Loud and proud complementarians: John Piper and Nick Roen.

Another reason for Christians, especially of the Reformed variety, to reject John Piper and all his works… As with Mark Driscoll, Doug Wilson, and many other celebrity ‘Reformed’ pastors, he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing…


Yesterday I described how complementarians used deception to replicate in conservative churches what feminists had already accomplished in liberal churches.  With their feminist victory in the final mopping up stages, several prominent complementarians have started switching their focus to pushing LGBT acceptance in conservative churches.  Key to the complementarian approach in both cases is to pretend they are really there to protect the church from the assaults of the culture war.  Complementarians know that if they become the defenders of conservative christian culture they can use their trusted position to dismantle the defenses.

Dr. John Piper was one of the two primary leaders in creating the complementarian movement.  In 1991 Dr. Piper and Dr. Wayne Grudem edited the book that spelled out the theological position of the newly formed Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW):  Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: A Response to Evangelical Feminism  The book was…

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More good news from Europe

If only Canada would follow suit, but not so long as Trou D’eau is in power, alas…

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Good news from Italy

Some good news, for the first Sunday in Advent:

Hoorah to the Italian government, standing up for your people and their tradition!


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Why do the Group summits keep getting bigger?

Back in the day, it was the Group of Seven, the seven richest countries.

Then it was the Group of Eight; I forget if that was when Russia started being included, because of geopolitics, despite its shitty economy.

It has morphed to the G20 now, but if you look at the group photo:

One sees far more than 20 people; this is because it’s G19 plus the E.U., whereas back in the day certain E.U. members like Britain, France, Germany and Italy were included as individual members.

Oh yeah, and now Saudi Arabia is included, too.

This club of nations keeps getting bigger and bigger.

To what end?

Who benefits?

Apart from George Soros and the globalists, that is.

Seriously, though, what is accomplished by bringing more and more countries and trans-national organizations to such summits?

Hell with this.

I want back just a handful of great powers with different spheres of influence, who then, as great powers, hash matters out in great powers summits, not mini-U.N. meetings…

Let’s bring back the 19th century or earlier, please. 😉


Why food trucks and pop up restaurants are fetishized


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The Shrieking Of The Thots

Hooray, based Swiss granny! 🙂

Chateau Heartiste

And you think if you save a ho, you could make them stop, don’t you? You think if a ho loves you, you won’t fap alone in the dark ever again to that awful shrieking of the thots.

An old Swiss woman shows soyboys how to properly patrol the thots.

Nice. I waited for the shrieking of the thots, and was not disappointed.

Many “she knows how to handle a hose” jokes in the comments.

The Swiss are surprisingly based for a Hajnal tri-nation. Don’t rule them out as players in the coming natpop revolutions.

Roosh audits a thot:

lmao. It’s a good thing to soak the thots and make them pine for the days when a dependable beta male provider would give them a life of comfort and ease.

Even the…

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What Cultural Marxism takes young women and turns them into, illustrated; before and after pics

Start here, scroll down (ignore top one, as that’s apparently an actress in a role on the right).

Weep for our civilization, then pray for it, then fight for it.