Comment Of The Week: Inverted Sexual Polarity

Chateau Heartiste

From Ryu, a worthy COTW entry,

Women are becoming the men that they need. And men are becoming like the women they want.

How telling, that the women are cashing in, making the big bucks, getting tattoos, a bad attitude….

…while the men are hitting the gym, watching what they eat, being nice and agreeable.

White women will not re-feminize until white men dominate them again. Either white men do it, or the minos and muzz will do it. The void will be filled in any case.

That coda is critical. Women will never lose their desire for dominant men. Their pussy-shaped void will be filled, the only question remaining…by which men? Their own, or the men of an invading tribe?

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Musical Interlude: “Traditional Irish Folk Song”, by Denis Leary


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World’s brightest atheist has just learned God is real

As those of us lesser mortals who believe already knew…

R.I.P., or so they say, Stephen Hawking…


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The truth


Hence blogging pseudonyms or partial names…

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

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Women who delay marriage for casual sex surprised to be single in their mid-30s



Divorce risk and number of pre-marital sex partners

Dr. Mark Regnerus is a sociologist at the University of Texas at Austin. He has published books on the changing nature of relationships with Oxford University Press. His newest book argues that the Sexual Revolution has caused men to lose interest in marriage because women are now giving them sex for free, without them having to prove their husband credentials first. This causes men to be disinterested in the traditional ways of impressing a woman, namely, getting a job, moving out, being willing to commit, and being able to provide for children who may appear.

The Daily Signal provides a case study taken from Regnerus’ latest book “Cheap Sex”, which illustrates the problem.


Sarah is 32 years old and recently moved to Texas from New York, looking for a new start—in more ways than one.

Brooklyn had grown too expensive for her hipster…

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If you only knew Wilson like they know Wilson, you would know he does not mean what he writes.

His fanboys and fangirls will always defend him, and blindly hang on his every word. I know an individual who previously belonged to one of his churches; extremely bright, but utterly indoctrinated.


Several readers objected to my recent post Harkening back to the golden age.  As so often happens with Pastor Doug Wilson, the defense is not that what he wrote is correct, but that I’m being uncharitable for not assuming he meant something different than what he wrote. OKRickety wrote in defense of Wilson (emphasis mine):

To be clear, I will say that I am not of fan of Doug Wilson’s writing style. It is not easy to read and excessively lengthy, tending to obfuscate what he wishes to communicate.

I think Wilson’s perspective on the “times” is that today we have so-called “servant leadership”, whereas before (in what he unfortunately calls “normal times”) we only had feminist claims that normal masculine behavior often (always?) led to bluster, bullying, etc.

This is a standard defense of Wilson, and one that were I Wilson I would strongly object to.  OKRickety is…

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Why do others get to colonize St. Patrick’s Day parades, yet no Irish floats are in their parades?

I watched a St. Patrick’s Day parade in a big Canadian city over the weekend; a friend watched one elsewhere.

In the one I saw, there was a Caribbean steel band playing, of all things, ‘Copacabana’.

Nothing Irish about it.

In the one my friend saw, there were Chinese lions, and there were Mexican dancers in full Mexican costume.

Nothing Irish about them.

I wonder, if at a Mexican Day of the Dead parade or a Caribbean festival parade or a Chinese New Year parade, we will ever see an Irish float participating?

Rhetorical question, of course. We all know that it’s okay for white ethnocultural groups to have their special day and parades colonized by others, but not the reverse, of course.