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Anna Hitchings can’t find a man.

This Aussie chick’s echoing North American women’s similar groundless complaints, along with the sacking of that footballer for his biblical witness against LGBT, shows Australia is now just as pozzed as the rest of the West, contra all the smug Aussies back around 2011 who proudly proclaimed their land a trad haven.

Not any more, beyotches! 😉

Don’t you Aussies have a phrase, Tall Poppy Syndrome?

Looks like y’all have been cut down to size. 😉


End of transmission.

H/T Boris, Steve, & Anna.

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Don’t live where it floods; don’t expect others to bail you out; pay for it your own darn self

Hey you!

Yeah, I’m looking at you. You, who own nice expensive waterfront property beside a river that is known to flood at least periodically, even if only once a century, but usually more than that; where there is a risk every spring.

Don’t live there!

Or if you do, and it floods, don’t expect that you ought to be financially bailed out by myself and the rest of taxpayers. Why should we pay for your bad judgement?

No; you should have to pay insurance up the yin-yang, since you know your area floods. You do; it happens. It’s been recorded from in the past; it will happen again. Nobody should have to pay for that except you, for your stupidity and show-off-ness (now a word, since I just invented it).

Governments, stop bailing out these idiots. They don’t deserve our tax dollars…


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Colorado shooter hated Christians for disagreeing with homosexuality, praised Democrat Obama

And the Gabby Giffords shooter was also a registered Democrat.

More of these shooters / killers are of the left than of the right, it seems, on balance.


Richard Dawkins on atheism, morality, free will and human rights Richard Dawkins on atheism, morality, free will and human rights

This is just a quick post of the straight facts from the reliable Washington Times. The Washington Times reported on his views and values from his social media accounts. It turns out he’s a Democrat who attacked President Trump, praised President Obama, and posted all sorts of hateful criticism of Christians, because of the Bible’s teaching on sexuality and natural marriage.

The Washington Times reports:

Devon Erickson, 18, has been held in the attack at STEM School Highlands Ranch in which seven students were injured and one killed, reported 9News, the Denver NBC news outlet.

[…]Mr. Erickson had said on social media, according to a report in, that he hated Christians for their teaching on homosexuality and his accounts suggested suggested he was not a fan of President Trump.

“You know what I hate? All these Christians who hate gays, yet…

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Christians cannot support organ ‘donation’

Great post; agree completely.

Didn’t realize this had become law in the U.K.; it’s been enacted in at least one Canadian province, and I’m sure it will spread, alas… 😦

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

They should push for organs to be lab-grown, which has no strings, but isn’t “free” for the hospitals.
At least in the 18th century, doctors waited until you’d been buried before cutting you up for the socialist “common good”.

Brain-dead doesn’t exist, it’s a guess, like brain “damage”.

It’s odd Americans will fuss about unborn babies but totally ignore ritual butchery of alive adults and children.

You are most vulnerable in hospitals, why did the oldest of the elderly avoid them so? How did they become so old?

The vultures even pressure parents of children with brain conditions with spiritualist New Age nonsense about “living on”. That’s abusive. You know the way they can live on? Not to murder them like yanking carrots out of a garden plot. Physicalism is a cancer, it flouts every religious system, which advises NOT to disjoint the body parts. It is anti-religion and…

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Pig brains revived hours post-mortem

‘Brain-dead’ is a racket.

The modern State wants to play God; e.g. Nova Scotia recently

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

But go ahead, be an organ donor!

You won’t feel a thing!

“Circulation and cellular activity were restored in a pig’s brain four hours after its death, a finding that challenges long-held assumptions about the timing and irreversible nature of the cessation of some brain functions after death.”


These are the people you trust to know when you’re actually dead.

They might as well be informed by entrails.

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You Scratch My Back, I’ll Stab Yours

Great post; spot on.

The Orthosphere

“The attack on the Jew . . . is an attack on Christianity itself and on the Judeo-Christian basis of our Western civilization.”

San Francisco Chronicle (Oct. 9, 1947)

The notion that Western civilization rests on a Judeo-Christian basis is very largely an invention of the 1940s, when Jews felt a sudden and unprecedented desire to join the Western club and lock arms with their Christian “brothers.” Although a palpable oxymoron, the phrase prospered in the years that followed, and is now well established as one of the hardier weeds in the unlovely garden of American political cant.

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One Hundred Years of Men’s Rights Have Come To Nothing

Good graphic, and good post.

I think we stand in a more hopeful situation today compared to 1926, though, because there are a lot more of us today who get it. And our numbers keep growing.

And we serve an omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent God, with Whose help we can do anything, especially if we are seeking first His honour and glory and will being done.

Ballista74's Blog

In drafting the last post in response to one on another blog, I thought of a graphic but didn’t have the time and energy to dig it out until now.  I don’t know who came up with it or where it even come from anymore.  But it points out that:

  1. Feminism is a much older way of thought that most people tend to think.
  2. Feminism is ultimately ill-defined to the point that anyone that seeks to be against it always fails.  A proper solution to a problem always begins with an accurate definition.
  3. The nature of power and all that it is predicates that those with it will not give it up willingly.   When those in power are wrong, it will always require some pain in order to remove them from that power.
  4. Yet few will come up with an accurate definition or an effective solution, nor will support the…

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