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Expect to see more of this…

Hey, what kind of name is his last name? Yeah. E.S.T.

Hey, why didn’t them psychics and tarot card readers foresee the scammer threat?


When men stop believing in God they don’t believe in nothing; they believe in anything. – attributed to G.K. Chesterton


Pro-Life Weakness

Pro-Life Weakness

Excellent commentary.


Praise God, Roe v Wade is dead.

At a national level, this is a sort of repentance for 60 years of genocide*, but there is a lot of work to do. There are three major areas of weakness I’ve seen in the pro-life movement that will now come into play as we move to the next phase of this war.

Note that henceforth on this blog, I’ll be referring to “abortion” as baby-murder and “abortion doctors” as baby-murderers. Euphemisms be damned.

False Innocence

Many pro-lifers have long used a sort of legal immunity to help hunt down baby-murderers. When mothers go and hire a baby-murderer, they lose the incentive to report the act because they’ll be self-incriminating. This is hardly unique to baby-murder, but it is a strategy used by some. I am not commenting on this strategy here.

Another fairly large subset of pro-lifers see this legal immunity as

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And especially also compared against alien enemy religionists


And that’s just a sample

But not just for Alphabetis; any unrepentant sinners of any kind, take heed!

Nothing wrong with 20-year-old men marrying 15-year-old women; it’s what our forebears did

Arguments about age-of-consent laws are always framed explicitly in terms of age of sexual consent and not age of marriage. In a sane world, we would frame as age of marriage, and allow as early as the Christianized Romans did.

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Go, Floridian Father!

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Blasphemy against the New World Disorder


Ritual bloodletting and blood-drinking; everything old is new again!


We Christian reactionaries have nothing in common with pro-abortion ‘reactionaries’

And it’s not just the neo-Nazis; that old manospherian σ/2, now self styled as the Lion of the —sphere, who is {{{Tribal}}}, also sneered at us Christian reactionaries for our abortion opposition, for the same reason; he came out as in favour of abortion for keeping down the numbers of the black population.

Let the godless Nazis and godless Tribals stand together for death, as they wish.

We obey God, and stand against murder of the unborn.