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Good on Trump for his decision re: the TVA chair

What’s appalling is that a federal-government-owned corporation would hire non-citizens at all, let alone firing Americans and replacing them with such foreigners.


Nicholas Strakon: Protesting the Maskite tyranny

Strakon finds a great way to protest:

Nicholas Strakon: Protesting the Maskite tyranny. I’ve been frustrated in my attempts to find good Anti-Maskism protest masks until just now, when I stumbled across the Holy Grail thanks to an ad I spotted on Facebook r an outfit called Gossgear. Some of the items hit the spot, such as the one pictured on the right. The masks are a tad expensive at $17 apiece. But, you know, sometimes you’ve just got to spend the money.

Those who aren’t fans of slogans may want to go the frightfulness route. I figure a frightful mask is almost as good as one emblazoned with some explicit protest. How about a Hannibal Lecter mask, from Redbubble? If you order four or more, the masks are $9.99 apiece. Otherwise, $12.49.

If you’d like to breathe easier, you might check out Etsy, which offers macramé masks, lace masks, and mesh masks. None, of course, offers any protection against the Magic Virus — so they’re no different in that respect from the “normal” masks.

Remember, the tyrants have not handed down instructions about the actual design of the face diaper you must wear. Just that you must wear one, to demonstrate your subservience. Wearing one of these alternative masks may take some of the sting out of that.

As for the tyrants, I venture to paraphrase Psalm 109:8: “Let their days be few; and let no one take their office.” Ω

Late-breaking: Here’s another source of alternative masks for you. And another yet, Plague Doctors …!I believe I shall now call it a day.


Aussie dhimmitude: ‘Religion of Peace’ adherents alone get exemption from WuFlu restrictions



Ready to take on hostile extraterrestrials, or at least straight cisgendered white male humans, anyway


Junkies openly shooting up in public in NYC

Giuliani cleaned up downtown New York; de Blasio seems determined to let it decay to previous levels…


Rules for thee but not for mee, too

Ladies and gentlemen, the Governor of New York:


Who knew about WuFlu?

Matt Groening! 😉


Rules for thee but not for mee


I don’t recall those who claim to be against fascism opposing those federal U.S. government actions


Yay, Hungary! Kudos, Viktor Orbán!