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Ottawa police may guard unarmed military ceremonial guards


The Department of National Defence is in discussions with the Ottawa Police Service to provide police protection for unarmed ceremonial guards in the capital, CBC News has learned.

The discussions come nearly five months after Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was shot and killed while on honorary guard duty at the National War Memorial on Oct. 22.

National Defence is requesting two armed constables to guard the sentries at the memorial, and possibly two more to guard those at Rideau Hall, the Governor General’s residence. The constables would be armed with their standard-issue handguns.

Ottawa police Supt. Scott Nystedt said the talks are about providing security for the sentry program, which runs from April to November.

“The talks are underway for a paid duty contract for the Department of National Defence,” Nystedt said. “It hasn’t been signed and we’re working out the details.”

While the details of a potential agreement are still being negotiated, Nystedt said the officers would be paid by the Department of National Defence. The work would be considered overtime, and above and beyond their regular police duties, he said.

Col. Lionel Smith, who is responsible for the ceremonial guards, confirmed discussions are underway.

“We are always looking for measure to increase the safety and protection of our members,” Smith said.

The sentries are expected to return to their posts on April 9 after the winter break.

Ah, why have armed police guarding unarmed ceremonial guards?

When, as I said at the time, they could and should arm the unarmed guards!

Then, they could not only ACTUALLY guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, but they could also quite handily defend themselves.

Or are we against our soldiers being able to do so, preferring to make them dependent on civilian police? Why?

Our rulers are getting increasingly stupid…


Mother Jones: Three Meals a Day Is Racist

Mother Jones: Three Meals a Day Is Racist.



Megachurch Pastor Ed Young to Baptize Copies of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

You can’t make this shit up.

Just over a week before the steamy “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie opens on Valentine’s weekend, controversial founding pastor of the popular Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas, Ed Young, says he will baptize copies of the book on which the movie is based, calling it a “perverted attempt to trap readers.”

“There is a cultural epidemic out there that is wrapped up in complete fantasy. The book, Fifty Shades of Grey, is a perverted attempt to trap readers and leads them to a misunderstanding of what intimacy and connection are all about,” said Young in a press statement Wednesday.

“It is a pathetic distortion of a more powerful reality about relationships. God is not anti-sex, and he isn’t grey when it comes to relationships. I want to wake people up to the reality that God’s purpose and plan for their lives is so much greater!” he added.


The megachurch pastor says he’ll be raising awareness about the perversion of Fifty Shades of Grey by baptizing copies of the book at locations in Dallas, Miami, Florida and London, England.

“The sad thing is that so many have fallen prey to what that book represents and have missed out on the truth that God has a better way and purpose for them. By baptizing the fantasy of that book and raising to life the reality of God’s plan, I want to show people that it comes down to one thing — fantasy vs. reality!” he continued.

No argument about the evil of 50SOG, he’s right about that. No argument that God intends much better things for His people.

But baptism is meant for people alone, and it signifies God’s acceptance and transformation of them, granting them new life; it is a sign and seal of the new covenant.

It’s not meant to be perverted by putting a book underwater, and bringing up something else (the Bible, perhaps?!), or whatever the hell it is he’s planning to do, in his sacrilegious, highly misguided act, abusing a sacrament for a show-biz-y gimmick.

Moreover, it could lead to confusion, that God is endorsing 50SOG. Is that what he intends to teach? If not, why do this? (Other than to generate publicity for himself and his ‘ministry’, of course.)

I can’t believe how stupid this so-called pastor is.

Churchian evanjellyfish fool!



Taylor, that is.



No and wrong!


Korean-American comedienne makes fun of North Korea, gets called racist by non-Asian Twitter SJWs

From what I’ve seen of her stuff, IMO, Margaret Cho isn’t even funny, but her accusers inadvertently are…

You really couldn’t make this shit up. We live in transparodistic times…


Filipino City Requires Taxi Drivers to Display Bible Verses on Vehicles


TAGBILARAN, Philippines – A city in the Philippines mandates all of its taxi drivers to paint Scripture on the back of their vehicles, also known as three-wheeled motorcycles, in an effort to curb crime in the city.

While the regulation in Tagbilaran has been in effect for over twenty years, reports have just recently highlighted the requirement.

“This is the only city in the Philippines that has such an ordinance,” Samuel Belderol, who issues taxi licenses at city hall, told reporters. “We want the world to know that we are a God-fearing city and that these Bible verses help us draw closer to God.”

“We only issue 3,000 licenses every year and each one must have a unique verse on it, no duplicate verses allowed,” he explained, nothing that the drivers are assigned a particular Bible verse.

Those that fail to have the Scripture painted on their taxis may be fined or have their license revoked.

City Council member Lucile Lagunay said that the presence of the verses has helped to change the atmosphere in the city, and has consequently lowered the crime rate.

“With a Biblical message at the back of the units, commuters get to see the message every day and it helps in way to preserve the peace in our city,” she stated. “Everyday commuters get to see the biblical message on the tricycles and who want to think of crime when they see biblical passages everywhere.”

Some of the verses painted on the taxis include, “I am the way, the truth and the life,” “The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul,” and “God loves a cheerful giver.”

“Years ago people used to paint obscene messages and images on their tricycles, but the city ordinance changed that,” Buala Siongiex, who has been painting verses on the motorcycles for two decades, stated. “Now when you read the word of God you can’t help but feel alive, even a little bit of God’s word makes you happy.”

While it is not clear how the law was passed or who was responsible for its passage, the vast majority of Filipinos are Roman Catholic, with an estimated 2.8 percent professing to be evangelical Christians as there are numerous Baptist, Pentecostal and non-denominational congregations throughout the nation as well.

As previously reported, in 2012, hundreds of Christians and other youth marched in Manila to protest a performance on the island by American pop star Lady Gaga. Dr. Benny Abante, former Manila congressman and pastor of Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church, took to the streets with approximately 70 youth from his church. He denounced Gaga’s song, “Born This Way,” which he believes is manipulative toward young people and promotes homosexuality.

“It is not only immoral, it is a blasphemy,” he told ABS-CBN News. “The Lord Jesus Christ is being maligned here and mocked.”

“[It’s] a direct affront to the moral and religious values that our nation has been known for,” Abante said.

Good for Tagbilaran! May the Faith continue to grow there, as they have already demonstrated faithfulness.


‘Vulgar’ undies Comfyballs denied a U.S. trademark

‘Vulgar’ undies Comfyballs denied a U.S. trademark.

Perhaps they just want to keep the product out of the American market purely because they hate men’s balls being comfortable, like SJWs do


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