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Don’t call it a ‘BluesFest’ if the majority of the artists performing there aren’t blues musicians

Call it PopularMusicOfVariousUnrelatedDifferentGenresFest or whatever else; don’t ride the coat-tails of a musical tradition that you clearly cared nothing about, and were okay with smothering and covering with music (or even hip-hop) not even remotely related to the original purpose of the event, just to make more money.


Why do others get to colonize St. Patrick’s Day parades, yet no Irish floats are in their parades?

I watched a St. Patrick’s Day parade in a big Canadian city over the weekend; a friend watched one elsewhere.

In the one I saw, there was a Caribbean steel band playing, of all things, ‘Copacabana’.

Nothing Irish about it.

In the one my friend saw, there were Chinese lions, and there were Mexican dancers in full Mexican costume.

Nothing Irish about them.

I wonder, if at a Mexican Day of the Dead parade or a Caribbean festival parade or a Chinese New Year parade, we will ever see an Irish float participating?

Rhetorical question, of course. We all know that it’s okay for white ethnocultural groups to have their special day and parades colonized by others, but not the reverse, of course.





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God bless Viktor Orbán!


Why one ought to hate contemporary architecture


Halloween colonized by the reconquistadors

How do you say ‘Happy Halloween’ in Spanish, anyway?

But hey – if non-Hispanic Americans embrace this, isn’t it ‘cultural appropriation’?

Or is it okay in this case, because it helps further the ultimate goal of Reconquista?

The prog narrative is oft unpredictable, which is how they like it, so as to keep everyone else off-balance…


Even in a disaster no one wants the vegan food

Well, who can blame them? 🙂