Canada’s first trans mayor elected in village near Montreal known for its very Christian name and huge church


The small village of Très-Saint-Redempteur, Que., near the Ontario border, is known for its towering historical Catholic church — and now, for being home to Canada’s first openly transgender mayor.

The election of Julie Lemieux last Sunday flew under the radar as the surprising victory of Valérie Plante, Montreal’s first elected woman mayor, stole the headlines.

The irony of her religiously-rooted village having been the one to create the milestone was not lost on Lemieux.

“It’s quite funny,” she told CBC News over the phone Friday.

That church is now a community and cultural centre, she noted, and saving the old building by making it so was what got her into politics in the first place.

I guess the best man won… 😉


Lest We Forget

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.


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Even #Movember must be used to promote bearded hipster metrosexuality


Don’t call them Mermen: Newfoundland and Labrador’s “MerB’ys” are fishing for better mental health care

Meet the magical sea creatures who are raising a “boat load of money”


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Another Skin Suit

The Orthosphere

Many mordant chuckles have been roused by David Burge’s 2015 tweet, #lefties.  If yours hasn’t yet been one of them, the tweet details the process of “convergence” this way:

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A Curious Prophesy from 1683


The Orthosphere

The following curious prophesy appeared among miscellaneous tracts published by Sir Thomas Browne in 1683 (Some of you know Browne as author of Religio Medici)

When New England shall trouble New Spain.
When Jamaica shall be Lady of the Isles and the Main.

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The Unpersoning of Louis C.K.

It is surreal to observe the sudden current moralistic Hollywood meltdown over sexual indiscretions, perhaps long overdue; that it comes at a time when Christians are becoming less moralistic (e.g. electing Donald Trump, and shrugging at Roy Moore), is extremely amusing.

The Left’s inability to practice grace and forgiveness, and leave ultimate judgment up to God, is nothing new, though; witness the fanaticism with which Nazi-hunters like Simon Wiesenthal and his ilk have always gone after old men rotting away in obscurity in places like Argentina and Brazil, arguing that there shouldn’t be any statute of limitations whatsoever on their Nazi-era misdeeds. Progs don’t forgive because progs aren’t orthodox Christians who actually are capable of believing in forgiveness and reconciliation, and much of Hollywood are of The Tribe – after all, they started Hollywood – and secularized liberal ones at that, who seek a social justice proggy ‘messianic kingdom’ instead of a Messiah any more – and we see what kind of hell their SJW ilk have created these days – and the lack of grace and forgiveness in their doxing campaigns, etc.

So pass the popcorn; watching Hollywood melt down is vastly more entertaining than any of the shit they’re producing these days. 😉

Uncouth Reflections

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

Over at New York Magazine’s Vulture, progressive media critic and editor Matt Zoller Seitz proclaims that “Louis C.K. is Done”:

Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, and Harvey Weinstein’s entire body of work has been retroactively contaminated by multiple accounts accusing them of sexually predatory behavior ranging from sexual harassment to rape. These stories change our perception of their art, whether we would like them to or not. This is not just unavoidable, it’s a necessary part of processing art and coming to terms with it.

When disturbing stories about respected artists come from the distant past, we treat them dispassionately, as just one detail among many. Present tense or near-present tense revelations hit us differently because we share the same world as the artist, breathe the same air, feed the same economy. We think of them as contemporaries, even as people we know. This kind of…

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On Roy Moore

Funny how these accusations only arise now that he’s running for high office in his state.

But, even if true, oh well. The Left tolerated JFK, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, MLK, and many others – while raking Republican Congressmen / Governors / etc. over the coals for similar crimes.

It’s only fair that Republican voters become as blasé about such scandals as Democrat voters are.

Why should one side be hampered by principles that the other side refuses to live by or even acknowledge?

If the progs want to blame anyone for this turn of events, they only have themselves to blame, ultimately.

After all, they’re the ones who’ve always pushed identity politics over principle, etc.

Thus, they have no grounds to complain when their opponents start copying from their playbook, playing by their rules – and beating them.

Of course, they will whine and bitch, but it’s their own fault, ultimately.

They started it.

We’ll finish it.