Five Friday Reads – 1/4/19

06 Jan

The phrase “think global; act local” may be a prog one, but we can and ought to follow it, too; Ryan Landry shows one way how he has done so.

We can push back against our overlords! 🙂

The American Sun

A peer lost a friend to opioids. At this point, have not we all known someone close who has become addicted to pills or heroin if not lost them to it? As readers know, this was a peculiar concern of mine. I have lost three childhood pals to it. I left continuous writing as Ryan Landry to do things in the real world. One of the things was spending time, energy and money into addressing the opioid epidemic in my area. You too can do something, and maybe spare someone the pain of losing a friend.

I spent months designing something with some law enforcement people I knew for how to address the problem. They 100% agreed that no one, whether rural or urban, has a community to return to that will help them stay clean. A sober living administrator then brought me to reality and stated, “This is…

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