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An Ethos or a Script?

We were discussing Novaseeker’s post at GLP. Our conversation started when I asked about the use of the word ‘traditionalist.’ We consider ourselves traditionalists, but we disagree with other traditionalists. Thus, we have a conundrum.

What is traditionalism?

Is it a set of guiding principles, a deference to natural law? Rather, is it a recipe, any diversion from which renders man thoroughly modern?

Feel free to include Venn Diagrams in your responses.


Posted by on November 6, 2011 in culture, Sex


Hey Baby

Recently I had an interaction with a few young ladies, one quite attractive. It was a nothing moment, but the blonde did stop to talk. We enjoyed a riveting, if brief, discussion of The Price is Right.

Because wives like knowing their husbands are desirable, I shared the anecdote with Penelope. “You are such a flirt!”

Busted. I am incorrigible in that regard. I don’t seek to escalate or stray, but I do like seeing girls smile.

How does flirting fit with tradition and religion? Do those of you who are married or in relationships still enjoy causing flustered eyelash flutters or have you tempered your masculine proclivities?


Posted by on November 2, 2011 in Sex