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French food is apparently too ‘white’; thus, rayciss!


If you Americans want an extra summer holiday, just have one for no reason like we Canadians do in August

Up here, the first Monday in August is a Civic Holiday.

I explained in my preface to this old linkfest years back:

For the benefit of my non-Canadian friends, I should explain: today is a holiday in most of Canada.  In most of Ontario, where I am, it’s known as Civic Holiday, though in various cities it has been given specific names; it has other names in some other provinces.

Civic Holiday is really a holiday without a discernible point, rather than one truly commemorating an event or personage; as I once explained to an American friend, it’s just an excuse to give us a long weekend in August; hey, the Canadian summer is short, gotta take advantage of the good weather, and why not have an extra long weekend for partying / vacationing?

Even though you Americans generally have better weather and climate than us Canadians, still, why not? 🙂


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I especially like this proposal as regards music copyright laws

Music may be written / composed by individuals and groups, but it becomes part of the commons; folk songs and songs like ‘Happy Birthday’ rightly belong to all and none; ditto beloved Christian hymns. Or, for that matter, karaoke…

Should composers of works that eventually become beloved folk or popular songs or hymns not be financially compensated for their work?

Of course!

But in perpetuity?



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Prof. Pohl gives his very personal, anecdotal take on why dissident right Yellow fever is a thing

His wife is Kyrgyz, IIRC.

I get it.

Not for me, but I totally get it, and good for him. 🙂

Though I think it’s unfortunate when so widespread it threatens the culture of a society, like the Faroe Islands.


Not sure if this is because we all live in an era of increased magical thinking…

… or because that culture is more prone to it anyway, but anyway:

Looks like a boy…


Good literature is / ought be universal in appeal

This way of thinking is of course anathema to our modern rulers, who want us to read minority prog writers so we can be good ‘allies’ but decry the classics because dead white men all bad rayciss / sexciss, etc.


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They want to make America just like the shithole countries they left behind, the bastards




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Soy and bugs, that’s the food reset they want for us

I saw a ‘plant-based’ ‘pizza’ with two kinds of ‘plant-based sausage’ on it, tonight.

No thanks.


One sign outsiders are overrunning your land: their searches trending in your social media

I’m always amused, and annoyed, when I peruse Twitter and notice certain unfamiliar terms trending in Canada, and I take a look and discover they pertain to international events far from these shores, in non-Western Third World lands, or they refer to something from pop culture or politics from such faraway places.

This happens a lot.

The only way they could be trending is because they have enough critical mass to do so…

Meaning more people in my country are talking on social media about such foreign crap that I don’t even recognize than stuff happening here…

Meaning my country is now a colony of the rest of the fricking planet.

And I’m a stranger in my own land…

You can well imagine how that makes me feel.