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The mask slips


Europeans make it a crime to mention how young Mohammed’s wife Aisha was, while Ireland decriminalizes blasphemy

See here.

Insane; I agree with this take on the Islam case.


Refugees stop in the first country that admits them after exiting their own; economic migrants don’t


Why did the Europeans pick a high-ranking Chinese Communist Party member to lead Interpol?

Update: I was in error in my assumption in my post below about Interpol; for some reason, I had thought it was mostly European rather than simply international. See my most recent post here.

I found that out from this story about him going missing:

The president of Interpol was taken away for questioning by ‘discipline authorities’ in China’s ruling Communist Party, a Hong Kong newspaper has reported.

Meng Hongwei was placed under investigation in his native China as soon as he arrived in the country last week, the South China Morning Post reported today.

An Interpol spokesman says the international law enforcement agency is aware of the Post’s story, but would not comment on it or say if Chinese authorities had detained the 64-year-old Meng.

Meng’s wife says she has not heard from him since he left Lyon, France, where Interpol is headquartered, at the end of September.

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Communist Party’s secretive internal investigation agency, had no announcements on its website about Meng and could not be reached for comment.

French police launched an investigation after the director of international police agency Interpol vanished last month.

Interpol said it was aware of reports of the ‘alleged disappearance’ of its president and said the issue was a matter for France and China.

In a statement, it said: ‘This is a matter for the relevant authorities in both France and China.’

The organisation added that the secretary general, not Meng, was responsible for the day-to-day running of Interpol.

Meng became the first Chinese citizen to be elected as president of Interpol in November 2016 when he replaced French police officer Mireille Ballestrazzi. Meng’s term is due to run until 2020.

At the time, his appointment raised fears among human rights organisations, such as Amnesty International, that he would be used by the Chinese Government to pursue political dissidents who fled the country.

In 2014, China worked through Interpol to issue notices for 100 Chinese corruption suspects who fled abroad.

Meng has held many senior positions in Chinese Government since entering politics in 1972.

The 64-year-old served as vice minister of Public Security in China, vice chairman of the national narcotics control commission and director of the National Counter-Terrorism Office for China.

I couldn’t care less that he’s missing; why the hell was a ChiCom chosen to head up Europe’s international police organization?

And why have European citizens not raised a stink about this?

I hope he stays missing, and that maybe a non-Communist, European individual might be chosen next to head up Interpol, as you’d think would be the best choice…

Sheesh. Their rulers really do have nothing but contempt and hate for their own people…


This is how it’s done, folks


Good analysis of Bernier’s weaknesses


I concur.

Bernier needs drop most of the libertarian ideology (except on smart things like ending dairy industry subsidies), and embrace more cultural issues; this for example

And hey, CAQ just proved in Quebec that one can win with immigration restrictionism…


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Coalition Avenir Québec beats Liberals to form government; Québec Solidaire beats Parti Québécois; end of era of politics as usual in Quebec

So the CAQ beat both the Grits AND the PQ in yesterday’s provincial election; quite a victory for a new party.

They had run, in part, on an immigration restrictionist platform.

Meanwhile, the PQ got bested by their fellow sovereignist leftists in a new, Millennial-friendly, Bernie-Sanders-ish female-led party, Québec Solidaire.

It’s as if politics, everywhere, is realigning: nationalist / patriotic / populists on one side, and corporate / socialist / globalists on the other…

Interesting times! 🙂

Pick a side, mushy moderate milquetoast quisling cucks!

Or get steamrolled. 😉