Notes on “Ford v Ferrari”

20 Mar

Great review. I enjoyed Ford v Ferrari, and it was another great review, that of Steve Sailer, which induced me to see it (well, that and the fact that my fiancee was interested to see it, which surprised and delighted me). Nice to see a great old-fashioned men’s movie, about men, white men in fact, doing masculine things, i.e. adventure, meeting challenges. And it was very well done, despite some imperfections.

Uncouth Reflections

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:

“Ford v Ferrari” is nearly 200 minutes long, ludicrous for a car-racing flick, and its narrative incorporates a fair amount of padding. The scenes centering on the family of driver Ken Miles are particularly unnecessary. Watching them we can feel director James Mangold straining for a context beyond the dudes-tinkering-with-cars frame of the material. Despite some nice work on the part of Caitriona Balfe, deliciously MILF-y as Miles’ wife, these scenes never don’t feel schematic, and they detract from the real heart of the film, the relationship between the temperamental gearheads played by Christian Bale (Miles) and Matt Damon. Damon, as automotive designer Carroll Shelby, delivers a solid and generous performance worthy of the workmanlike character he’s playing. He knows he’s there to support Bale, and we never catch him trying to steal the limelight. As for Bale, he provides further evidence that he’s one of…

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