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Keeping flights from China to B.C. open; why?


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The “Comfort” of Conspiracy Theories

Spot on. I’ve been thinking that the old saw, “Never attribute to malice, what can be adequately explained by incompetence”, is a bit too simplistic.

For example, many people attributed to British Prime Minister Theresa May’s ‘inability’ to resolve Brexit to incompetence, while I maintained all along that she was simply sabotaging it. In light of her successor Boris Johnson’s easy, successful implementation of Brexit, it’s clear to me I was right.

Uncouth Reflections

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

A common objection to conspiracy theories is that the worldview that conspiracy theories reflects is more psychologically comforting than the actual reality. The objection goes something like this, “You think that X event was the result of a plan agreed to and executed by nefarious people, when in reality the vast majority of people are bumbling and incompetent. People are so incompetent that it is highly unlikely that they could have pulled off such a thing. But, you want to believe that events are always the result of evil elements acting in concert, because that is preferable to believing we live in a world that is actually disorganized and chaotic.”

I’ve seen two examples of this kind of thinking lately with respect to the Iowa caucuses debacle. A friend posted a story on Facebook with the headline, “Out of the Chaos, Let a Thousand Conspiracy Theories Bloom.”

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Now at least one Anglican Priestess has joined that Extinction Rebellion doomsday cult

Fitting, I suppose; she’s a left-wing fundamentalist…

Indeed, it most certainly is


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Note to W–, on Donna Zuckerberg

Note to W–, on Donna Zuckerberg

How cute that the Zuckerborg’s sister was still all freaked out about us manospherians in 2018, years after the height of our influence.

Uncouth Reflections

Fenster writes:

I see we are both reading Donna Zuckerberg’s book Not All Dead White Men.  Since I know you as one who will tackle the classics head-on I am interested in your reaction to Zuckerberg’s glancing blow at some of its fans.

Me?  I found it underwhelming. Not that I expected that much since I come at the notion of a feminist reading of the classics with some skepticism.

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Brief thoughts on the U.K. election outcome

I don’t have much to add to what’s been said by others of our ilk; I’m glad to see Labour utterly, most deservedly, crushed, but I distrust BoJo.

Nevertheless, I hope his vanity will lead him to follow through with something closer to what the Brit people voted for in 2016 when they voted for Brexit, and less close to Brexit-in-name-only, if only so he will be better remembered in history.

As for the Scots and the Norn Iron turning more nationalist, whatever…


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Everything that Collapses Must Converge*

Someone recently asked me, regarding the new charity that Chick-fil-A has chosen to support, Covenant House, “What does homelessness have to do with ‘gay rights’?”, which they enthusiastically endorse. Nothing, of course, per se. But all must converge, unless they refuse from the get-go. Thus Amnesty International is now lost, too.

The Orthosphere

Amnesty International was founded in 1961 to protest persecution of prisoners of conscience.  It was always biased towards dissidents of the New Left, but was not, in its youth, a rigidly Leftist outfit. But it became the textbook illustration of Robert Conquest’s Second Law of Politics, and is today fully “converged.”

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Reconciling old and new conservative views.

Hear, hear!

And this is why ‘conservatism’ is worthless / useless, and trad men of the right should embrace the label ‘reactionary’ and eschew the loser term ‘conservative’…


Stephen Green has a post up at Instapundit on the US Submarine force’s failure to meet the needs of women.  Not all women who want to serve on submarines are given slots, and thus the Submarine Community Can’t Meet Demand From Female Sailors.  Green half jokingly suggests that this means the US needs to build more attack submarines.  Commenter Chris Lutz responded with the old conservative position, that women shouldn’t be on ships:

Clearly, in order to address this iniquity, we need to build more attack subs.

No, we need to put women back into truly rear echelon support positions. Women on ships has been a disaster.

Commenter Southern Man wanted to agree that women shouldn’t be serving on ships, but pointed out that kickass conservative gals made him feel good:

Part of me agrees with this. But my daughter is in the US Navy and I’m pretty d*mn…

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