An Open Letter to “Subcontinental” Tech Recruiters

26 May

Great rant, feeriker! 🙂

I am mystified by online / telephone spam and scams; sad to think that they must work with enough people, however few, to make them economically worth carrying them out…

To Reclaim Normality

This is an open-letter rant directed at job recruiters for the IT field who are of …*ahem* … “Subcontinental” origin. If you are not in the IT field, are not looking for new job opportunities, or do not appreciate the use of harsh words directed at people of non-European origin, then you might want to skip this offering. Otherwise, feel free to read on. I would enjoy hearing from you if you agree, or have any practical solutions to this problem.

Dear Apu/Bapu/Gupta/Rajneesh/Sanjeet, or Whatever the Hell Your Name Is:

I have a serious bone to pick with you. I know I am not alone in having this set of complaints about you, but I am probably one of the few who is willing to let you know about it, in the language and tone in which you deserve to hear it. I would gladly do so using my real…

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