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Juneteenth nation vs. America

Why should that hymn be sung for the 4th? Doesn’t include all Americans.

Patriotic, religious Georgians

My kinda country; tolerable imperfections

Remember: Kulturkampf can be waged back! 🙂


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Anchor babies: not just Latins any more

A shithole country if there ever was one. Don’t blame them for wanting to flee it; do blame the U.S. government for letting them in.


AntiPope Franky Cheers ‘Pastoral Zeal’ Of Alphabet People Crusader


Women with nose rings


In Seattle, brokeback bucks get gibmedats, subsidized by charging de white gehs


I wish I was Hungarian


Sabbateans, and Rasputin

An interesting rabbit hole M. Le Baron goes down:

Either follow the thread from the top tweet, or use the threadreader in the bottom one.


They think we’re as dumb as they are


A’Toole and the Fooles embrace vacuous and dangerous prog slogan as they engage in Prideful ‘Us too!’-ism

You know who isn’t pandering, or virtue-signalling to the Alphabeti?

Max Bernier and the PPC.