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The Shrieking Of The Thots

Hooray, based Swiss granny! 🙂

Chateau Heartiste

And you think if you save a ho, you could make them stop, don’t you? You think if a ho loves you, you won’t fap alone in the dark ever again to that awful shrieking of the thots.

An old Swiss woman shows soyboys how to properly patrol the thots.

Nice. I waited for the shrieking of the thots, and was not disappointed.

Many “she knows how to handle a hose” jokes in the comments.

The Swiss are surprisingly based for a Hajnal tri-nation. Don’t rule them out as players in the coming natpop revolutions.

Roosh audits a thot:

lmao. It’s a good thing to soak the thots and make them pine for the days when a dependable beta male provider would give them a life of comfort and ease.

Even the…

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Nice trolling, lads

Today’s news from Ottawa, ON; Halifax, NS; Bedford, MA; Adelaide, SA…


Patrick Brown’s revenge

I have never been Patrick Brown’s biggest fan, but I’m happy that, after having been forced to resign from his post as Ontario’s Conservative leader over sexual misconduct allegations, then running for his old job initially before eventually bowing out, I’m happy to see him become mayor of Brampton, even beating the incumbent, in yesterday’s Ontario municipal elections.

Patrick Brown, ousted earlier this year as Ontario Progressive Conservative leader, has scored a political comeback, winning the Brampton mayoralty.

Brown garnered 46,454 votes, about 44 per cent of the ballots cast — beating out Linda Jeffrey. Jeffrey became mayor in 2014 when she replaced Susan Fennell, who served as Brampton mayor for 14 years.

“I’ve got so much hope in my heart that lies ahead in Brampton. I know we can turn this around. I know Brampton is going to be back,” said an effervescent Brown in a victory speech Monday night, words that could easily have been applied to his own political career.


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It’s okay to be straight

A ‘straight pride flag’ flying over Chipman, New Brunswick yesterday, before being removed today

Recent announcement in local newspaper The Grand Lake Mirror about the raising of the flag.

(See here.)


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This is how it’s done, folks


Coalition Avenir Québec beats Liberals to form government; Québec Solidaire beats Parti Québécois; end of era of politics as usual in Quebec

So the CAQ beat both the Grits AND the PQ in yesterday’s provincial election; quite a victory for a new party.

They had run, in part, on an immigration restrictionist platform.

Meanwhile, the PQ got bested by their fellow sovereignist leftists in a new, Millennial-friendly, Bernie-Sanders-ish female-led party, Québec Solidaire.

It’s as if politics, everywhere, is realigning: nationalist / patriotic / populists on one side, and corporate / socialist / globalists on the other…

Interesting times! 🙂

Pick a side, mushy moderate milquetoast quisling cucks!

Or get steamrolled. 😉


Yee-haw! Go, Mad Max!

Right on.

Whether or not he will get anywhere, it is brave of him. Even if a little self-interested. 😉

Nobody ever successfully challenged the status quo by being afraid to take risks.

Good on him.

And may the Lord bless his efforts to give Canadians a REAL choice.


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