Southern Baptist Military Chaplain Conducts ‘Transgender Policy Briefing’ for Army Reserves Unit

Source: Southern Baptist Military Chaplain Conducts ‘Transgender Policy Briefing’ for Army Reserves Unit

This is the sort of thing into which any church which sponsors chaplaincies becomes tangled up…


Friday afternoon entertainment.


Rollo Tomassi made me aware of a blog post by J. Lee Grady at that mentions both of our blogs. The article is Don’t Swallow the ‘Red Pill’. It is aimed primarily at the Red Pill subreddit, but clearly is intended to warn readers off of all of the men’s sphere.  It is a sloppy drive-by post, not worthy of a serious rebuttal.  But it does offer a springboard for some Friday afternoon entertainment.

As confused as the author is (intentionally or otherwise), it is clear that Grady is a hard core feminist, and we therefore have radically different views of Christianity.  Recent posts from Grady include Break Free From the Patriarchal Spirit and Why Women Belong on the Front Lines of Ministry:

This past weekend my oldest daughter, Margaret, quietly made history. She was ordained as a pastor at United Assembly, the church in Seneca, South…

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Foreigners In Office

Don’t elect non-Westerners; don’t elect women…


A foreign national celebrates her native culture after taking down a symbol of the American culture.

Principle demonstrated: if you install aliens into positions of power, they will shit on your streets.

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May He have Dominion here, once again

Happy Dominion Day, fellow Canadians!

Happy Dominion Day!

“He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.” – Psalm 72:8


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Serbia has fallen


Justy, the Boy Wonder

Thanks for the laughs (and winces), KMG. 🙂


How relationship raises the questions of religion

Great observation by Herman Bavinck, indeed. And thus, we see the absurdity of those evanjellyfish who eschew emphasizing that Christianity is a religion, calling it just a faith. After all, faith is just belief, but religion is living out faith in communion with other fellow believers, and the outworking of that faith in the world. Any ostensible Christian who de-emphasizes religion’s importance is missing out on the big picture.


J.H. Bavinck:

As long as he is occupied with himself only and looks no further, he can fancy himself to be self-sufficient. But as soon as he becomes aware of his relationships, he becomes stupefied, and asks: What am I in this great cosmos? What am I over and against the norm, that strange phenomenon in my life that has authority over me? What am I in my life that speeds on and on–a doer or a victim? What am I in the face of that remarkable feeling that overwhelms me sometimes, that feeling that everything must change and that things are not right as they are? What am I over against that very mysterious background of existence, the divine powers? It is in this area of existential relations that man is confronted with the crucial matters of life–and one of these is religion. Religion convinces man that there are…

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