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Perfect fit


Police in England needn’t know English

(Hat tip: OK):


Gynocratic safetyism

They either feel ‘unsafe’ or ‘so tired, y’all’; these are the weapons they use to control public conversations / debates.


And none do now, so it will continue until then



If you destroy a child’s life, your own be forfeit…


If we’d implement both… Would be a good start…
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Quebec taking dwindling share of immigrants to Canada, according to new data

They’re not idiots, unlike the rest of us Canadians:

Quebec controls the number of economic immigrants it takes each year and the province’s premier. François Legault, said in September that taking more newcomers would be a “bit suicidal” to Quebec’s culture and identity.

His immigration minister made clear the government won’t be boosting levels anytime soon.

“The federal government’s intention to significantly increase its immigration thresholds over the next few years is concerning. We reiterate that it is up to Quebec – and Quebec alone – to establish its thresholds for permanent immigration,” Minister Christine Fréchette’s office said in a statement, which the Post translated from French.

The minister said Quebec has to limit immigration to French speakers to protect the French language.

“Quebec, as a French-speaking nation, also has a duty to curb the decline of French on its territory and to ensure its protection. We have a responsibility to give all our newcomers the tools to thrive in French in Quebec.”


Makes sense


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Ijit Tribal polisci prof doesn’t get it

Of course, our politicians all abdicated their role as policymakers when WuFlu hit, and we’ve lived three years now under rule by experts…

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Rosie the Riveter refused to return home


Pornhub requires ID from Louisiana users to comply with state’s new porn law


A rare victory for social conservatives, and it shows it is possible to use technology to keep young people away from at least some online porn.

But… A downside could be that, later on, progs use such control as precedent, to further restrict what can be said or done online…