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Our frаnсоphоnеs are like that too, though

I understand and speak Frеnсh, but not perfectly, of course, and over the years, I have found that if one tries to say something in Frеnсh to a Quеbеckеr but do not get the pronunciation bang on, that they literally cannot understand. It’s as if they don’t have the same level of experience we anglophones have of dealing with people speaking English with all different kinds of accents, whether originally from within or without the cultural anglosphere, and therefore have had to mentally learn to accommodate all kinds of pronunciations due to different accents, and therefore can deal with ‘botched’ pronunciations.


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Again, women just don’t like our pastimes that don’t involve them


Always thought he was a pompous twit


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I like my hometown, but I can relate to his restlessness and need to roam; did so for years…

I have commented before that Forney seems doomed to keep seeing if the grass is greener elsewhere…

I can relate; while I like my hometown, I had to leave it, too, and don’t intend to move back, ever.

And for years, decades, I roamed.

But as I did so, I began to tire of it.

It started gradually; moving to the States for almost a year (living not far from Syracuse, actually) made me realize how Canadian I was, and I decided to move back to Canada and never live abroad again.

Then I moved to western Canada, and decided after four years that I did not fit in, and I moved back to Ontario and vowed to never leave Ontario again.

I bounced around different places within Ontario, before I found myself back in my old telephone area code zone, even if not my hometown, and I decided I couldn’t live anywhere else.

And so here I am, and intend to remain.

Now that I have a reasonably secure position and a wife, my roaming days are likely mostly done, apart from potentially moving elsewhere nearby if that makes sense for us, depending on circumstances.


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Me too; I generally prefer traffic circles / roundabouts to more linear intersections (both traffic light ones and four-way Stop signs ones, etc.)

We use both the British term ’roundabout’ and the American term ‘traffic circle’ up here, because we are British North Americans. I switch between the two.

Anyway, whatever you call them, I’ve come to see that they are often superior to other kinds of intersections, for multiple reasons.

  1. No-one needs to come to a complete stop necessarily or for very long; if the way is clear, one can keep rolling; thus it saves fuel for everyone; diminishes greenhouse gas emissions, etc.
  2. Less areas requiring one’s attention: at a four-way intersection one has to be completely observant of traffic coming potentially from any direction, including emergency vehicles. At a traffic circle, one only has to immediately concern oneself with traffic coming from further back in the lane one wishes to merge into within the circle, not needing to look further forward than to ensure the way is clear; one doesn’t need to know what’s going on on the opposite side of the circle. So much safer, less accident-prone, more idiot-proof.
  3. Can easily accommodate weird intersections of not merely two roads coming together but also three, four, five, and unusual angles of intersections. I’ve seen double sets of traffic lights / stop signs where one single roundabout could control traffic flow, rationally, and smoothly.
  4. The middle of a roundabout, unlike the middle of a linear intersection which consists of asphalt which all traffic passes over, is open, unused space which can be beautified: manicured green grass lawns with trees or flower beds; sculptures of local or national heroes; arches like L’Arc de Triomphe in Paris, etc.

Yes, there are disadvantages: they take up more space, and can be hard for pedestrians and cyclists to navigate, and if extremely busy intersections in major cities, could be challenging to merge into.

But I have seen where they used to exist, got torn out, then ended up re-established, more or less, because they just work better, overall.

No wonder they never caught on big in North America. 😉


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How Long Will GAE’s Hegemony Last?

Deacon Blues linked this in his Sunday Morning Coffee, and though I know many here have already seen it, I thought it a pleasant contemplation for a Sunday morning. All empires eventually fall; none last forever, except God’s Kingdom; hallelujah!

The Neo-Ciceronian Times

One of the questions we see commonly debated in Dissident Right circles is just how long can the Global American Empire (GAE) really last as a hegemonic force in international politics. Some, like Curtin Yarvin/Mencius Moldbug, speculate that the Regime could last for another century or more. Others believe its demise will be within ten years or less. Both sides are likely overstating their cases, but I do tend to believe that the truth of the matter is much closer to the latter than the former. However one lands on this, it must surely be accepted that the answer will not be one that depends on simplistic approaches to the data.

It was with interest that I saw this tweet a couple of days ago, since it obviously pertains to this question,

Certainly, the term “Forever Empire” is a bit of hyperbole. No empire lasts forever, of course. However…

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Antifa Colors




Very interesting…

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That’s one fast truck!

Can I get a warp-speed vehicle, too, please?

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New Male Birth Control Pill Effectively Prevents Pregnancy – Without Side Effects



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Will the Aussie government ‘lockdown’ its citizens against mosquito bites? Crikey!


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