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1776 and 1861

1776 and 1861

Hey, the Confederates were just continuing the secessionist tradition! 😉

Old Life

Brexit is more or less hardwired into the American outlook. But somehow we fought a war that cost close to 700,000 lives to preserve not a federation but a union, not a republic but a nation. That’s what makes America great (many suppose).

But H. L. Mencken thought otherwise. He saw that the Brexit of 1776 also implied the Secexit of 1861:

But let us not forget that it is oratory, not logic; beauty, not sense. Think of the argument in it! Put it into the cold words of everyday! The doctrine is simply this: that the Union soldiers who died at Gettysburg sacrificed their lives to the cause of self-determination — “that government of the people, by the people, for the people,” should not perish from the earth. It is difficult to imagine anything more untrue. The Union soldiers in that battle actually fought against self-determination; it was…

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Heretica and Hysteria on Campus



A wide range of psychological tests conducted by Wason and others cited by Haidt provide no evidence whatsoever that the professoriate is any more likely than a less educated cohort to think independently, that is, to process fresh ideas and to draw from them anything but the officially sanctioned conclusions.
As Haidt notes, academics tend to have higher than average IQs, and are predictably “able to generate more reasons” to account for what they believe. But high IQ people like academics “are no better than others at finding reasons on the other side.”

Here’s the rest

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The Moderate Muslim

The stranger… does not belong.

Goodbye, America (in a photo)

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Marriage is about spouses first

(Hat tip.)


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Comparing male and female support for abortion, divorce and gay marriage

Disclaimer: This post doesn’t apply to married women. When I refer to women below, I mean young, unmarried women. But I’m just going to say “women” for brevity’s sake.

Except you mention that “Women initiate about 70% of divorces”, and so the post DOES apply to married women (since, of course, by definition, unmarried women don’t initiate ANY divorces). 😉
Anyway, disclaimer aside, a most revealing post… Thanks! 🙂


Disclaimer: This post doesn’t apply to married women. When I refer to women below, I mean young, unmarried women. But I’m just going to say “women” for brevity’s sake.

Are women really more moral than men? Let’s take a look at the attitudes of men and women on five of the most prominent moral issues of our time: gay marriage, divorce, abortion, war, and crime.

Gay marriage, divorce and abortion

Here is Pew Research on gay marriage as of 2016:

Women far more likely to support gay marriage than men Women are more immoral on gay marriage than men

Women favor gay marriage by a margin of 58% compared to only 52% for men.

Here is the Austin Institute on divorce in 2014:

Women are more immoral on divorce than men Women are more immoral on divorce than men

Women initiate about 70% of divorces, even though they freely chose the man they married, and vowed to stick by him through all circumstances.

Here is Gallup on abortion as…

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Love Travels Virally

MerryRot doesn’t want our business; we ought to oblige them, and seek out those who do…

Goodbye, America (in a photo)

There are at least two lies in this ad.

  1. there’s no such thing as unconditional love
  2. that’s no Chad

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Feminism in a picture.

Most appropriate in its asininity and absurdity; perfectly captures the emotional and intellectual maturity of feminists.

When they cotton on to this, it will be removed, of course.


The Village Voice has a great picture of a statue placed on Wall Street for International Women’s Day (HT Instapundit).

Last night, on the eve of International Women’s Day, news outlets and social media seized on the mysterious appearance of a statue of a defiant young girl staring down the famous Charging Bull statue. As it turns out, the statue of the little girl symbolically defying Wall Street was installed by… Wall Street itself.

The statue perfectly captures the essence of feminism:  A childish sense of defiance lacking a clear objective.  It is childish defiance for the sake of childish defiance.

The feminists at Village Voice are quite taken with the statue itself, but complain that this feminist message comes from a patriarchal corporation.  That feminist empowerment is portrayed by a girl, and not a woman, would at first seem counterintuitive.  A statue honoring the strength of men would…

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