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Italy considering paid menstrual leave


Commentary at The Last Ditch:

Italy is on the verge of requiring employers to give their female employees paid leave for those days that the ladies are incommoded by their eerie, but somewhat regular, appointment with the moon.

I predict that once this becomes firmly entrenched in American society (by government regulation, of course), it will be only a matter of time — a short time at that — before workers refer to absent co-workers as having taken “a rag day.”

I further predict that it will be only a matter of time — a short time at that — before said workers will be fired for having said it. [Ronn Neff]  Ω

No doubt…

And then, afterwards: demands for paid PMS leave, separate from regular sick leave, because it would be misogynistic to expect women to have to use up their regular sick leave time for PMS, of course. And if you disagree, you hate women; if you say it at work, you’ve created a hostile environment, and you’re fired.


Trump reverses course in 24 hours from Nato to China to Fed

The betrayal proceeds apace:

US President Donald Trump has reversed course in the space of 24 hours on an array of populist positions he adopted during the election campaign.

He declared Nato was “no longer obsolete” and dropped his pledge to declare China a currency manipulator.

Mr Trump also said he was no longer opposed to a federal exports agency he once dismissed as “unnecessary”.

And the president signalled he was open to reappointing Janet Yellen as head of the Federal Reserve.

Meanwhile, his administration dropped a freeze on federal hiring that it imposed in January.

The about-faces suggest the mercurial Mr Trump may be favouring a more pragmatic, moderate approach to the hardline economic nationalism that helped elect him.

The startling series of flip-flops come amid reports of a titanic White House power struggle between chief strategist Steve Bannon and senior adviser Jared Kushner.

According to the Washington rumour mill, Mr Bannon – the former Breitbart News executive – has been sidelined after falling out with the president’s son-in-law, Mr Kushner.

And yet some still believe that Trump is ‘playing 4D chess’; right…

Some people don’t want to be dis-illusioned, I guess…


Neo-cons, Democrats united in praise for Trump’s Syria bombing

Strange new respect

There was certainly some jarring messaging coming from ordinarily cantankerous senators who have made a habit of criticizing the president. There was a new tone, for instance, from Republican senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain following the strike against Assad’s regime.

“I was very proud of him,” Graham said, before reportedly comparing Trump to a conservative presidential icon.

“I think there’s a side to President Trump that’s very much like Ronald Reagan,” Graham said, according to the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel.


Trump “took action” by striking Assad’s airfield, McCain said. “For that, he deserves the support of the American people.”

Bill Kristol, the conservative editor of The Weekly Standard and an avowed #NeverTrumper, joined the Trump love-in, tweeting that “a growth spurt” in the president’s leadership appeared to be underway.

Democrats also endorsed the attack. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi did so publicly but with a caveat: the use of military force, she argued, should have been authorized first by Congress.

“I’m supportive of the Trump administration’s decision to launch airstrikes in response to Assad’s assault on his own people,” wrote Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

Chuck Schumer, the Democratic Senate minority leader, described the action as “the right thing to do” in his written statement.

And not to be outdone, the former foreign affairs minister from Canada’s previous neo-Conservative regime also chimed in:

‘America is back’: John Baird says strike on Syria crucial in sending message

Former foreign affairs minister says Trudeau’s response ‘a wise decision’

Oh yeah, and Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has indicated he’s fully on board, too:

Canada was briefed on and ‘fully supports’ U.S. missile strikes against Syria: PM

Now, I know that the Trump True Believers are of course in denial, and will no doubt spin this as an example of counter-intuitive brilliance on the part of the Donald, to elicit outright disavowals from the likes of Richard Spencer, Milo, Alex Jones, et al., no doubt to increase his support so he can enact the rest of his promises with decreased opposition, and with success.

Yeah, right…

Of course, I’m still glad he won, and beat Hillary; of course I’m still happy with some of what he’s accomplished, the Neil Gorsuch pick for the Supreme Court, and just the mere widening up of the Overton Window of acceptable American political discourse on subjects like immigration, Islam, etc. All good.

But he will NOT be the saviour of America from all its problems.

At best, he’ll be a good start; a turning point and a step or two in the right direction.

Let’s pray that he’ll do the best he can, by God’s grace, and in spite of himself.

Put not your trust in princes…


Put not your trust in princes

Donald Trump is no Vladimir Putin

The silver lining

What if Trump wins, and disappoints?

It’s almost over; and then it will begin

I don’t know what kind of president the Donald will make, but I’m glad the bitch lost.”


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Spanish bus proclaiming biological reality banned

Remember this?

A Catholic organization in Spain responded with this (hat tip):

“Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina. Don’t let them fool you. If you are born a man, you are a man. If you are a woman, you’ll keep being one”.

Naturally, that could not stand:

The vehicle was commissioned by a Catholic organization called Hazte Oir (Make Yourself Heard), which has campaigned against abortion in the past. The bus is allegedly a response to a campaign displayed across northern Spain by a Basque organization which exhibited drawings of nude children holding hands and stating that some boys have vulvas and some girls penises. Their campaign was funded by an anonymous donor from New York who’s goal was to “raise social awareness about transgender children.”

It didn’t take long for the government officials to spring into action. Madrid’s City Council, which is ruled by liberals, promised to take the “necessary measures” to stop the bus from touring the city saying the vehicle did not comply with local traffic ordinances. The regional government, ruled by cuckservatives, said that it was consulting with the Attorney General over whether the bus broke any “hate crime” laws. The cities of Barcelona and Valencia, both with progressive governments, announced penalties up to 3,000 Euros if the bus dares to come to their cities.

At any case their complaints have been successful and the bus was impounded by the police and taken off the road. The judge said the bus would remain immobilized until the slogans were removed, adding that the messages went beyond simply advertising the group’s ideology and attacked the dignity of certain people by denying their sexual orientation.

The orange bus has also sparked a furious backlash and hundreds of threats on Twitter by SJWs. “Less tweets and more burning and stoning the bus.” They incite him to burn it, paint it, throw eggs or use artifacts like a a bazooka to destroy it.



Fake drugs, fake news

It’s been all over the news, up here; various Canadian mayors (Toronto, Ottawa, and other important Canadian cities) are talking about an ‘opioid epidemic’ in their cities; and I saw that recently, Stateside, Chelsea Clinton gave a speech on the subject (preparing for a future role in politics, perhaps?).

The big concern is ostensibly about ‘fake’ versions of fentanyl on the streets; some accounts say that carfentanil, a drug used to sedate elephants, is being passed off as fentanyl, but it’s 10000 times as strong, or something such. Other reports mention other things passed off as fentanyl.

I have to ask, why now?

I mean, OxyContin abuse has been a big enough social problem in many places for well over a decade, but all of a sudden The Powers That Be are now concerned about opiate abuse?

What, because a few idiot teenagers win some Darwin Awards, offing themselves by their stupidity?

Why the hell should we care?

Oh, I know: money: I heard that one Canadian city plans to spend some $2.5M fighting the scourge; more education programs, Naloxone kits for cops and firefighters to have on hand, etc.

So that’s all it is, isn’t it?

Big Government, wanting more tax dollars to spend on bigger government, education, law enforcement, etc.

In cahoots with Big Pharma, producing and selling a drug to counter other drugs that they also sell. Convenient!

As well as a big new social crusade to fire up progs, motivate them again to dream big government dreams.

Funny how The Hive always moves together at the same time, after years of inaction…

*Update: Amicus reminds me, in his comment, about the other ostensible issue, fentanyl being passed off as other drugs. My main point still stands; if you’re stupid enough to abuse opiates / opioids / whatever they’re calling them now, and you die, your own damn fault, and it’s only a handful of people offing themselves in this manner, it’s hardly an epidemic. Typical politician / media overreacting, pushing some agenda…


U.S. Army puts Muslim Chaplain in Charge of the Spiritual Needs of 14,000 Mostly Christian Soldiers


In one of the most head-scratching turn of events in recent military history, the Army has decided that the man most capable of handling the spiritual needs of 14,000 mostly Christian soldiers is Muslim chaplain Lt. Col. Khallid Shabazz.

Sure, there are about 1,400 other chaplains (only 10 of whom are Muslim), but Shabazz has apparently done something that gives his Army superiors confidence that he’s the best man for the job.

Done something or is something? He’s a black convert to Islam, and an advocate of leftist identity politics:

Shabazz, formerly known as Michael Barnes, was born Lutheran in Louisiana. He later joined the Army at 23 and was stationed in Germany, where he worked with a Muslim soldier. He says he quickly grew tired of the Muslim soldier bragging about Islam, so he challenged him to a public debate.

The ensuing debate while on base caused Shabazz to reevaluate his religion. He subsequently converted and changed his name, before encountering struggle after struggle in the Army and later joining on with the Chaplain Corps.

He’s now served as a chaplain for 18 years and has deployed to Iraq, Kosovo and Guantanamo Bay.

Shabazz said he is not interested in converting anyone to Islam, but some soldiers do end up converting.

“My job is not to convert anybody to Islam,” Shabazz said. “God guides people. My only goal is to have people leave my office stronger than when they came in.”

Most of the time, Shabazz spends his hours advocating for Islam, so as to prevent “anti-Muslim” incidents at bases.

Shabazz, himself black, has also advocated on behalf of the black community and for Black History Month. At Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Shabbaz discussed how important it is to boldly represent what you believe in, despite possible backlash.


For me, a regular old guy from Louisiana

Oh yeah. Just a regular joe.