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Donald Trump is no Vladimir Putin

I know some reactionaries are very happy with The Donald’s campaign, and hey, it is encouraging to see someone who articulates politically incorrect sentiments no-one else dares to (such as immigration restrictionism, or dealing firmly with the Islamic threat) receive such high levels of support.

But come on; the guy’s a joker, a clown; he has no fixed principles; he blows with the wind; he’s certainly not a traditionalist Christian, on our side in the cultural war. He’s enjoying notoriety by shooting off his mouth, saying whatever he feels like, whatever will outrage the media and the Republican establishment, and cheer those who enjoy his political incorrectness. (Hey, I enjoy it, too. Doesn’t mean I think he’s the answer.)

Nicole Russell at The Federalist recently compared him to Jesse Ventura, but I think that’s unfair to Jesse Ventura, who, far as I can tell, actually has a set of principles, a worldview to which he adheres – a kind of macho militant atheist libertine libertarianism, as Russell’s article demonstrates. (I’m no fan of Jesse Ventura; never have been; I’ve always loathed everything he stands for. But I’ve always believed in giving the devil his due, so accordingly I’ll give Ventura credit where it’s due.) Whereas, unlike the fake wrestler (since that kind of wrestling is all fake) Ventura, his fellow show-biz entertainer Trump (yes he’s a rich businessman, but he’s an entertainer first) has no principles, whatsoever, other than making money, being popular and infamous, and such.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not shilling for any of the other GOP candidates; I don’t find any of them appealing.

But Trump is not the great U.S. presidential reactionary hope.

Nobody is.

At least for now.

Too bad Putin can’t run… 😉


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Enoch Powell and Jean Raspail were right…

… as events in Europe tonight and over the last few months have demonstrated.

Hopefully, soon most Europeans will come to similar conclusions on their own.

By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand, men of the West!


Piss like a man, wymynz…


Flower Power = Racist

Never mind that New Orleans Creoles back in the day interbred with blacks to a much greater degree than any WASP whites in what is now the American South…

And oh no, Confederate flags spotted in the tilework in a New York City subway station!

That’s it; burn the whole world down, to make it safe for ultrasensitive Millennials and minorities ‘triggered’ by everything, everywhere!

So long as people are still alive and stuff still exists, somebody somewhere might get offended! 😉

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

We should do a series = Everything is Racist.


Symbol of French people, lilies and the Holy Trinity… according to a very detailed symbology dictionary on my shelf.

r-selection happens in free resources. Free resources condition one to ease, and produce amygdalae that are totally incapable of tolerating even the slightest imagined negativity. Finally, the incapability to tolerate even the slightest imagined negativity is the mark of an insane culture. Ergo, the r-selection of free resource availability produces insane cultures.

It’s like a reverse honour culture.
A dishonour culture.
A disrespek culture.

When looking at someone funny, or not looking at them funny, or plain not looking at them are cause for grievance.

what wtf blackadder

Notice they’re starting on symbols of aristocracy? Hm, I wonder why.

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Transparodistic Mini-Linkfest

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Nota bene









USC is ‘teaching’ a ‘selfie’ class

There’s a bird course if there ever was one… (Albeit with prog indoctrination, of course…)

In his #SelfieClass: Writing 150: Writing and Critical Reasoning: Identity and Diversity, Mark Marino is looking to engage his first-year writing students into thinking more intensely about themselves and the world around them.

“Selfies provide a fun and deceptively trivial opportunity to consider how we represent ourselves, how we are read, and how those images circulate to form online communities,” he said.

One of the students’ first writing assignments poses the question: How do your selfies produce or obscure a sense of your identity? He then asks the students to choose five selfies of themselves and examine race-ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexuality and gender.

“Go anywhere in LA, and you’ll see rows of people tilting their heads and smiling into their phones,” Marino said. “They are communicating with their friends.  But it’s not that simple.”

The selfie, he said, carries much more significance.

To Marino, selfie takers are “constructing an image of their identity — their gender, their ethnicity, their sexuality, their socioeconomic status.”

“Except that’s only half of the process because these photos then will be read, liked and favorited, and interpreted by others — based on their own expectations and experience,” he said.  “Here we have the co-creation of identity wrapped up in a discrete act of networked communication.”

His students must maintain selfie journals and write blog posts, among other assignments. The class also teamed up with Miriam Posner, who teaches “Selfies, Snapchat, and Cyberbullies” at UCLA.

Blah, blah, blah…


Post-Millennial girlie creates new identity for herself through a Twitter selfie, as the Princess of Auschwitz! 😉