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Bitcoin legal tender in El Salvador


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Democrat Joe Biden plans to cancel all oil and gas leases in Alaska ANWR

Democrat Joe Biden plans to cancel all oil and gas leases in Alaska ANWR

And the more we don’t use our own oil in North America, the more dependent we are on foreign oil from the Mid-East, and thus beholden to places like Saudi Arabia, UAE etc. Tyrannical Islamic regimes / tribal billionaire oil sheikhs, etc. Making them all richer, and having to deal with them.

We need a two-pronged approach: exploit our own oil resources and stop buying MidEast oil, and simultaneously try to develop alternatives, so we can eventually transition to them.


Do you wonder why gas prices have shot up since Joe Biden and his team of environmentalist extremists took the House, Senate and White House? Well, it turns out that if you raise taxes on energy producers and regulate their businesses, the supply of energy goes down. When supply decreases, and demand stays the same, prices go up. That’s the law of supply and demand.

The Federalist reports:

The Biden White House plans to cancel all oil and gas leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge until a further review of their environmental impacts are assessed, according to the New York Times Tuesday.

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, the paper reported citing two insiders familiar with the administration’s plans, will publish an order to formally rescind existing leases months after the new president mounted a White House crusade against fossil fuels on day one with moratoriums on new drilling in the Arctic and…

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Signed as Law: Vermont Expands Raw Milk Sales; Foundation to Nullify Federal Prohibition Scheme (Reblog)

Great news!

Time for government to get out of milk.

Also milk quotas and subisdies / dairy cartels like we have up here:

Mogadishu Matt

I ask you: What does the government do for you that you should be doing for yourself?

Answer: Determine what kind of milk you should be drinking.

Still trying to get that changed in my state.


Last week, Vermont Gov. Phil Scott signed a bill that expands raw milk sales through community-supported agricultural organizations (CSA’s) and farm stands. The new law takes an additional step toward rejecting a federal prohibition scheme in practice and effect.

Rep. Heather Suprenant (D) and a coalition of Democrats, introduced House Bill 218 (H218), on Feb. 9. The new law expands current raw milk sales to allow for sale by farm stands and community-supported agricultural organizations (CSA’s). This builds onthe expansion of raw milk sales passed in 2019.

With Gov. Scott’s signature on May 12, the law goes into effect on July 1, 2021.

Impact on Federal Prohibition

FDA officials…

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I hate when restaurants do this

I’ve been known to hold cold plastic butter individual portion containers in a spoon, suspended at the surface of a hot beverage, to try to melt my butter so I can spread it.

Restaurants should go through enough butter that there’s no danger of it going rancid while in a butter keeper (or box, if individual portion containers).


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China’s Rush Into Africa, Explained


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Eventually we all will have to do so

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On travel

I enjoy travel, but I don’t have any illusions that it has changed me fundamentally.

I just enjoy it for what it is, a chance to experience different places, see interesting, famous sites, try different food and drink, and relax, care-free, not working, enjoying a different climate, etc.

AK is completely right that all too often, esp. for women, travel is just a status marker.

And the oft-hyped ostensible difference between a ‘tourist’ and a ‘traveller’ is simply more snobbery: the person who self-describes as ‘traveller’ rather than ‘tourist’ because they don’t stay at resorts or go on prepackaged tours, are still wanting to do all the same things as tourists; they just pretend that they aren’t.

I think, rather than changing people, travel reinforces whatever kind of personality / prejudices one already has.

If you are the sort of person (prog) who thinks oneself ‘tolerant’, ‘open to new experiences’, blah blah blah, travel will give you that warm, condescending glow of self-satisfaction, to pat yourself on the back at your enjoyment of said new experiences / people / places, thinking how much better you are than those rubes who stay put, never leaving home.

But on the opposite end of the spectrum, if you are the kind of person who is fairly set in your ways, travel can just reinforce how weird people from other countries / regions, are and make you glad to return home, even if you enjoy the journey while on it. (I’ve travelled a fair bit but haven’t become more ‘open-minded’ as a result…)

For younger people who may never own their own home, travel has definitely become a status-marker, because of social media. It’s copium for those, esp. young women, who don’t have a home, family, no roots put down.


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One day, they will do that


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Маlі Мuѕlіm births nіnе

Header media
Наlіmа Сіѕѕе, 25, gave birth to five girls and four boys and all were delivered by Caesarean section.

So that’s nіnе babies born in a 3rd World country, likely to a woman who can’t afford them; if they’re lucky to all survive, they’re going to be brought up in the Religion of Peace (given her name), not our faith, most likely.

The prog press and social media are gushing over this, but I don’t see it as good news, given the situation.

I wish her well personally, of course – I hope she converts, they all live and become warriors for our faith. 😉


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Rage With The Machine

How telling, that despite Morello’s noting all that, he still felt it necessary to defend their Wokeism.

Hey Tom: Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me! Motherfucker! 😉