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“Gender-based snow removal”


Now the CBC and CTV have removed the lying girl’s name from their stories revealing that she lied

The State:

The private but converged Corporate:

It’s funny that they think they can memory-hole the name of the girl Khawlah Noman and her mother Saina Samad.

Not in the internet area, MSM.


The supposed hijab-cutting incident was #FAKENEWS, of course

So, will PM Trudeau, Premier Wynne, Mayor Tory, and Cuckservative leader Scheer apologize for pouncing on a fake ‘hate crime’ as an opportunity to lecture Canadians about racism?

Will they even acknowledge what the media has been forced to admit, that it was all made up?

Will they have the lying little Muslim girl charged with making false accusations of a crime?

Rhetorical questions, since I know full well the progs’ evil and the cucks’ gutless enabling thereof.


Meanwhile, in Sadiq’s Khanate of Londonistan…

While London’s Mayor Bashes Trump, Rape & Murder SOAR in His City

London’s Met Police Won’t Investigate Minor Crime, Only ‘Hate Crime’




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God bless Viktor Orbán!


Good news from Austria

In Austria, the conservative People’s Party recently reached an agreement with the anti-immigration Freedom Party, which will mean the governing coalition includes an immigration-restrictionist and Euroskeptic element (though they won’t, at this time, be acting upon the latter).

So, some good news, in this Advent season!