“for the purposes of making a point”

22 Jul

Like the time I was accused of making up my ancestry

Funny aside: the U.S. government considers me officially fully and completely white:

When I lived for a year in upstate New York while working there, I had to apply for a Social Security card.

I filled in the necessary paperwork, but I didn’t bother to specify race in the section asking me; IIRC, it wasn’t required, at the time – don’t know about now – but optional, and I didn’t consider it their business, esp. as a foreigner just in America temporarily; it’s not like I was filling out a government census.

Well, I got my Social Security Card in the mail, and according to it, under ‘race’, they had made an assumption, and declared me ‘white’.

I laughed, and told my best friend back in Canada, “I’m no longer only half-white; today, I’ve officially become completely white, and if anyone has anything to say about it, they can take it up with Uncle Sam.” 😉


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