blessing ceremonies attended by same-sex couples.

Organizers held a day of protest on May 10 in response to the Vatican’s recent declaration that the Church does not have the power to bless same-sex unions.

The ceremonies, known as “Segnungsgottesdienste für Liebende,” or “blessing services for lovers,” were promoted using the hashtag “#liebegewinnt” (“love wins”). Organizers said that the services were open to all couples, including — and in particular — those of the same sex.

CNA Deutsch, CNA’s German-language news partner, reported that ceremonies took place in around 80 cities in Germany as well in Zürich, Switzerland’s largest city.


In the Augustinian Church in Würzburg too all couples — expressly including same-sex couples — were invited to “come and get” the individual blessing in a backroom, after the service.


The order of service varied from place to place. A participant who attended the blessing ceremony in Cologne told CNA Deutsch that the ceremony was like a “political event.” The event was led by a female pastoral counselor in liturgical robes, who explained that she had already quit her church service.

After some political statements, the Gospel was read aloud, followed by a speech. Finally, the song “Imagine” by John Lennon was played.

In Austria: