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Ooof, indeed. Can’t hide who didn’t sire the offspring!


No surprise for anyone who knows leftanjellyfish churchians



Evanjellyfish embracing their ’60s/’70s SoCal Jesus hippie roots

Drag Queen ‘Pastor’ Sunday School

Missed this story from just over over a year ago:

Maranatha, Lord Jesus!



Oh look, another ‘Hatmaker’ / ‘Held Evans’ trying to dunk on Christianity; this time for opposing polygamy


Methodist church inverts the gospel completely

Allendale, FL Methodist church; dragkween’s stage name is a mockery of ‘Pentecost’…

Progs want communion for dogs


Black ‘pastor’ centres his antiwhite hate

Why should whites follow ‘leadership’ of those who hate them / look down upon them?

Churchianity hates its own parents and their kids