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The Imperial Legions Place Their Own Country Off Limits For Travel. ‘Cause Covidiocy.


Brings to mind that bullshit neo-cuck jingoist militarist slogan, “We’re here to defend democracy; not to practice it!”; in which case, any self-respecting military member should think, “Well, if I’m not fighting to protect freedoms not only for others but also for myself, what example am I fighting for? Why? Cui bono?”

This is assuming anyone is left among the regular low-rank recruits who has any knowledge of history and any brain cells, both of which may be far too much to expect these days, I realize.

To Reclaim Normality

I don’t even begin to know what to say here.  I’m just going to stop assuming once and for all that things can’t get any more absurd and that we’ve reached our societal nadir.  That obviously ain’t the case.

The silver lining here, tiny and thin as it is, is that this is yet more evidence of the unfolding collapse of the imperial legions and the order they represent.  That’s ALWAYS a wonderful thing to behold.

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Good! May This Trend Continue and Lead to the Inevitable Economic Result


Things as they oughta be. 🙂

To Reclaim Normality

This is what happens to businesses that treat their customers like cattle –diseased cattle, specifically.   No one with any self-respect will spend a dime of their money in a place that disrespects them, particularly if the basis for the disrespect is a self-evident fraud.  It is heartwarming to see that there are apparently larger numbers of people with both self-respect and common sense than I originally suspected.

As for the linked article’s assertion that restaurant staff are facing “abuse” from customers who refuse to play COVID Kabuki theater, just remember how abused the word “abuse” itself is in today’s post-civilizational world.   If being “abusive” means standing up for both common sense and human dignity, then I will proudly wear the “abuser” label.  The article’s innuendo notwithstanding, almost none of these restaurants’ customers who refused to wear masks became physically violent with anyone.  In nearly all of the reported  incidents,  one…

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Changing your hair colour, eye colour, or skin tone is just as much expressing dissatisfaction with one’s God-given body as getting a ‘sеx chаngе’ operation

The ‘trаnsgеndеrеd’ claim that they were ‘mіsgеndеrеd’ at birth by doctors / midwives / parents, but whether they realize it or not, they’re basically claiming God made a mistake, and they wish to rectify His mistake.

If you don’t like the hair colour, eye colour, or skin colour / tone you were born with, and seek to change it into something else, how is that fundamentally any different? 😉

True, a ‘sеx chаngе’ operation is far more radical and permanent since it requires actual surgery, but fundamentally, is the motivation behind it really that different from being unhappy at being born brunette instead of blonde, brown-eyed instead of blue, or not liking one’s ‘pasty’ or ‘dark’ skin and therefore tanning or using lightening products, respectively, to change that?

One may fairly object that it’s a far more substantive thing to be dissatisfied with one’s sex, and certainly that is unquestionably true.

But I’m talking about the impulse behind it: is it really all that different?

I suppose I’m biased, because I was raised by parents who have never dyed or coloured their hair, and never cared about such aspects of appearance.

And I myself will not dye the grey out of my black hair, not even in my new beard, which is more grey than black.

My philosophy is, this is what I’ve been given by God, and I accept it as coming from Him; who am I to argue?


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Butter tarts

Will S.' Sunny Side Blog

I just had two butter tarts, it’s Dominion Day, gotta enjoy some Canadian food! 🙂

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Now, if it’s okay for police to do this – and I don’t see how they can do anything else once thugs surround them, lest they be in danger of being pulled out of their cars and beaten/killed – then it’s okay for ordinary citizens, too.

If killing in self-defence is permissible, then potential vehicular homicide in self-defence should also be permissible. For everyone, whether cops or ordinary citizens… One law and principle for all. Period.


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More for the Archie-is-their-bio-kid skeptics

I don’t have an opinion one way or the other, but I find the conspiracy theory interesting and not implausible.

They point to apparent changes in the size of Meghan’s bump prior to Archie’s arrival, sometimes appearing not visible at all; not sure what to think, some clothes hide baby bumps better than others, and most paparazzi photos are never that clear, but it did seem to appear then disappear…

It was odd how long Archie was kept from the cameras…

I do know this: I don’t trust that woman for one second…


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Ѕlаwеn ѕіnd Ѕklаvеn?


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“Pass the dumplings; the West is imploding!”


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Word Nerd Wednesday: Systemic

Thanks Elspeth for posting this.

IOW, Jim Crow laws can be considered examples of systemic racism, which has now ended upon their repeal…

Reading in Between the Life...

It is my earnest attempt to keep this as word nerdy and apolitical as possible, but given the way this word is being tossed around of late, I thought it warranted a closer look. So against my better judgment, I want to parse the word systemic, because I am fairly certain it doesn’t mean what most people think it means.

What can I say? Inigo Montoya looms large here at Reading in Between the Life. First, a definition, or more accurately, several definitions, from two etymological sources:

System (From Webster’s 1828 dictionary, where the word systemic isn’t listed):

1. An assemblage of things adjusted into a regular whole; or a whole plan or scheme consisting of many parts connected in such a manner as to create a chain of mutual dependencies; or a regular union of principles or parts forming one entire thing. Thus we say, a system…

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This will continue till Western men end it