Gerry T. Neal and Kevin Michael Grace on Monday’s Canadian federal election

23 Oct

Aftermath Reflections

Great analyses, both. (As I predicted Gerry would, and I knew KMG would, too; scroll up to read the whole thing after clicking on the vdare link in his tweet.)

I share Gerry’s distaste for Western separatism, but I do wonder, like KMG, if it isn’t inevitable, eventually… (Except the cities of the West have enough imports from the East and elsewhere, that the Western provinces may lose control of the ability to opt for such in the same way that Québécois have lost have that ability, defeated in the 1995 separation referendum by ‘money and the ethnic vote’, as Jacques Parizeau bitterly and correctly put it. That process, of the native-born western populace diminishing in proportion to incoming outsiders, especially as young westerners also exodus to Ontario, will only continue with the passing of time…)


4 responses to “Gerry T. Neal and Kevin Michael Grace on Monday’s Canadian federal election

  1. feeriker

    October 24, 2019 at 9:52 am

    So sad. Even sadder is that this lends weight to my longstanding argument that elections are at best futile (in terms of changing anything) and at worst counterproductive. It also would appear to further confirm the idea that most pre-election polls are worthless (or at best highly suspect).

    • Will S.

      October 24, 2019 at 10:10 am


      I’d like to ban polling. Stop people from knowing what other people think. Decide for yourself without knowing what’s popular or not.

      Or, failing that, discredit polling so much by educating people about sampling error, people withholding from revealing true intentions to pollsters, etc., that polling becomes financially unviable because nobody listens or cares and so the polling industry dies.

      Fantasy, I know. Won’t happen.


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