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Real men don’t hold purses–unless their wife tells them to.

Will S.:

I have been following the related convo on Dalrock’s previous post (which inspired this one) with interest, since the Gospel Coalition who are promoting this post are mostly Reformed and Reformed Baptists, many of them prominent in the North American scene. I’m dismayed to see them getting behind this, but I’m not surprised, given what Doug Wilson and Mark Driscoll and their ilk have been like, in promoting Blue Pill churchianity… All too typical these days, alas…

Originally posted on Dalrock:

Barnabas pointed out a sermon by Pastor Jason Meyer titled Fooled by False Leadership.  In the sermon Paster Meyer offers an example of “Servant Leadership”, a modern Christian term numerous readers have asked for a definition of.  I would say this example pretty much sums it up:

Showing his embarrassment is a way to show that this is not what he is comfortable doing. It is a little bit like when your wife asks you to carry her purse. There is no manly way to carry a purse. If you sling it on your shoulder, you show that you are a little too comfortable with it. But you can’t refuse because you really want to serve your wife and help her out. So you carry the purse in a way that shows your discomfort. You hold it by scrunching the handle and holding it out several inches from your body—just…

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Apparently the Pope believes in the mythical ‘gender pay gap’, and is appalled by it

(We know it’s a myth, but he hasn’t got the memo yet.)

Calls it ‘scandalous’:

Pope Francis added his voice Wednesday to the feminist anthem of equal pay for equal work, saying it’s “pure scandal” that women earn less than men for doing the same job.

Francis also lambasted the attitude of those who blame the crisis in families on women getting out of the house to work. He said such attitudes are a form of “machismo” that shows how men “want to dominate women.”

Francis made the comments during his Wednesday general audience, which he has been devoting to different aspects of family life before a big meeting on family issues in October.

Francis said the “radical equality” that Christianity proposes between husband and wife must bear new fruit.

“We should support with decisiveness the right to equal pay for equal work,” he said. “Why is it a given that women must earn less than men? No! They have the same rights. The disparity is pure scandal.”

Francis has spoken out frequently about how the Catholic Church in general must give greater value to the “feminine genius,” and has called for women to take on greater decision-making roles in the church, though he has ruled out women’s ordination or having women head Vatican congregations.

Only about 18 per cent of Holy See employees are women, up from 17 per cent four years ago. Currently, only two women hold the rank of undersecretary in a Vatican department.

While speaking out about the need for a greater role for women in the church, the 78-year-old Argentine Jesuit has raised eyebrows with some seemingly tone-deaf comments: He has said Europe in many places resembles an “infertile” grandmother. He has urged nuns not to be “old maids.” And he once welcomed new female members of the church’s most prestigious theological commissions as “strawberries on the cake.”

On Wednesday, he came to women’s defence. He took the biblical Adam to task for having blamed Eve for having given him the forbidden apple. “It’s always the women’s fault,” Francis said sarcastically. “Poor woman! We must defend women!”

Well, the Fall of humanity is the fault of both… Adam may have been wrong to blame Eve, but Eve was wrong to partake in the first place…

So, Christianity proposes ‘radical equality’ between husband and wife?

Oh yeah?

That’s not what God’s Word says


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Christian Book Chain Pulls ‘Heaven Visitation Resources’ Over Sufficiency of Scripture Resolution

Christian Book Chain Pulls ‘Heaven Visitation Resources’ Over Sufficiency of Scripture Resolution.

Good news.

NASHVILLE – One of the nation’s largest Christian bookstore chains has announced that it has pulled all of its “Heaven visitation resources” following the passage of a Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) resolution surrounding the “sufficiency of Scripture regarding the afterlife.”

LifeWay Christian Resources told the Baptist Press this week that it will no longer sell items pertaining to those who have claimed to have visited Heaven. It states that its decision was partly due to consideration of the resolution, which was agreed upon last June and warned Christians not to let “the numerous books and movies purporting to explain or describe the afterlife experience … become their source and basis for an understanding of the afterlife.”


The announcement means that books such as “90 Minutes in Heaven” by Don Piper, “Heaven is for Real” by Todd Burpo and “The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven” by Kevin and Alex Malarkey will no longer be available for purchase at LifeWay.

As previously reported, in January, Alex Malarkey, who was in a coma for two months following a car accident nearly a decade ago, wrote an open letter in January admitting that his book about dying and going to Heaven was fabricated.

Never trust someone named Malarkey. ;)


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(un)black: The Charlie Hebdo of metal

Will S.:

I’ve only watched a bit of the linked documentary thus far, but it’s certainly intriguing.

Originally posted on Coffee & Mustard:

Of all the genres poorly imitated by contemporary Christian music, I expected — nay, wanted — to roll my eyes at Christian, (un)black metal.

But not only can I not do so, in fact I really dig it.  And the reason is simple: they articulate their faith and they embrace their inner-troll (in the internet sense).

Maybe it’s too much Luther or Machen or Peter Hitchens, but I cannot but tip my hat to good contrarianism.

The best way to drive out the devil, if he will not yield to texts of Scripture, is to jeer and flout him, for he cannot bear scorn. -Luther

How could you not support something that makes the pharisees of metal so damn annoyed?

From a theology sense, the articulation of theological concepts in proper terminology sure beats K-Love.

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J. Gresham Machen on the Relationship of Church and State


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Quote of the Day

I’m sick of the NRx obsession with their “Progressivism came from Christianity” hobbyhorse. It was dumb when Moldbug first wrote about it (probably consciously or unconsciously trying to distract attention away from the heavy influence of Jewish intellectuals in developing modern liberalism and neoconservatism), and it’s even dumber today now that so many good critiques of this stupid idea are readily available.

Christianity is a religion focused on salvation from sin and reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ. “Christianity without Christ” is complete nonsense, you might as well talk about “Islam without the Koran”. The fact that some old Time article describes globalism as “super-protestant” just shows that the author was confused about what exactly Protestant Christianity is. I hear critics saying “No True Scotsman” fallacy to that, but one of the oldest tenets of Protestantism is “Sola Scriptura”, so just show me where Christ talks about unified international command of armies and navies, or the necessity of a universal currency, and I’ll concede the point. Otherwise, admit that these ideas aren’t Protestant or Christian in the slightest, even if they may incidentally have been held by certain groups of Protestants at certain points in history.


(See also here, for an in-depth treatment of the subject, and here for some responses to detractors.)


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Viral Video Denounces Islamic-Themed Vocabulary Lesson at North Carolina High School

Viral Video Denounces Islamic-Themed Vocabulary Lesson at North Carolina High School.

As well it should!

FARMVILLE, N.C. – A video denouncing an Islamic-themed vocabulary lesson at a North Carolina high school has gone viral, and has now elicited a response from the local school district over the matter.

Dianne Lynn Savage of Florida recently posted a video to Facebook alerting followers about the matter after a parent whose child attends the school sent her a copy of the lesson. In the assignment, students are provided with new vocabulary words to learn, and are given examples of how to use those words in a sentence—all revolving around the Islamic religion.

“Mohammad was familiar with the teachings of Judiasm and Christianity, [and] found solitude to be conducive to understanding proper faith,” read a sentence that featured the vocabulary word “conducive.” “He also found meditation to be helpful.”

“His success not only could be measured not only in quantitative ways, the numbers of followers of Islam, but also in a qualitative way [because of] the improvement in people’s lives,” read another in teaching the word “quantitative.”

The lesson then provides various exercises where students are instructed to fill in the blank where certain words are missing.

“Mohammad has just finished speaking when I arrive, but I hope the opportunity to hear him ___. I’d like another chance,” one sentence read.

“There are such vast numbers of people who are anxious to spread the Muslim faith that it would be impossible to give a(n) ___ amount,” stated another.


“When was the last time you saw your son or daughter, or grandson or granddaughter, come home from public school with a lesson built around God, around Jesus Christ?” she continued. “I thought this wasn’t allowed. I thought they didn’t allow religion in public schools.”

Alas, no; it’s just Christianity they don’t allow.

But they’re quite happy to promote every other religion, from humanism to Islam to paganism…


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