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Families are God’s idea

I agree, but BAP is a pagan, so he misses the right reason for families:

Because we Christians are, as God’s people, enjoined to “Be fruitful and multiply”.

The goal should be to serve God faithfully; not to raise families just for political reasons.

Politics is a means to various ends, and it ought not be an end in itself.


He hath loosed the fateful lightning


Hungarian government commendably helping persecuted Christians, but less commendably also helping persecuted anti-Christians

I have a rule-of-thumb regarding anything Rod Dreher unreservedly gushes over: there must be something at least partially suspicious or disreputable or wrong about it.

Such is once again the case here:

On Tuesday in Budapest, I paid a visit to Tristan Azbej, Hungary’s State Secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians and for the Hungary Helps Program at the Prime Minister’s Office. Can you believe that Hungary has an entire ministry dedicated to helping persecuted Christians?


Azbej took me into his office upstairs. He has mementoes all over from the places he’s been taking aid from Hungary to hurting Christians and others — for example, Yazidis persecuted by ISIS, Rohingya Muslims persecuted by Myanmar, and Sephardic Jews suffering in Yemen. Said Azbej, “Helping only Christians wouldn’t be very Christian.”

Wrong. That might be the spirit of civic nationalist liberal democracy, but not Christianity.

Every religion other than Christianity is anti-Christian, and we know that where various other religions are the majority, they invariably oppress Christians as well as others; ditto Chinese communism.

And what does it matter when one kind of anti-Christian regime oppresses other anti-Christians?

It’s a big deal if Christians offer a pinch of incense to Caesar, because that’s sacrilege / blasphemy / whatever you call it; denying the Truth, that there is only one God, in three Persons, and one True Faith, Christianity.

It’s no big deal if some Uyghur is forced to spout a ChiCom platitude, because such an individual isn’t denying a truth in favour of a lie; they’re denying one set of lies in favour of another set of lies.

Why should we care?

I notice that Justin Trudeau, and Obama, etc. have made a big deal over the Rohingyas, the Uyghurs, etc.

They always champion persecuted Muslims, but never persecuted Christians.

So those poor Rohingyas don’t lack for people speaking up for them – but Christians often do.

I’m sure Israel champions the Sephardic Jews being oppressed in Yemen – as well they should; we Christians should do the same for our people, everywhere.

As for Yazidis, they’re at the very least highly secretive, occult religionists; at worst, possibly Satanists.

Again, over against ISIS who are persecuting them, why should we care about one anti-Christian religion being persecuted by another?

At the end of the day, all religions that aren’t Christianity are opposed to Christianity, inherently.

They are against The Truth, The Way, and The Life, in favour of their falsehoods instead.

Screw ’em.

Time for us to borrow a page from our Old Testament forebears and their modern-day descendants, and just as they always ask, “Is it good for the Jews?”, we must ask “Is it good for Christians?”, and if not relevant, ignore it.

Our money and our prayers should not be wasted on promoting religious freedom for false religion, only true.


May He have Dominion here again…

… from sea to shining sea.

May it be so!


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No true Catholic (and no, that’s not the No True Scotsman fallacy), for sure

Considered as a Christian tradition, absolutely. (Considered as a tribal affiliation, a bit more muddy…)

No religiously observant, practising, faithful Catholic can be pro-abortion.


Worship your new idol

I hope that landwhale in red sits on it and breaks it. 😉

Sabbateans, and Rasputin

An interesting rabbit hole M. Le Baron goes down:

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