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Sex-bots could CRUSH human limbs ‘and spy on you for the government’ as fears grow over rogue robot lovers

The Sun warns… (NSFW)

Or they could just spy on you for Silicon Valley – for Google / Amazon / etc. and THEN report you to the government, or be used to assassinate you if you’re deemed an enemy of the State.

Hey, why do you think the company that makes RealDolls is called Abyss Creations?

From the Abyss, indeed… (Remember what Nietzsche said, that when you gaze into the Abyss, the Abyss gazes into you! 😉 )


He was right; there shouldn’t have been a backlash

In a sane, moral society, the majority would agree with him, and he wouldn’t withdraw his remarks.

Of course, in a sane, moral society, she wouldn’t have achieved high office.


Liberal, Tory: Same Old Story, Again



The difference between Bernier and Scheer


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What antifa and big banks have in common

Kevin Michael Grace noted in this YouTube vid that they both have gone after Tucker Carlson; the antifa who pounded on his house door some months back, terrorizing his wife and kids, and the banks who are boycotting his show now. Functioning like a left hand and a right hand, that may not know what each other is doing but nevertheless work in concert.

Nicholas Strakon identified such ostensibly different but aligned power blocs as Red Guards and Dark Suits. (Recall that, among the antifa, members of the elite such as bike-lock-swinging university professors have been found. They’re not street anarchists; these are Soros-funded rabble-rousers…)

What I find interesting now is how easily observable all this is now, to those who have eyes to see.


Trump referenced Obama’s half-bro in his speech

Trump tonight:

“They don’t build walls because they hate the people on the outside, but because they love the people on the inside.”

LOL! Great. 🙂


If You Think 2k is Dangerous, Imagine 1k

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