Now get out there and reject passivity!

23 Mar

Amusingly, one also finds that neo-cons accuse Trump of a different kind of ‘passivity’ and encourage him to reject it; see here


Complementarians have the problem of wanting to seem biblically traditional, while avoiding actually being so.  The goal is to create something separate from formal feminism/egalitarianism, while avoiding offending feminist sensibilities.  This has led complementarians to invent a host of weasel words that sound like something traditional but mean something else.  This starts with the very term complementarian, a term meant to seem traditional while rejecting tradition.  This allows complementarian women to seem traditional while they discuss Women in ministry kissing traditionalism good-bye.

Other complementarian weasel terms are servant leader, a term that means not headship, and step up, a word that means whatever you want it to mean so long as it doesn’t mean take charge.

But today’s complementarian weasel word is reject passivity.  This is the other term you say to men when you want to seem like you are telling them…

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