Why ‘heightism’ is ok with woke folk

Steve Sailer explores the subject here.


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Bullshit jobs

Great review of what seems like a great book.


We hate you; but please stay!

‘Tie them down to a tree’: South African president urges white youth not to emigrate

In a plea to stop young white people from continuing their exodus from the country, South Africa’s Cyril Ramaphosa posed a rather curious solution on the campaign trail — tying them to trees and begging them not to emigrate.

Speaking at a meeting of wine farmers in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape on Tuesday, the South African president said he did not want to see young white farmers and the skills they possess leaving the country, jokingly posing his own solution to the ongoing emigration crisis.

“If I could, I’d tie them down to a tree and say don’t leave, I want you here in this country,” Ramaphosa told the group of mainly white farmers. The leader also moved to assure the wine growers over their fears surrounding land reform in South Africa, promising that if re-elected, it would be done in accordance with the law.

Oh, that kidder!

We hate you, but please stay! Don’t mind us stealing your land (by law, so it’s okay), killing and raping your womenfolk; we need you; access to white people is a fundamental human right for the rest of the planet!

No it’s not.


Ordinary Canadians might interfere in Canadian election

{sarcasm} Heaven forbid! {/sarcasm}


The best a man can get?


Monstrously, Nova Scotia introduces presumed organ donation consent upon death, unless one opts out

Your dead body belongs to the Province, Nova Scotians:

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil tabled legislation that will make the province the first jurisdiction in North America to have presumed consent for organ and tissue donation.

People will be able to opt out of donating their organs, but the onus will be on them to do so once the bill is proclaimed. The bill would not apply to people younger than 19 or those who do not have the ability to consent for themselves.


The idea for presumed consent started gaining traction almost 15 years ago, he said. Several other countries, including Belgium and Spain, already use the system.

This is monstrous.

It’s backwards. Your body should be presumed to be yours, unless you specifically consent to organ donation.

I would expect this in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, or present-day commie China and North Korea.

It has no place in an ostensible liberal democracy like Canada.


#FakeNews: White Christians don’t do FGM, liars…

Oh, puhleeze!

INTERVIEW – U.S. woman says strict Christian parents subjected her to FGM

LONDON, April 1 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – An American woman from a strict white Christian community has told how her parents forced her to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) as a child – a highly unusual case which activists said could lead to similar stories coming to light.

Jennifer said she had decided to tell her story after launching a campaign to press her home state of Kentucky to outlaw FGM.

The internationally condemned ritual, which typically involves the partial or total removal of the external genitalia, is most often associated with a swathe of African countries.

More than half a million girls and women from diaspora communities in the United States have undergone or are at risk of FGM, according to U.S. government data.

But anti-FGM campaigners say Jennifer’s story suggests the secretive practice may also happen in some conservative white communities.

Jennifer, who asked that her full name not be used, grew up in a conservative evangelical church where her father was a minister.

“We were taught men were the leaders and God made women to be submissive,” she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation by phone.

“Many things were considered a sin. For a woman to be sexual was seen as a sin, for her to have pleasure was a sin.”

Now in her early 40s, Jennifer described how she was cut with her older sister when she was five.

“We were sent on a long trip. Mum and dad told us we were going somewhere special. It felt like an adventure,” she said.

But the excitement quickly turned to terror.

“I remember my arms and legs being held down and somebody covered my eyes. It was awful. I think I blacked out and when I came to they had tied my legs together,” she said.

“On the trip home I knew we had both gone through something terrible. When we got home my mum told us we weren’t ever to talk about what had happened.”

For much of her life, Jennifer believed most women had gone through the same ordeal. She only realised this was not the case when she studied reproductive health at nursing school, but she did not confide in anyone for many years.

“I thought it was a sin to talk about it. Religion can be a powerful tool for keeping someone silent,” she said.


It’s amazing how gullible the #FakeNews media still think people are!

Even more amazing, alas, is that some people still are…

And it isn’t even meant as an April Fool’s Day joke…

But anyone who believes this is not only an April Fool but a January-December fool, period…


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