The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution Comes To America

18 Aug


Cultural revolution

The current madness being exploited by cynical leftist politicians in the US is familiar. We have seen it before, in communist China between 1966 and 1976.

It is impossible to know how many people were murdered, but that hardly matters. The fact is that people were murdered and all of them were innocent.

There can be no negotiation or compromise with a nihilist movement such the current attack on History because nihilist movements have no limiting principles.

This will not end well for anyone. And especially not for people so easily manipulated, and so utterly dependent on the people and culture they purport to despise, as these:

Statue down


Meanwhile in Seattle…


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5 responses to “The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution Comes To America

  1. pukeko60

    August 18, 2017 at 5:21 pm

    We had a chance to reform and repent.
    We are now seeing that there is a God is Israel.

    I am keeping up my practice of avoiding the USA, and spending as little time in any big city as possible.

    Expect your muppet PM to double down and support this. He does not want Canada: eh wants the Ontario Soviet.

    And he may force it upon the rest of what will be a bleeding Canada.

    • Will S.

      August 18, 2017 at 8:40 pm

      Alas; indeed…

      Re: Trudeau: in recent days, it has been rumoured that his top advisor, Gerald Butts, is tight with Bannon, which would explain the good relations between Trump and Trudeau in spite of the great differences between them (though they’re both media-savvy and obsessed with image at a level previously unheard of; they do have that in common). Alas, with Bannon now gone, not sure that will help any more…


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