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All things to all folks

Is the Scot-named Irishman sportsfighter:


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Maybe Bolivia, at least, in this, is based


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The loss of the Father figure

Yes, this is a pan-civilizational problem; modern communications mean bad ideas, no matter where they come from originally, can easily be spread across the globe, through pop culture, media, social media, etc.

Dharmic Reality

The one common aspect to civilizational decline across race, culture, region and religion is the loss of the Father figure, the head of the family and chief patriarch.

This is especially true of the Dharmic traditions, because Dharmic traditions pass on the wisdom of ancestors from father to son since times immemorial. And modern society has essentially wiped out the Father figure in the name of eliminating the “evil patriarchy” and “toxic masculinity”. Dharmic traditions have suffered doubly because the loss of the father figure has contributed directly to ancestral curse.

Patriarchy has always served as the bedrock of civilization. That is why adharmic forces always target patriarchy relentlessly. Adharma targets Dharma, but more specifically those who are in a position to protect Dharma. Modern society has seen a variety of Leftist attacks on patriarchy, starting from economic (socialism and state ownership of property leading to poverty and breakdown of…

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Custody Battles: Two Horrific Tales

We know WHY there’s such a battle between men and women over custody: the states have an incentive thanks to Republican Clay Shaw’s pursuing of “deadbeat dads” to break up families and assess child support against fathers, so states are actively incentivized to break up families.

“P.L. 105-200, the Child Support Performance and Incentive Act of 1998, established a revised
incentive payment system that provides incentive payments to states based on a percentage of the
state’s CSE collections and incorporates five performance measures related to establishment of
paternity and child support orders, collections of current and past-due support payments, and

Typically, Republican Ron Paul was THE ONLY Representative to vote against this. So states are rewarded for “establishment of … child support orders” meaning that if they keep families together, the bureaucrats in the Child Welfare Service lose funding. The Federal Government has done a lot of evil, but this might possibly be the worst in destroying children’s lives and taking them away from fathers who will protect them.

Two recent stories in the NY Post show that other lives are destroyed as well. First, a tale from North Carolina, where a murder-suicide took place. Dimitre Dimitrov, 64, allegedly killed his wife, MaryAnn Dimitrov, and himself at the Holly Tree Racquet Club in Wilmington last Tuesday evening.

Allegedly? Is the dead guy gonna sue for defamation? It could just be another tale from a domestic dispute, but the article goes further:

The estranged couple was in the middle of a custody battle over their 12-year-old-son, WECT reported.  The murder-suicide unfolded on the same day a court had approved an extension filed by Dimitrov in the custody battle, according to court records. Dimitrov and his wife had separated in September. Domestic violence orders filed by both Dimitre and MaryAnn had alleged physical and verbal abuse against each other. (emphasis added)

There’s always an incentive for parents to make false claims against each other. Throw money into the mix, and there’s even more.

The second tale is even sadder, and more gripping. I suggest you watch the video, and consider whether the man you see in it is a demon or a “brute” as the NY Post calls him, or a man who has been pushed too far. “I’ve been going through a custody battle … I’ve been going through having my ex-wife say I molested my kids and all kinds of craziness… been fighting for custody for three years… I started dating someone new and she got pregnant and threatened to do the same thing… ‘You never going to see your kids’...It’s the holidays, man, I don’t have no family, nothing… I just shot my ex-girlfriend in the head… I can’t go to prison, so, the person that really started all this is my ex-wife, so she next, and then I’m going to do myself too.” We then see an apartment door open and the presumable ex-wife run away inside.

The first line of the article says: “A Maryland man gunned down his ex-girlfriend in Baltimore and then killed his ex-wife

Some gang-banger with no respect for human life, you’d think. Except the story tells us “Both Wendy and Rajaee Black had worked as certified registered nurse anesthetists, according to the newspaper. Wendy Black was an employee at Howard County General Hospital for nearly five years, while Rajaee held a nurse anesthetist position at the US Department of Veterans Affairs.” Presumably a lower-middle-class black man trying to get by. And also seemed like a black man genuinely interested in having his children in his life. About the killings, he himself told us:

Um, felt like a dream. I never thought I would be that guy.

Broken child custody laws are going to create a lot more “that guy.” We pray for the souls of the dead, and for the children left orphaned.


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Not surprising


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SoyCon obsesses about a wasp stinging a man’s manhood; commissions a cocktail about it

Rhoda is something else…


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Funny how that goes

The wages of empire…

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Stopped Clock Example Number 7,896,342


To Reclaim Normality

I’m no fan of Elon Musk, but he’s spot on about this:

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Friday Fave: Matt Walsh Story Hour

I saw a reference to this on someone’s Twitter; I thought it was a parody!

Hey, I have my differences with Matt Walsh, but good on him for this!

This is how culture war is waged back! 🙂

Reading in Between the Life...

Conservative podcast host Matt Walsh is now a best-selling children’s author. His new book, released by the Daily Wire’s publishing arm, is titled Johnny the Walrus.

It’s a board book for kids with a whimsical, common sense, and explicitly non-political take on the trangender craze. He never uses the terms “trans” or “gender” or “sex” in the book, but the message is clear.

Walsh, as anyone who has watched his show is well aware, is not an exemplar of charisma, gregariousness, or charm. His shtick is more like an angry old man in a young man’s body most of the time. That’s what makes this video so very funny to me!

Watch as Walsh reads his new book to a room full of young kids. I loved every second. Our family laughed out loud.

Happy Friday and enjoy!

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I am lifting current comment restrictions…

… so people don’t get shut out of commenting on posts just because they’re more than a day old.

And so y’all can chat with each other again longer, too…

(I still haven’t figured out yet whether I am officially ending my hiatus, but maybe… I only know I won’t be posting at the rate I did before, and only if I feel like I have something worth sharing / saying.)


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