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So just what exactly constitutes a terrorist, anyway?

Recently I was together with some brethren from my church community, and the talk turned to terrorism; a lively debate occurred around just what exactly constitutes a terrorist. One brother contended that anyone, whether part of an organization or whether a ‘lone wolf’, who committed an act of violence for a political end met the definition of terrorist, while another argued that traditionally, the definition of terrorist typically excluded lone wolves in favour of members of organizations, e.g. the I.R.A., the P.L.O., etc., who had very definite ends towards which they were hoping the violence they were committing were means.

I found it an interesting discussion, and I find myself musing on the matter. Should we exclude the likes of Timothy McVeigh or the Parliament Hill shooter or the recent Quebec City murderer from the definition of terrorist, and save it only for ISIS, al Qaeda, etc.? Or should the definition be broad enough to encompass both members of organizations promoting violence and lone wolves operating alone?

I incline towards the term being broad-based enough to include both, but I do think a distinction needs to be drawn between mass murderers who may have hatred towards a specific group motivating them but who aren’t aiming for a specific goal, just acting on their hatred, and those who hope to, say, foment a race war or something such.

What do you think?


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Re-capture institutions, or secede?

Free Northerner believes that re-capture of institutions of power currently held by progs is possible, and that we reactionary traditionalists should strive to do so.

Rod Dreher thinks we should pursue what he calls ‘the Benedict Option‘, which seems to be a form of monastic- or Anabaptist-style retreat from society, separating ourselves physically, to some extent.

I am pessimistic about our ability to be able to accomplish the former, and find myself more sympathetic to the latter, though I’d prefer to fight for a place in the public square rather than to retreat, yet I can the value in just exiting. (Though I laugh at absurd notions like some libertarians’ “Free State Project”, as if we could get masses of people to relocate to a place, enough to affect the political scene there. Yes, that has happened in some places, but the changes didn’t happen overnight, or with intentionality on the part of everyone.)

What makes the most sense for reactionaries to do, or try to do? One, or the other, or both?


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It’s ‘piqued my interest’, not ‘peaked my interest’ or ‘peeked my interest’.

We’re trying to have a civilization here!

That is all.

P.S. Definitely.


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For those going through LIGFY withdrawal…

… two imitators of Ferd have been spawned, complete with LIGFY-type linkfests:

Obviously their ‘flavours’ are a bit different than Ferd’s.  But they do link a lot of the same bloggers that Ferd used to, though not all.  Obviously, not everyone who reads Patriactionary will like everything they encounter there, so as always, use your discretion.

Of course, we here at Patriactionary do weekly linkfests too, on Wednesday.

Others also do regularly-scheduled, weekly ones, such as Free Northerner and the Elusive Wapiti; there are yet others like Foseti who do them fairly often, but not according to any discernible pattern that I’ve ascertained.

Just so you know. 🙂

BTW, for anyone going through In Bona Fide withdrawal (typically short, multiple posts per day of news items and blog posts of possible interest), there’s my other blog (along with Johann Happolati and Skarphedin, though they seem to have disappeared), Happolati’s Miscellany; I’d also recommend Dyspepsia Generation, as well.  And a bit less often updated, but also worth following, is Ray Sawhill’s Google+ page.

You’re welcome. 🙂

Feel free to suggest other regular, or fairly often if not regular, sources of linkfests of possible interest to readers of Patriactionary; or any multiple-daily-news-and-blog-post link-blogs, similar to the ones I mentioned.

Also, feel free to ‘derail’ this ‘thread’ (if it becomes one) with interesting, non-monomaniacal subject matter for discussion, as well; it’s been a bit quiet here, of late, and I’m happy to chat about anything interesting enough; hopefully others are, as well.  I declare this an open thread.

P.S. Happy Father’s Day, to all the dads out there.  God bless you all.


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