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Trump should not have intervened on the basketball players’ behalf

Do the crime, pay the time.

Why would it have been wrong to let them pay the price for their actions?

Shouldn’t have been surprised, either, at the reaction of the father of one of them not being grateful. He is the father of a criminal, after all, and the apple rarely falls far from the tree…


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Even #Movember must be used to promote bearded hipster metrosexuality


Don’t call them Mermen: Newfoundland and Labrador’s “MerB’ys” are fishing for better mental health care

Meet the magical sea creatures who are raising a “boat load of money”


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Another Skin Suit

The Orthosphere

Many mordant chuckles have been roused by David Burge’s 2015 tweet, #lefties.  If yours hasn’t yet been one of them, the tweet details the process of “convergence” this way:

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A Curious Prophesy from 1683


The Orthosphere

The following curious prophesy appeared among miscellaneous tracts published by Sir Thomas Browne in 1683 (Some of you know Browne as author of Religio Medici)

When New England shall trouble New Spain.
When Jamaica shall be Lady of the Isles and the Main.

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The Unpersoning of Louis C.K.

It is surreal to observe the sudden current moralistic Hollywood meltdown over sexual indiscretions, perhaps long overdue; that it comes at a time when Christians are becoming less moralistic (e.g. electing Donald Trump, and shrugging at Roy Moore), is extremely amusing.

The Left’s inability to practice grace and forgiveness, and leave ultimate judgment up to God, is nothing new, though; witness the fanaticism with which Nazi-hunters like Simon Wiesenthal and his ilk have always gone after old men rotting away in obscurity in places like Argentina and Brazil, arguing that there shouldn’t be any statute of limitations whatsoever on their Nazi-era misdeeds. Progs don’t forgive because progs aren’t orthodox Christians who actually are capable of believing in forgiveness and reconciliation, and much of Hollywood are of The Tribe – after all, they started Hollywood – and secularized liberal ones at that, who seek a social justice proggy ‘messianic kingdom’ instead of a Messiah any more – and we see what kind of hell their SJW ilk have created these days – and the lack of grace and forgiveness in their doxing campaigns, etc.

So pass the popcorn; watching Hollywood melt down is vastly more entertaining than any of the shit they’re producing these days. 😉

Uncouth Reflections

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

Over at New York Magazine’s Vulture, progressive media critic and editor Matt Zoller Seitz proclaims that “Louis C.K. is Done”:

Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, and Harvey Weinstein’s entire body of work has been retroactively contaminated by multiple accounts accusing them of sexually predatory behavior ranging from sexual harassment to rape. These stories change our perception of their art, whether we would like them to or not. This is not just unavoidable, it’s a necessary part of processing art and coming to terms with it.

When disturbing stories about respected artists come from the distant past, we treat them dispassionately, as just one detail among many. Present tense or near-present tense revelations hit us differently because we share the same world as the artist, breathe the same air, feed the same economy. We think of them as contemporaries, even as people we know. This kind of…

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The Production of Billionaires

The Production of Billionaires

Great essay.

The irony is, only stupid people will be fooled by such false advertising.

(Which means a lot of people, alas…)

Uncouth Reflections

Fenster writes:

So here are the colleges that, according to Forbes, “produce” the most billionaires. The “produce” word suggests cause and effect, with the hint that if your kid can get in ze will absorb some of that magic pixie dust. And true it is that since credentialing is one of the major functions of higher education a degree from one of these places can send a signal. But does the academic program make the difference? Do Cornell, Standford and the rest “produce” billionaires?

For one, a lot of good research nowadays indicates that students, even at the best colleges, do not learn that much or gain much by way of critical thinking skills when at school. Still, you say, these colleges turned out billionaires one way or another while others did not and that counts for something, right?

Maybe but consider two things. First, some of the people mentioned…

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Gospel Coalition Haiku

Gospel Coalition Haiku

Well, these self-identified ‘complementarians’ are actually crypto-feminists (i.e. crypto-female-supremacists); Dalrock has their number; see here, here, and here, for illustrations of this.

Thus, it doesn’t surprise me in the least, then, since they’ve gone all proggy on sexual relations, that they have ended up all proggy on race relations, too. They are hopelessly ‘converged’, as we reactionaries say.

Old Life

Why does a complementarian organization promote a congregation that belongs to a communion that ordains women?

Here‘s an explanation of complementarianism’s importance from TGC poobahs:

Probably all of us who share The Gospel Coalition’s vision to renew our faith in the gospel of Christ and to reform our ministry practices to conform fully to the Scriptures have been asked, “So why is TGC complementarian? Are you saying only those who uphold male leadership in the home and church believe the gospel?”

If you’ve ever wondered and asked the question yourself, we hope you’ll watch this video featuring TGC founders Don Carson, Tim Keller, and John Piper. Keller opens with a hermeneutical argument about what sometimes happens when we apply arguments in favor of egalitarianism to biblical passages that relate directly to the gospel. He also explains why TGC’s confessional statement and theological vision for ministry go beyond basic gospel…

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