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Black Friday UK 2014 Girls Fight Over Underwear & Lingerie

Great Britain has embraced ‘Black Friday'; this happened over there:

Ick. None of them shav and ghetto trash cows would look appealing in lingerie; not sure why they bother…


Japanese ‘Solo Wedding’ Service Gives Single Women the Chance to Be Brides for a Day

It was bound to come to this, wasn’t it…

As an increasing number of Japanese women put their careers ahead of starting a family, the number of services that cater to single women is on the rise. One such service is the ‘Solo Wedding’ – a full wedding day experience during which a woman gets to be bride without actually getting hitched.

The absence of a groom at a wedding might sound abnormal, but the concept is surprisingly popular. Ever since Kyoto-based company Cerca Travels launched Solo Weddings in June, at least 10 single ladies have used the service. These are women who have dreamed of wearing a wedding dress all their lives, but never really had the chance to do it.

A Solo Wedding gives the client a chance to live out her childhood dream – she is put up at a plush hotel for two days and then taken in for dress fittings, bouquet design, hair and makeup. Each service is handled by a professional, and completed with the same level of precision as a real wedding ceremony. Once the bride is all decked up, she is taken to beautiful locations in Kyoto that complement her personality, for a full photo shoot.

Solo Brides can also choose to have a decorative man between the ages of 20 and 70 pose along with them. And for women who want the attention but aren’t into wedding gowns, the company provides historical dress-up tours around Kyoto, like being photographed in Geisha makeup and traditional attire. There are a variety of packages to choose from – the cheapest one starts at 330,000 yen (US$2,800).

The company’s website features reviews of delighted Solo brides: “It really felt like a dream,” wrote one divorcee in her 50s. “I didn’t really care about the wedding dress because I was married and had children already.”

A single woman in her 30s was more excited about the dress: “That was the best! I feel great! I’m dating a guy but have totally put off the pain that is getting married. I always wanted to wear a wedding dress and I didn’t want to regret it, but I also didn’t want to pester my boyfriend.”

Some people might find the idea of a Solo Wedding bizarre, but let’s face it – it does fulfill the dreams of many women out there who aren’t getting any younger while waiting for the perfect wedding to happen.

Hey, if it means some men who would really just be props like the ‘decorative’ men mentioned above, end up dodging a Bridezilla bullet, by not ending up married to these women, it’s all to the good, surely. :)


Singing nun chooses ‘Like a Virgin’ for debut

I don’t think she gets what it’s about.


A singing nun who won the Italian version of the The Voice has released a cover of Madonna’s Like a Virgin for her debut single.

Sister Cristina Scuccia, who won the singing contest in June, says she chose the song herself “without any intention to provoke or shock”, but says she is ready for any criticism. “It’s a song about the ability of love to make people new. To redeem them from their past. And that’s how I wanted to interpret it,” she tells the Catholic newspaper Avvenire.

No, it’s not.

Tarantino’s take on it strikes me as much more plausible.

I mean, this is Madonna we’re talking about here. Not some sweet innocent thing, as that poor sister is.


I’ve not been following the Texas gubernatorial election, but this is insane

From the Federalist:

It wasn’t enough for Wendy Davis, the Democratic candidate for governor of Texas, to claim that her opponent — who is wheelchair-bound — doesn’t care about disabled people. Now she and her campaign are claiming that Abbott might also want to ban interracial marriage.

There’s only one problem: Abbott’s wife Cecilia is Hispanic.


I thought the Republicans were the stupid party, and Democrats the evil one.

In Texas, seems the latter are both evil and stupid, these days.


Promote the welfare/warfare state, sure, but not with images of guns, please!

Originally posted on Will S.' Anarcho-Tyranny Blog:

Ya gotta laugh.

Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk High School was happy to host a recruiter from the New York National Guard. But they were not happy with some of the swag he was handing out, particularly a t-shirt showing a guardsman holding a rifle. The school dress code bars students from wearing anything depicting a weapon. The recruiter agreed not to hand out anymore of the shirts. The students who’d already gotten one were told they could wear it that day but should not come back to school in it.

So, promoting fighting to defend the state’s interest = good; showing the tools they use to do so = bad.

Got it.

Homeschool / private school / church school your kids!

And why bother with joining a state militia; in the event of an invasion, or similar threat, just pick up a gun and become a bushwhacker!

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Students: Transgender Woman Can’t Be Diversity Officer Because She’s a White Man Now

You gotta laugh. :)

A student who was born female felt perfectly comfortable identifying as a man at Wellesley College — until people said he shouldn’t be class diversity officer because he is now a white male.

Timothy Boatwright was born a girl, and checked off the “female” box when applying to the Massachusetts all-women’s school, according to an article in the New York Times. But when he got there, he introduced himself as a “masculine-of-center genderqueer” person named “Timothy” (the name he picked for himself) and asked them to use male pronouns when referring to him.

And, by all accounts, Boatwright felt welcome on campus — until the day he announced that he wanted to run for the school’s office of multicultural affairs coordinator, whose job is to promote a “culture of diversity” on campus.

But some students thought that allowing Boatwright to have the position would just perpetuate patriarchy. They were so opposed, in fact, that when the other three candidates (all women of color) dropped out, they started an anonymous Facebook campaign encouraging people not to vote at all to keep him from winning the position.


Minority vegan SJWs upset that their favourite sweary ‘thug’ vegan cookbook is actually written by two white hipsters


It was only a matter of time before Thug Kitchen scored a book deal.
The wildly popular (and equally as profane) vegan cooking blog has been dazzling internet audiences for years with its humorous take on nutrition, racking up more than 500,000 fans on Facebook alone with its decidedly “gangsta” approach to food preparation.
“Eat like you give a f***” reads the tagline for Thug Kitchen’s website — a repository of nearly 50 healthy, vegan recipes for relatively innocuous sounding dishes like “spring asparagus risotto” and “peanut tempeh summer rolls.”
“These sons of b**ches are chock full of all kinds of healthy sh** for you and tastes like a goddamn flavor explosion in your f***ing mouth,” reads a portion of the recipe for the tempeh rolls.
“You like burritos? Of course you do. Who the f*** doesn’t? Then you’ll love this sh** right here. Wrap that sh** up.”
The conversation surrounding Thug Kitchen took a turn on Sunday, however, when Epicurious revealed the long-hidden identities of the duo behind the series: Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway, both 29, of Los Angeles.
The fact that Thug Kitchen was created by two white Angelinos struck a nerve with many online.

Aw, poor babies!

Don’t riot and burn down Los Angeles, now, in revenge!


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